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If you have 3 browsers open to the forum...


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where does the "whos online" page say you are?


Right now I have the forum open in 3 windows. I opened it in 2 to find links with one & post them in a thread with the other. That got me wondering how this works.


so if someone can go to the who's online section & tell me where I am we can solve this mystery.


morgan#1 is in the desperate housewives thread

morgan#2 is in the what do you think of my friend's STD threads

morgan#3 is posting this thread


where am I?

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haha, i didnt even know we could find out exactly where we are, i only know about the main page. where is this one?


oh i see in quick links. it's lower on my screen and i never scroll down that list!

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Originally Posted by CODestBride2009 View Post
LOL...it is like "where is waldo?" but instead "where is Morgan?"

ahhh...it is going to be a long Monday! smile105.gif
I was thinking the same thing about waldo, but I decided not to say it :)

Once I dresses like waldo in 6th grade. It was dress like a book charecter day.
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