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  1. Thanks, I found it at http://www.cinderellaspumpkin.com/cgi-bin/spgm?dpt=H&srch=27&item=b440pb but I ended up buying it on ebay for under $20, I do not remember who the seller was, i am sorry
  2. I believe that my mom got his shirt at target, I will double check with her and find out the brand and make sure that is where she got it from, and then he just is wearing dockers which you can get at carsons, kohls or i believe macys. Thank you, your wedding will be here before you know it and it will be amazing I am sure of it
  3. The WC told me when we met with her that the photographer would be there and I would recieve my 10 free pictures so I think that if I would have asked that they not come she would have let them know, but I am not positive on that Thanks, that is what we were trying to do was pick ones that you would not have been able to get I did not pay extra, I gave her this picture and they turned out perfect...
  4. Gran Bahia Principe Akumal/Tulum/Coba - POST HERE!
  5. Also here is the link for the pictures that we got from the resort photographer, they did a good job, but I was kind of upset the way he was in the middle of our ceremony, standing right in between us and I felt like he was blocking us from our family and will be in all of our other pictures, so if I had to do it again, I think I would have just asked for them to not take pictures because I am sure that Trisha could have gotten all the ones that he did... http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10100427376795579.2540771.30800727&type=3
  6. So I got back from our wedding on Friday! It was amazing, I could not have asked for anything more. I will write a full review soon, however I was assigned to jury duty on Monday and the trail is expected to go into next week, plus I am trying to catch up on work so I do not have very much free time. Trisha was our photographer and was amazing! I am so excited to see the rest of the pictures. Maria was my WC, I found that when I first booked and about 6 months before the wedding when I would email her she would get back to me right away. However, the closer I got to the wedding the longer it took her to get back to me which I found strange, but it all worked out. When I arrived at Coba they gave me a envelope of things with a letter from Maria and we met with her the next day. She had everything that we had talked about (however, she did have the wrong picture of the flowers I requested, but the next day I gave her my decorations and she had the correct picture then) She did a great job you have nothing to worry about. We stayed at Coba and I had given my WC a list of everyones name, we were all in Villas 23 & 24. Our balcony was facing the quite pool which was nice because that is where most of our guests were hanging out so everything time someone new showed up it was easy to find everyone. I found it to be quite and we were not far from the lobby and main buffet, we had a flat screen tv but I know all of our guests did not, it was kind of hit or miss, we were almost the whole villa and I liked that everyone was really close to each other.
  7. For my mom I got a picture of me and her from when i was a kid and got a picture frame that has two pictures in it, and then on the other side i am going to put a pic of us from my wedding, it is not expensive but she is going to love it
  8. I leave 6 weeks from tomorrow! I am also trying to find songs for my guests, I was planning on just putting them on a CD
  9. I plan on being barefoot for the wedding and I have three inch heels for the reception so I was having a hard time figuring out what to do with my dress as far as length, I went to my second fitting yesterday and we decided to put velcro on the bottom of my dress for the under part and then we are going to use fabric tape on the outer part of the dress where you would see the velcro if we used it, I thought it was a great idea then i will just undo the velcro when i have my shoes on, i go back in three weeks to see how it turned out
  10. So I have not checked in in awhile, yesterday was 10 weeks until my wedding! I have lost 20 lbs all together, I had my first fitting today and they said they should have ordered it 2 sizes smaller! They have to do a lot of alterations, I am pretty much done now trying to lose weight because of my fitting, but I have gone down 3 sizes in jeans so i feel really good about that also. Good luck to all those brides who still have more time to lose weight
  11. I didnt, I did not look either though, I am borrowing the ones that I am wearing so I never searched for them
  12. My girls are wearing the longer VS ones, we are going to get together in the beg. of December for everyone to try them on so we can play around with them. I really like them the color was perfect and all the girls love them
  13. I originally found it on this website http://www.cinderellaspumpkin.com/cgi-bin/spgm?dpt=H&srch=27&item=b440pb but i ended up buying it on ebay for cheaper, i just searched Austrian Crystals, White or Ivory Pearls Stretch Silver Bracelet, and it happened to come up
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