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  1. Wow! I've missed so much, there's no way I can catch up!!!!! Congratulations everyone, and hopefully I can continue on from here
  2. OMG just looking at everyone's signature pictures and I just realized how much I actually missed!!!!!! Thanks for the offers for help! I should be able to get everything done...I'm wonderwoman LOL On the bright side, I've been WAY too busy to stress I'm more looking forward to vacation than anything else
  3. Ok, honestly, I wen to sleep, woke up and there's less than 3 weeks until my wedding! We leave for Mexico 2 weeks from today and I am soo unprepared but yet not freaking out....I've spent the past month and a half working 35-45 hrs at my "part time" job. It was an overnight shift...so I went in at 11pm and usually got out at 7 or 8am. I then worked my regualr full time job from 9-5. Sleep occasionally took place from 5-9 when I would get up and do it all again. This would by why I've been MIA from the forum. But I've been thinking of you ladies a lot! This is what i've accomplished since Dec 23rd (this is how little I've done...) -Ordered our wedding bands! -Ordered GM shirts -Ordered Sarongs for our Female Guests -Ordered travel candles for our OOT bags -Ordered the stuff for our sand ceremony -Got a doggisitter That's the done list, lets not talk about the to do list. BUT, I go back to my regular 12 hrs at my part time job next week, so I'm sure I'll get it all done, and whatever doesn't get done, well, I guess we'll improvise I've missed you ladies!!! OH! And congratulations to everyone who's gotten married the last two months! I can't wait to go back and read yoru planning threads and see your pics!!!!! I'm sorry I missed it
  4. I hope your day was wonderful and you have a great trip!!!!
  5. You don't have to have her!! If your mom says anything, or if her friend gets offended, just explain that since you're with Mr. Right you don't want anything you were planning with Mr. Wrong...like your MOH!
  6. Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see your pictures when you get back! Wishing you a wonderful time and beautiful wedding!!!
  7. I'm showing up at the wedding...I figure that's gift enough! LOL that was supposed to be a funny (then again, anyone who remembers our "issues" in july...it really could be the gift lol) Have no idea what I'm getting him if anything.
  8. Ok, so, I think you might have given too much time between sending out your invites and your RSVP date. I know when you do that, people put it on the side to "get to it later" and then they forget or it gets lost or something. I'd try not to take it too personal. Maybe send out a reminder to the people who haven't responded, an email would work...or enlist mom (or someone) to make some follow up phone calls. I doubt so many people didn't respond intentionally.
  9. I agree, but I worry more about what we're asking people to pay to be there with us. That being said, we've made it 110% clear that we do understand if people can't make it. I actually just had a friend tell me last week that she doesn't think she'll be able to make it, she's one of my BM, but her BF just lost his job and before that, they were having a hard time making the mortgage. I'm bummed she won't be there on a personal level, but I know she'd do anything she can to be there and I don't want to be another stress (I've known about all her issues - there are others) and keep telling her it's ok if she can't make it. On another note, with the recession thing, it makes me more glad we decided to go to Mexico. A wedding that would have cost us upwards of $30k eaily here (JUST for the reception), is going to cost between $10-20k there for EVERYTHING including our trip, flight, reception, OOT bags, etc. I think its a smart move
  10. Congrats and welcome! I'm sure you've found the Moon Palace thread, if not, search for it...there's a TON of info!!!!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by neen you know, i think its just hard getting so many "will not attend" RSVPs day after day, esp from close friends...we invited close to 200 people though and knew only about 20% would come, so i should have prepared myself better i guess! OMG, I just just sent an email to my sister saying the same thing...that even though I know only 30-50 people are coming and we sent out 150 invites (300 people) it stull sucks when I open the mail and it's a handfull of "No's" Quote: Originally Posted by BachataBride ...and show them lots of fantastic, beautiful, fun pictures & don't stop talking about what a great time you had!! Really rub it in their faces!!! This is so so sooooo my plan! Espeically with FI's father and BIL (neither are coming).
  12. Neen, I'm so sorry you're going through this! Unfortunately, we're all dealing with it to. One of my closest friends told me she'd be there, I was her MOH. She told me last Christmas that he DH probably wouldn't be able to make it, but she'd be there without a doubt. She waited until the "I NEED YOUR MEASUREMENTS TODAY" day before she told me she wasn't coming, and it was a BS excuse...she also "couldn't make" my bridal shower or bachelorette party...some friend. Hang in there adn in the end you'll know people's true colors. PS...wow!! on the check in the RSVP card!
  13. OMG I'm glad he's ok!!! I haven't been around much lately, but congrats on baby Noah!!!! I can't believe it's time already, it honestly feels like yesterday you were sharing the good news! Can't wait to see pics of the new family...scars and all
  14. Wow! Your pictures are great! You look so beautiful and happy!! Congratulations! P.S. The one of everyone drunk going into the pool is priceless!!!
  15. Thank you all for the warm welcome back! It's been a crazy month and I've been thinking of all of you at least as much as you've been thinking of me!! I missed you all!
  16. OMG ladies! I had no idea this thread existed or that everyone's been so worried! I did post a thread earlier today that explained me being MIA...everything is ok on the home front, just mega mega busy. I am definately going to try to get on here more!!! This'll help explain where I've been...http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t31237 As for emails and PM's. I didn't have any PM's when I signed on, I don't know if they expire or if my box was full, and I just got your emails today. When FI and I got engaged I set up an email account for wedding stuff (so those annoying davids bridal emails don't clog up my email box). That's the address I used on here...unfortunately, as long as I haven't signed onto here, I haven't signed into there either. Feel free to email me there if you have it, and you can ask personal things, I don't mind FI doesn't even know the password LOL
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by HaleGrifa Awesome thanks for your post! Do you have any info on the Terrace's? Where is Terrace Venado? Other terrace's? We want to stay close to the Grand Side - did you see the new Grand Moon? We are hoping to have the Chapel Gazebo - What was it like in comparison to the Tucan Gazebo? Chapel Garden - what did it look like - good place for a reception? We are un-decided between the Chapel Garden and Terrace Venado. We have Kalena as well - great to hear that all went well with her and we will be in good hands!! Thank you Laura Kalena is sooo sweet! We've actually been assigned Lilly as an WC but Kalina was going to see if she could switch another wedding with Lilly so that she could be ours, being as we've already met and all We didn't look at every location, as we already had a lot of things decided before we even got there...and it was raining off and on. Kalina was actually surprised by a lot of the info I already have (menue's, dj stuff). I smiled and said "if you keep asking, eventually they give it to you" she laughed. The Chapel Gazebo is beautiful (FI really liked it too) and so is the Tucan Gazebo. We want the tucan gazebo over the Bumgabilias because of the walk way. Tucan has the long red walk. The Chapel Gazebo has some clear glass wind barriers, so that'd be really good if it's a windy day. It also has little bridges and is beautiful. It's a hard choice, even in person! If you want a garden reception on the grass then the chapel garden is the perfect place! I have to look at the pics I took and figure out which terraces I took pics of. Honestly, there wasn't a place we looked at that wouldn't be perfect! We thought that once we got there, it'd be easier, seeing the places in person and all, but it wasn't. LOL On the flip side, I have no doubt that ANY choice you make, will be a wonderful one. I'm actually cringing because I'm giving you the same answers I was given when asking about locations. Only now that I've been there do I understand
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by KBMD12309 Has anyone seen Dez lately. She was suppose to go to MP for a site visit last month and she never came back! Quote: Originally Posted by cutierosie That is right!!! Dez where are you? I hope you are ok Quote: Originally Posted by ErikDaGenErik i can't wait to read Dez's site visit report. let's all hope she comes back soon! Hi Ladies!! Thanks for the concern I've been good just super super busy. I actually signed into my email today for the first time in a WHILE and had a few messages from people on here, so I decided to come on and say hi and fill everyone in on what's been going on with me. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t31237 As far as our site visit, it was great! We went down Sept 25-29th and stayed at the MP. It rained the WHOLE time, but we still had a great time. It was off season, so the resort was no where close to capacity! Before we went we had the Bumgabalia Gazabo reserved for our ceremoney and the terrace for our coctail hour (2 hour) and Star Ballroom for our reception. I actually just emailed them today to ask if they can switch it to the other Gazebo (not the Chapel) as that's the one with the LONG walk way and we are changing our coctail hour from 2 hours to 1. The Gazebo's and terrace are on teh Nizuc side and the Star ballroom is on the Sunrise...so we figured we'll give guests some time to make their way accross. The resort is HUGE! Even the guy we met on our way home at the duty free shop (hehe) was like "that's not a resort, it's a city!" And OMG it is! We got a little lost getting to our room the first day and a half, then you figure it out. We were staying on the Sunrise side. All the balconies on the sunrise side have hammocs, that was pretty cool We did the timeshare presentation. It was really hard to turn it down, really really hard...the more you turn it down, the better the deal gets. (we would have taken the last one if we had the money!). But for doing it, we got a tee shirt, beach bag, $50 towards an excursion and $100 towards the spa Turns out, our room also came with a $200 credit to the spa.. Make sure you look into this! When settling your bill, you will have been charged for teh Spa, but just tell them you have the creit and they'll take it off. OMG the spa was awesome!!!!!!! best part of the whole trip! We did paradise snorkling, first time either of us have snorkled adn it was GREAT! We used the credit towards adding on ATV's and Speedboats! So much fun!!!! There really are golf carts everywhere adn if you ask them how to get back to yoru room, they'll take you closer lol and the shuttle that goes from one lobby to the other comes every 10 minutes, it was awesome! After our massages we had lunch at the Italian place on the golf course. We'd heard from a lot of other guests that it was one of the best restuants. And it definately was!!! If you have any questions about anything specific, feel free to ask and I'll answer...it's just hard to cover EVERYTHING! Oh, the wedding office was great! I belive we met with Kalina and she was so sweet. She sat with us and went over EVEYTHING! I picked out our flowers, centerpieces, table linens, etc etc For those of you not going down before your wedding. I can see how you can do everything we did three days before, so don't worry! Everything will be great!!!!!
  19. Don't worry, don't worry...pictures are on their way....
  20. Your pics are great! You look like you had so much fun!! I love the wigs, it's so different!!!
  21. haha, how do you think I got so many points!! It's seriously like withdrawl!!
  22. Hi girls!!! First, thanks everyone who's emailed me and sent me PM's I feel missed and loved! I've actually been thinking about you guys a lot! I think it's probably been about a month since I last signed on. Everything is good, I've just been super busy. I picked up a part time job at the beginning of the summer. It started otu to be for extra money, but turns otu we actually need the money so I've been picking up as many hours as possible...my part time job has turned into a full time job. On top of that, I have my regular full time job, which has gotten very demanding and has not been paying me what he should be paying me, but still expects top notch work and complete availability (I work from home). It came down to it last week when I basically told my boss that if he's paying me part time I'm going to put in part time effort. He does understand and agrees, but, we'll see..... I was also very blunt with him about my financial situation and needing to work 2 jobs. I've also looked into Bankruptcy. The lawyers were pushing me to file before we got married (which does make sense). I started the ball rolling then realized it wasn't the right option for me. It was a VERY stressful few weeks! I contacted my major credit card companies and they are working with me as far as payments and interest rates and I've set up a strict budgette...as it turns out, I'm not doing as bad as I thought I was. We went to mexico at the end of Sept., It was wonderful! Rained the whole time we were there, but we still went snorkling and had a great time. Also got to see where we'll be getting married adn stuff. I picked out flowers and other little things. I picked up my dress on Tuesday and our Invitations officially went out on Thursday. I did everything with no help from FI, so it took a while and all of my free time. On top of that, I am trying to keep up with the house (at least the laundry) and keep the two dogs out of trouble...a hard task! FI has started pitching in more around the house, he's been keeping up with the kitchen and bathroom cleaning. FI started a new job a few weeks ago. He used to work as a mechanic for DSNY (Department of Sanitation New York) but was provisional (could get let go if there were "cut backs"). He took the test to become permanent and DOT (Department of Transportation) called him for an interview and offered him a job. After his "Probation" period (about a year), he'll be permanent (they'd need an actual really really good reson to fire him, not just "cut backs"). My Bachelorette party was this past weekend (we figured to do it before the holidays started). We rented a house and did a wine tour on Cayuga Lake in NY, it's one of the finger lakes. We had an awesome time!! I promis to try to make more time to get on here. I've just been spread pretty thin lately. I miss you all and I can't wait to catch up on at least some of what I've missed...35000+ posts are a LOT to read LOL...hmmmm, maybe I'll slack off today from the job that doesn't pay me right and just hang out with you ladies I promise to some pics as soon as I can! <3 Dez
  23. My dress is in! My dress is in!!!! I'll pick it up when I return from Mexico (mini vacation, we leave next thursday for 5 nights As for RSVP dates, ours in Nov. 15...our rooms are being held until the end of Nov, so I figured with an RSVP date of Nov. 15, people will get the idea and move their tushes! I'm sending out the invites within the next 3 weeks
  24. Haven't gotten our rings yet....having some $ issues, so that's on hold right now. My dress should be in any day. And FI's suite should be in early this week, as long as it looks good on him in his size, we're good
  25. I know our resort is $422 per night for a double (2 adults) and $50 per night for each child. So for 5 nights, it would come to $2610 (for 2 adluts and 2 kids). This is an all-inclusive resort and even includes excursions if you stay 2 or more nights. These are 2009 group rates, so 2010 or non group rates might be different.
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