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  1. Hello Moon Palace Brides!!! First of all I would just like for it to be noted that this website could use lots of improvements. This is such a cool idea for destination brides. I have wanted to post my review and other tidbits of information but have not been able to navagate this site very well! Others seems to have it done, but I just don't like it. Anyway here is my review! Our amazing wedding took place on May 23, 2009 @ 4 pm in the Bumagillias Gazebo. We arrived at Moon Palace May 18th - the Monday before. We met with Lily our wedding coordinator Tuesday morning at 10 am to give her our documents, to get our blood drawn and to go over the details of the wedding. Getting the blood taken was probably the weirdest thing that we had to do down there. The guy didn't wear gloves nor speak English so it freaked us out a little bit, but we got over it. Greg and I had been down there and met with Lily in Novemeber 08 so we already had a little idea of what to expect. Wedding Coordinator Lily did a wonderful job. She will do exactly what you want her to do. Just write down some things to ask her before you go so you won't forget to ask her. I was in the middle of our meeting and almost forgot the I wanted a calalilly bouquet! Also, when I arrived at the gazebo for the wedding she made had some words of encouragement and made me feel less nervous while walking down the isle. Welcome Bags We ended up having 38 guests at the Moon Palace for our wedding. So made our welcome bags and delivered them to guests as we would see them. We had; an itenerary for the weekend ( that we made on microsoft and printed for our own computer with 8 1/2 x 11 yellow cardstock like paper, then I put Mexican themed stickers on it) Golf balls (for the guys playing golf) that had our logo on them, Cups for the pools that had our logo on them, sunscreen and after sun gel and capstick with sunscreen(from the dollar tree), Pencils and pens with our logo on them, Masks ( as we were joking about the swine flu), Flip Flops for the girls (from Old Navy), and passport covers that my fiancee found online. Wedding Day I had brunch with the bridesmaid and our mothers. I had six bridesmaids so right after we had all eaten we had hair and nail appointments that started at 11:00. I really can't say enough about how well the lady did my hair. I was amazed. I just told her what I wanted and she did exactly that! We stayed on the Nizuc side so we went the the salon there. They were awesome! My MOH and I tried out the spa the day before and there's a huge difference in the service between U.S. and Mexico. They treat you very special and are great at all of the services. I got an exfoliation and 1 hour massage and facial. It was awesome! The same lady did all three services so I didn't have to switch rooms. My appointments were finished about 1:30. I was orginally concerned about getting my hair done so early, but this worked out well. I went back to my room and did my own make-up. Then the girls started arriving there around 2:00 and 2:30 to take pictures and finish getting ready. My Dad arrived at 3:20 and the WC's assistant was there at 3:40 to take us down to the horse and carriage. This part was magical and I would highly recommend it. They take you all around the Moon Palace grounds and you really have a long ride to soak it all in. Everyone, even my husband said this was there favorite part! We had a religous ceremony and the minister did a great job! The wind was blowing it felt great. The best part for me was looking into the crowd and being able to see our closest friends and family. I reconized every face - not something that happends at a church wedding back home. We did a toast at the end that was pretty cool and included! FYI: we purchased everything ala-carte. After the ceremony we took a group picture and family and wedding party pictures. Everyone else went to the cocktail hour. We got the VIP for our cocktail hour. This was some of the best food that I had had down there all week. It was great. A lot of people said our reception buffet was good, but I didn't eat from it because I just wanted to eat the chicken and steak from our cocktail hour. Our reception was beautiful! Our place settings we great. I went with the idea from the website. The starfish and bamboo runners. I didn't regret doing so. It was lovely! We rented some couches from deco cancun. This was nice. Our budget for this was $500 so we only had a few couches with toppers on them. They were so pretty. At the end of the reception about 15 of us jump in the pool in our clothes. It felt wonderful! Made for awesome pictures, too! Yes - I was in my wedding dress Music We made playlists and rented the equipment and still provided us with someone to work the equipment and a microphone. This saved us lots of money! During the ceremony Lily used the CD that I made - which worked our pretty well. I'm sure live music would have been prettier, but it kinda made its way out of our budget. * (The movie 50 first dates has wonderful island wedding music - I walked down the isle to Somewhere Over the Rainbow - from that movie) Photos MY FAVORITE PART!!!! As soon as we decided on a DW I told my fiancee that we had to have a budget for photos. So we did not go with the resort's photographer. From this website I found the most wonderful photographer in the world!!! Tammara from - Tammsphotos.com. Someone else had used her and I cried when I saw her slideshow so I knew then that this was the right person to call. Having Tammara there was like having another mother. She was so kind and helped me out on the day of the wedding. From getting me something to drink to helping my MOH and then actually she was the only one who know how to bustle my dress! Her prices are incredibly reasonable and the best part is you get ALL rights to the pictures. She took over 2000 pictures - WOW!!!! We also did a boudiour session the morning of the wedding. That was her idea, but I had never done anything like that and I am so happy that I did. It was a lot of fun! This was a surprise to my groom! Tammara was with me ALL day from 8:30 am till about 11 pm. Grant was with the guys taking pics before the wedding, too. This meant a lot because I didn't have to see Greg before the wedding and we didn't have to miss out on any shots! Tammara and her husband Grant have a place in Cancun so you don't have spend extra on their flights. We did pay for them to stay two nights at the MOON. Here is a link to our photos: we haven't received all of them here's just a few. Tammara was nice enough to send me some so I could have them printed off for our reception back home! http://http://www.tammsphotos.com/cindygreg/ DVD We did purchase the DVD from the resort and it turned out gorgeous! I was sooooo happy with it! It's so worth it! Here's to you MP Brides! You're going to have a wonderful time! It was the best week of my LIFE!!!! Just relax!! You're in Mexico - what could be the worst thing to happen? Trust me it will be awesome.. Please just do me and the rest of your family and just enjoy yourself My Groom was in the pool bar at 5 oclock telling everyone (including me) that the rehearsal dinner starts at 6 and we all needed to get ready! We were all there on time and everything was perfect. Trust me it's going to be awesome! One more thing! PLEASE don't cancel your trip because of the Swine Flu!!!!
  2. Does the MP provide a cake cutter knife and toasting flutes, or should we bring our own?
  3. DW bride, I just wanted to let you know - coming from someone similar to your situation that I know how stressed and upset you are. I am supposed to be getting married in May 23, at the Moon Palace in Cancun. We have heard so many different stories about going down there. I feel like if we go a head go that a lot of our party will cancel too. What do you think we should do? We were supposed to leave May 18th - two weeks from tomorrow.
  4. Thank you! Did you get married there too? I don't know how to use this forum very well. Do you have any suggestions? -Cindy
  5. I would just like to say hello to everyone. I am exremely amazed over this website. Especially since I am getting married at Moon Palace in Mexico. It seems like there are a lot of other brides-to-be in my shoes. Really excited about everything this site has to offer.
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