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Gran Bahia Principe Akumal/Tulum/Coba - POST HERE!

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#3911 Jemma

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    Posted 23 March 2011 - 02:26 PM

    Hi Cdunn514 & Lisa.....


    Ahhhh you must be sooo excited now Lisa, 9weeks!! we booked GBP in Dec but have only now had the wedding date confirmed...17th Jan 2012! woohoo! When is your wedding date Cdunn?

    Got my dress last week ( cant believe they take soo long to be come in!) Mission bridesmaids next! Im just so worried that the WC's are going to be a nightmare to get hold of though?!?!


    Just realised Lisa, your from london....have you had any documents translated into spanish, birth cert's or anything? Im sure we've been told we dont need to? Thank you for offering to send info, that would be great; I feel a bit in the dark at the moment about how the actually day will run?? We have about 25ish guests booked so far and they are starting to ask re: colour schemes and timings of things and I have no idea ! from here I've picked up that some people have a 'cocktail' party with DJ? Is this after the meal or before ? What are you doing?? Do the WC's have a range of colours they can decorate in, (chair covers etc) or is pink pretty standard for a destination wedding?! Im so clueless at the mo!


    If you could email me details you have gathered I'd really appreciate it! my add is;   jemma_parker@hotmail.co.uk


    Thanks, J

    #3912 Cdunn514

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      Posted 23 March 2011 - 03:47 PM

      We are getting married on Friday Jan 13th 2012.


      We are going to have dinner at one of the restuarnts and then do a cocktail party with a dj, at least I hope this is what we are going to do as the wc wont get back to me. I know that we are a ways away until my wedding but i would still like to know that i have the details down.


      That is exciting that your wedding dress came in! I cant wait for mine to come in and i just ordered it!

      #3913 tropicalbride2011

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        Posted 23 March 2011 - 04:41 PM

        OH MY GOSH!!! I hadn't even realized we are only 9 weeks away Lisa! Time for a panic attack!!! Still have fittings/alterations for bridesmaid dresses and my dress. Still have to get my fiancee to finalize and buy his clothes and the rest of groomsmen. OOT bags are not done! Decorations are not done! Flowers are not done!! Future MIL needs her dress and the list goes ON AND ON!!!

        Originally Posted by waybuloo 

        Hi Gemma & Cdunn514,


        I am getting married at Tulum in 9 weeks....Oh my god it has flown by, I remember comng on here when it was like 18 months to go!!


        Anyways I have lots of pricing on email so if you send me your email addresses I will forward you the info I have......if you have any questions fire away as over the last 18 months I have probably asked every question....lol


        Lisa :)


        #3914 melady24

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          Posted 24 March 2011 - 07:48 AM

          No, Way!!!! I don't know how I missed this, but we are getting married on the same day... :)  I am at Hammock location at Akumal.  I guess you are getting married in Coba?... Wow... what time is your ceremony?

          Originally Posted by Babyshaws 

          I have finally heard back! The night of my birthday which was nice :-)

          She thanked me for sending everything & said she had all she needed & we would meet the day after our arrival - just praying everything really is in place!!
          So Amy hopefully you'll hear soon! And waybuloo, I was giving it until Thursday before I went seriously bridezilla!
          3 weeks on Thursday till we go - still not got everything! Have my first dress fitting next sat so need to sort my undies this week!

          How's everyone feeling!?

          So thankful for the spa emal - I'll be making our bookings this week!!

          Gemma xx


          #3915 gabby1182

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            Posted 24 March 2011 - 10:15 AM

            Hi Everyone!! I have been a ghost on this site for months, thank you all so much for the great info. We are headed to Mexico in a little over a month for our April 30th wedding at the Tulum Gazebo. Can't wait!!


            If anyone is looking to do flowers for their hair but doesn't want to use real ones I found an awesome person on etsy.com. She made me individual orchid bobby pins that look and feel real but won't wilt and get heavy in the humidity. And her prices were great, I think she charged me $10 for 5 flowers with the pins. She also did the corsages for the moms so they would have something to keep. I can send more pics for anyone interested. Her shop name is watermenot.



            #3916 waybuloo

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              Posted 24 March 2011 - 12:49 PM

              Hi Gemma........it's so exciting when you get your dress isn't it, makes it all real.....which one did you go for?   Are you from London Gemma? I will send you the info by email & try & answer the questions you have below.  What part of the resort are you getting married in?  We are in Tulum Gazebo & Jazmin (WC for Tulum) has been amazing to work, she always replies within a couple of days & I have even phoned her twice!!


              We had to get Richards birth certificate & name change deed poll certificate translated & legalised, because he changed his surname four years ago.  The WC's will let you know what you have to have done once you send them back the marriage application.  First Choice our tour operator quoted us about £430 to get it all done but I researched & did it myself for half the price.  If you need to do it let me know & I will tell you who I used.


              As far as colour schemes go it is up to you, we are having hot pink!! You take most of the stuff with you as far as decoration goes so you can choose what you want.  They just supply the white chair ties, white tablecloths & flowers decoration wise.


              As far as the reception & dinner goes, your WC will email you choices of restaurants with choices of times & you pick what you prefer.  You can also pay extra for a poolside wedding reception after dinner if you want to either hiring a DJ or bringing an Ipod with docking station.  This is our day:


              12pm spa to get our hair done.


              3.30pm Jazmin will take us from room to transport us to wedding site.


              4pm Wedding ceremony


              5 - 6.30pm Photographs & champagne toast


              6.30pm - 8.30pm Wedding dinner in Le Gran Tortuga restaurant


              8.30pm - 11pm Poolside reception with Dj Bijan...we will do speeches here as well


              In my experience they will try & accomodate anything you ask for....they are really good.  Example I didn't like any of the bride bouquets so I emailed her what I would like & she said yes.


              Anything other questions just ask!! :)

              #3917 waybuloo

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                Posted 24 March 2011 - 01:08 PM

                I know 9 weeks!!!!  I am almost done now.....got a few more holiday bits today but most wedding things sorted apart from Richards suit!!  That is driving me crazy.....all the suits we want don't come out until they release their summer season clothes so we have to wait another 4 weeks.


                We will get there though......:)


                Originally Posted by tropicalbride2011 

                OH MY GOSH!!! I hadn't even realized we are only 9 weeks away Lisa! Time for a panic attack!!! Still have fittings/alterations for bridesmaid dresses and my dress. Still have to get my fiancee to finalize and buy his clothes and the rest of groomsmen. OOT bags are not done! Decorations are not done! Flowers are not done!! Future MIL needs her dress and the list goes ON AND ON!!!



                #3918 Jemma

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                  Posted 24 March 2011 - 01:19 PM

                  Hey, thanks for that Lisa.  I'm from south wales; swansea. We also booked with First choice, but they havent actually said where we are getting married; I presumed they had Akumal but maybe this is not the case!?!? I havent been given a name of a WC only the resort email ad. Maybe I should phone First choice weddings dept and enquire?


                  I actually found a lovely bridesmaid dress today in hot pink! So they only provide white accessories...so if I wanted pink chair ties I'd need to take my own yeah? Been looking for table deco's, favors etc just gotta consider the weight to take everything over!?  are you having the resort photographer?


                  If you could send prices for the poolside party and DJ that would be great. Do you know how much it is for additional photos? or can you pay extra  to have them take pics in evening too?


                  Sorry for all the quesetions!!


                  Cdunn515- We get there on the 10th Jan so may see you getting married!!



                  #3919 crystalz

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                    Posted 24 March 2011 - 01:43 PM



                    I'm not sure if this was covered (because 390 pages is ALOT to look through :P) but I just thought of something... I just booked mine and my fiance's flight because we had to book that seperatly as were staying 10 nights and transat holidays doesn't do 10 day flights, i already put a deposit down through my travel agent for land only price for the GBP Akumal 10 night stay. So I went ahead and booked my flight through Continental Airlines online because the rates online were waaaayyy cheaper than a travel agent for some reason. Flight operator is United Airlines... I totally forgot to think about the bus ride to the resort!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read some of you got the bus ride included in your flight package?? Those of you who didn't, how much did it cost to take the bus to the resort?!?! Do you need to book a bus in advance or can you pay for one when you get to Cancun airport?


                    I don't leave til Oct 27th this year but I'm really curious as to what I need to do

                    #3920 crystalz

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                      Posted 24 March 2011 - 02:02 PM

                      AshleyRose26: Im getting married Nov 2, 2011! I'll be down there when you get married :) Which location are you getting married at?

                      Originally Posted by AshleyRose26 

                      Hello Brides! i am totally new to this site. My fiance and I are getting married Nov 4, 2011 at the bahia. Just wondering if anyone has info/pics they could send about the cake options/flower options and poolside reception?!


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