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  1. Sunshine2680- I will try to answer some of your questions, but the locations definite result in some difference, I will get to that later. Lanterns-If you would like them, you will have to bring your own, the poolside reception has the rope lights, but no lanterns Chairbows - The resort provides white, if you want a different color, again, you provide your own. I actually packed 1 suitecase, with wedding accessories only, and paid the $27 for an additional bag. My wedding gown was considered my "carryon" and was placed in the special closet in first class. We also had 1 carryon packed entirely with wedding decorations. I did give out my OOT bags the week before our departure, and even shipped one out of state the week before. We got married at the Gazebo on June 1, followed by dinner at Gran Tortuga, and a poolside reception, at the Tulum main pool. We were a small group totaling 21, and the restaurant was open during the reception, which was fine, we had the section closest to the dolphinarium and that was private enough. As for the poolside reception we requested the Specialty Cocktails, but at the Tulum pool, they set up a bar specific for your reception, the pool bar is closed by then, and the bartender only had exactly what was on the menu. For examply, I could not even get a Strawberry Margarita, because the Strawberry Daquiris and Margaritas are all pre-mixed. I had preloaded the songs for my reception on my iPod, and we planned to only use the resort D.J's sound equipment, but that did not go as planned, which was my own fault as well. He played our "First Dance" song, then there was a CD with a "special" Father-Daughter mix, then it was to go back to my iPod, but he just played his own thing, which wasn't bad, but I didn't realize it until about 1/2 hour later, and never said anything. Our wedding was perfect, and I will try to post some pictures. Jazmin really is amazing, and I'm pretty sure my decorating ideas nearly drove her CRAZY! But she did it all perfectly. I really was a perfect day. Waybuloo-I did see your wedding and it was beautiful! You have a beautiful family! We are both very lucky!
  2. Are you looking to sell the entire quantity of each item listed, or are you willing to split them? If so, I am interested in 20 Johnson and Johnson First Aid to Go 20 packs of Kleenex 20 lip Balms 20 Mini Sunscreen to Go PM me and let me know, Thanks, Amy
  3. OH MY GOSH!!! I hadn't even realized we are only 9 weeks away Lisa! Time for a panic attack!!! Still have fittings/alterations for bridesmaid dresses and my dress. Still have to get my fiancee to finalize and buy his clothes and the rest of groomsmen. OOT bags are not done! Decorations are not done! Flowers are not done!! Future MIL needs her dress and the list goes ON AND ON!!!
  4. Next worry is the whole DJ thing. I am going back and forth about bringing my own iPod and getting a Bose player that I can keep forever, or just using the resort DJ, or using my iPod with the DJ sound system. If I use the DJ's sound system I have to pay for the DJ anyway. What to do? Does anyone have any advice? Lisa do you have all of your flowers set with Jazmin now? That is my next project. Did you chose from the package she sent you or did you send her photos of your own? Last of my immediate worries is hair. My own hairdresser was going to come to the wedding, but now she may not be able to afford it, so how soon do I need to make appointments for them to do my hair and the bridesmaid's hair for the wedding. Should I ask Jazmin to start booking things now? I also wanted to do a Mani/Pedi day with all the women the day before the wedding, while the guys play golf. So should I start booking those things now through Jazmin or wait until we get there? So much to figure out! Thanks to everyone on this site I feel like I have a huge group of Professionals to help me through it all!
  5. Yay! Thank you Kayley! I was a little worried about when they would actually be there. One less thing to cross off my list of worries.
  6. Hi Ladies, I know I haven't been a very active member, but I check this thread almost every day. I have a question for the brides that have already been married. What portion of the wedding do the photographers actually take the photos? I am bringing my best friend who is a photographer and she will be taking most of the photos. The package we chose includes 10 photos and I would like the photographers from the resort to take the group photos so my friend can be included as a guest, but I don't even know if that's possible. By the way ladies, I am getting married at Tulum Gazebo on June 1, 2011. Anyone looking for a photographer between May 29 and June 6 feel free to let me know. My friend just received her Master's and has a photo that is published in the Master's of Photography book that circulates throughout the world. I am just a little proud! Congratulations to all the upcoming brides! Looks like there are at least 4 of us that will be there the same week getting married. Time is getting soooo short!!! YIKES!
  7. Question for all the past brides... did anyone decoratethe gazebo? I wanted to add tulle with butterflies to the columns but I have no idea how much material that would require. Or if that would b too much?
  8. Love the travel mugs but I am getting married in Mexico. Can I ask where you bought them? Â
  9. Okay, so about YOUR wedding. I have to say, I went through much of the same. As a matter of fact, my own Mother will not be at my wedding, because she "doesn't want to go to Mexico". Neither will my only sibling, my brother, his wife, and my nephews, because it would be a bad week for them to try to get time off from work. When I initially chose this resort and had all the "confirmed rooms" set, everything came crashing down. After spending 6 months finding the perfect resort for my perfect wedding, that was within the budget of < $1000.00 per person, 4 of my "confirmed rooms" backed out, changed resorts, etc. It was heartbreaking, and I cried for days. In the end, our group will be a small one, about 24 people, including bride and groom, the people that are going are a great group and it will be a wonderful wedding. We are having an AHR, in our backyard, catered and a D.J. just a big party basically, and whoever wants to come to that can. The bottom line is like others before me have pointed out, it is YOUR wedding. Make it as special as you are and do what you want, because the one guarantee is that you cannot please everyone all the time. This is one of those times! Amy
  10. Hey Amy you are getting married the the day we leave. Our wedding is June 1 at the Tulum Gazebo. Just an FYI my best friend is a professional photographer and will be doing all of my photos of course, but.... She is going to be staying at the resort until Sunday June 5. Just thought I would let you since no outside phototgraphers are allowed at Gran Bahia, locking you into Arrecife. She is already staying at the resort so I know she would be available to photograph your wedding if you wanted to use that option. I am getting sooo excited. Time is passing very quickly now and I still have sooooo much left to do! Yikes!
  11. What happened to all of the previous buy, sell, trade posts?
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