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  1. oh tina congratulations again! Your hair and makeup really look top notch!
  2. its really happening lol! it felt like yesterday we had 6 months to go... and then BAM! we leave in a couple of days. im about to do my fake receipts with the template, does anyone know if we shoudl keep it under a certain dolalr amount? do we have to pay tax or something if its over 100?
  3. Thank you Tina! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer stuff, i was so laid back about everything until i realized i'm leaving a few days!!!
  4. We leave next week Wednesday! Wedding is Saturday and then all our guests leave on Monday, we'll have about 3-4 days to ourselves...I know u most be so tired but i just have two quick questions! How was the weather? Did you find any shade at the pool? And how was the indoor ballroom? ok oops that was 3!
  5. Oh Tina Congratulations!! You look spectaular in your pictures! you guys look so happy! I love seeing such a happy couple!!!
  6. Leanna35 - i'm pretty sure the round tables are the "default" if you want rectangular tables you have to speak to your WC and request them. It's always best to confirm with your WC either way, so check before buying any specific decor!
  7. Nibsmom - how was customs? i know u were a bit worried before and did they give you any trouble with yoru dress? I'm so excited for everyone! It's really finally happening! CONGRATS TO ALL THE JULY BRIDES!!!!
  8. oh wow! thanks for posting! is the resort as huge as everyone says? is the walking time bad?
  9. We're set for the Catholic Mass at the chapel for 3 pm and i'm doing a buffet inside, ballroom called "mars" it's supposed to be near the sunrise lobby, but i havent herad it mentioned anywhere in this thread...I originally wanted a party on tucan terrace, or something near the ocean, but they tell me its booked :-(
  10. i'm happy for you! what a relief you must feel, it seems like the parts of the video that are still not up to par can be fixed! You did the right thing by writing the email, sub-par work should not be rewarded!
  11. we're going through the same thing now, we want to do our civil this week, and need a witness, and go to dinner or something, but at the same time we dont to make this bigger than our wedding in mexico...
  12. i'm glad things worked out! i have to learn to just let go sometimes and not stress, i really want to make an effor to enjoy this "planning time" since i only want to do it once!
  13. Oh TinaM2b Congratttsss!!!! So happy you had a wonderful day! and thank you for posting while you're there, it reassures me immensely that my wedding will be a dream come true! Congrats!!!!
  14. Hi! My date is coming up soon as well! August 1st! We leave the 29th and i'm already nervous! honey740- After i booked MP i refuuused to check trip advisor! I stayed at the majestic last year ( in DR) and it was awesome! but there were bad reviews on trip advisor for that week, which made no sense to me! So i suggest ignoring them! I much rather hear from the brides on this forum, this is a great resource and am so grateful to have found you guys!
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