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  1. Yup it was that simple although i never had to pay for blood test. My certificate took 4 months to get to me (over christmas) annnnd then i just paid $40 to get it translated.
  2. Oooh ok, I guess that makes sense. Well if you don't mind paying the extra its honestly not a huge hastle, they take care of everything for u!
  3. why do you need to pay for the documents and blood test? I had a legal ceremony in mexico and didn't cost me anything extra, it was included in the package
  4. Wow, I haven't been on here in a long time!! I just wanted to let all the future brides that are getting legally married there that I had no problems changing my name! It took the civil license 4 months to get to me (due to christmas in between) then I got it translated which only costed me $40. I took both the original spanish license and the english one to the bank and icbc (to change my drivers license) the bank was the only place that questioned whether i was getting a "canadian one" i just explained it and then it was fine. Same with my car insurance papers just took the papers in. I mailed both copies to medical insurance to change my carecard, took awhile for it to come back but I have it all done now which is good! Again, if anyone has any questions feel free to email or pm me I try to be on more but with the baby on the way my mind is elsewhere ha ha Also, photos... WRITE DOWN the poses you want or any u think of and give it to your photographer, the day of is just too exciting to remember and think of poses, I wish I had gotten more poses with my girls but our minds were everywhere that day ha ha either way everything turned out great even though my brain thinks its not good enough!
  5. Not sure when it sets i think around 630ish.. but 5pm is PERFECT lighting for pictures anytime before daylight savings "fall back" ha ha
  6. FOR THE BRIDES GETTING LEGALLY MARRIED WITHIN 3 MONTHS OF CHRISTMAS: If your getting married between October and December LEGALLY, be prepared that you might NOT have your license within 3 months. The government shuts down for 20 days in December for Christmas so it slows down all the legal processes. It's been just over 4 months and I still don't have my license. I told my wedding planner and thank god she went to work and got mad at the WC down there because they weren't looking into where it was. She finally called Paloma who finally after 2 weeks checked into it and found out that the government there shuts down for 20 days which slowed the legal process. My license was just sent sometime last week so I should be seeing it this week hopefully. Been so frustrating because the WC do NOT inform you of this they just let you sit and wonder, so thankful for my planner!! So, I just wanted to let all you brides who are getting legally married within that time that it may get delayed if your "3 months" crosses with Christmas as mine did.
  7. Ahh thats so good to hear and thanks, it is terrible, now its just getting my dad to go get checked lol thats a battle on its own!
  8. Katie, Thanks for your post, it was sad and happy at the same time. My uncle was battling stage 4 metastatic renal cancer which got to the brain while I was planning my wedding. He was diagnosed with it in Jan 2011... He fought so hard, I was married Nov 2, 2011 and he died Nov 29, 2011. It was so fast. I'm glad your fiance seems to be beating it, and I pray he does!! Good luck with everything I lost my Uncle so fast and will never take another life for granted.
  9. ahhh oh no! Yeah maybe click the last one before view more then flip through like a slide show then you can see the rest! hopefully it works!!
  10. I didn't do a seating chart since my group was fairly small and they all seemed to get along by the time our wedding came. Myself, my hubby and wedding party sat at the same table though, we had 2 long tables set for 10 and a round table set for 6 or 8, you can look at my pics (link in my signature) near the end are the dinner photos you can sorta of see it lol I'm sure if you had a seating chart or table names the WC will have no problem setting it up for you, just give it to her in your meeting and explain where you want it or if it matters.
  11. And it was funny because when we looked through arrecifes shots a lot of them had Vina in their way ha ha
  12. Maybe but she also had her husband as a second shooter to take any angles she couldn't get, did you take a look at mine? At least what she told me she said she had no problems getting all her shots. I had Martin, maybe he was different but he was everywhere, so when he was on one side of us Vina was on the other lol we felt like super stars
  13. Dinner was at 5:30. we had more than enough time, we were rushing at first for photos to not lose light and be back for dinner when we were almost done photos it was only 4:30 ha ha
  14. This probably isn't the right way to go about it but myself and my wedding planner just didn't tell any of them that i was bringing my own photographer... We had arrecife for the 10 free photos and wasn't in Vina's way, only a couple pics out of 536 he was in.
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