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  1. we went to the Decameron in Jan and barely saw any "younger" crowds. There were some families, groups but it wasn't a rowdy college/student type resort. It is large, but because of all the greenery it didn't have that large resort feel. There were so many different pools and areas to hang out, all surrounded by tree's and such you could feel as if you were at a diff resort every day! lol
  2. please let me know any questions you wish me to try to answer, email me at service@devonleighhomes.com and I can possibly send you pics from that also. I'm not on this line too often so it's best if you use the personal email. cheers, Jen
  3. Hi Canadagirl86 (and all other Royal Decameron Brides). I got back one month ago today from the RDPanama for our wedding and I have to say it was more than I even imagined! I did try to go there with an open mind as I've been warned by past DW brides that things are different when you go away, but I have a hard time putting into words how wonderful our trip and experience was. Julia was our wedding coordinator and she was amazing!!! I was a little worried as she was sometimes hard to get a hold (before hand via email) but she always came through and was great when we were there. The dinner was spectacular (Cafe Med) decorations were beautiful as well as the fresh flowers. They do enough weddings you can tell to get all the details right. I highly reccomend paying the extra to have the dinner and dance/reception at the Cafe Med (if that's an option) it's right by the beach and such a wonderful background. LadyBugJ- sorry for such a delay, to try to answer your questions, I dont' know if the food was the same as the a la carte as we never made it, but we had soup, a seafood dish (or salad for those that didn't like it) main course was beef, chicken or fish, all of which i heard was amazing and then a wonderful dessert. You also got breads to much on. They only did table clothes, I brought my own miminal decorations. Let them know how you want tables set up they will do it no problem. my photographer package was $320 he stayed for 8 hrs and gave us 42 pics. Gave us the option of purchasing a disc for $400 so we took that. Sebastian was his name and he was great. We did get a room upgrade although we didn't expect it or ask for it. Beachfront Block 31 was amazing. They decorated our room for us the wedding night with flower pedals and such. Got wine and fruit basket upon arrival in our room also (and balloons). if anyone has other questions about the resort or tip etc.. feel free to email me at service@devonleighhomes.com just put the royal decameron in the subject heading! Cheers,
  4. from what I was told it's just the sound system. We are in charge of running it and bringing music. I'm downloading our playlist to a couple i Pods as well as CD's just in case! Cheers,
  5. Hi JR14, When I booked the wedding day dinner for Club Med they just gave me the menu. I wans't given the option to pick but that's fine with me. I wasn't planning on doing a trial, I know they reccomend it. If I do, I will do one here and take a picture. I've booked my hair to be done at the spa, and makeup as of right now am doing myself. 3 weeks today, time flies!!! I can't wait. Getting through the next 3 weeks is going to be difficult. Cheers! Jen
  6. Thanks Everyone for the info and offers, but I have found my source for both the loops and the key coils. Cheers!
  7. I'm sorry for the cancellation!! It is a beautiful dress, I might be a bit bias b/c I have the exact same one! For anyone interested, it is a beautiful "wedding dress" that is perfect for the beach and although is larger, it's very light and airy!!! A steal for anyone who wants it! Cheers,
  8. $7 per person for exclusive (had to pay separate for the sound system & bartenders) I just kep the Cafe Med for dinner and dance. I hear it's near the beach so will be a nice view and cool to take walks or such on the beach. Hope that helps (oh they charged me $80 for bartenders $40 x 2) and $200 for sound system. Cheers,
  9. Hi All, we are getting married Jan 26th, 2011 at the Royal Decameron. I've booked Club Med restaurant for private dinner and dance. I've opted out of a DJ (which I know is more work for me) and just booked the stereo system that allows for iPod's or CDs. I've decided not to purchase any decoations (above what they give in the package I purchased) and will be bringing my own very simple decoations. got my hair and massage booked, photographer. Think I'm pretty much covered that way. If anyone has questions I dont' know how much I can answer but do have contacts for the photographer and the spa. Happy Planning! Jen
  10. I have 50 of the horizontal resealable badge holders if you're interested. PM if you are. Cheers,
  11. Hi Everyone, I am looking for about 45-50 luggage tag plastic loops if anyone has extra they are wanting to get rid of. Also, I'm looking for the key chain coils that you use for your tip holders/key holders. If anyone is selling these. Or if anyone knows a seller on Ebay or where else I could purchase them online that would be great info also!! Thanks! Cheers
  12. Thank you for posting that JR14, The more pics I see and the more people give me their reviews the harder it is to wait!!! How did your wedding go? Any tips you can give us Royal Decameron brides to be (what to ask for, not to get, what to look for etc...?) Congrats, and thanks again! Cheers, Jen
  13. Lots of heat and pools, large resort, beautiful grounds Sorry I'm bias cause I'm booked but honestly I've heard great things from people I know have gone. Don't always by into the reviews,
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