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  1. we took 30 metres of organza material, I cant really remember how much it cost..mayve around £70?! The chair ties were organza also but we just bought these off ebay. We initislly sent for a sample one. they were really cheap, about £30 for 30 ties. I actually bouth them first and themed the rest around the ( I was a bit osessed with the chairs!) We just used real petals from resort, one pack was scattered ready, and the flowergirl scattered some more while she was walking.
  2. Ok….my review! Venue – Akumal beach hammocks, 17th Jan 2012 I wasn’t sure about this location at first and really wanted to Tulum gazebo but as soon as we saw it, we fell in love and were so happy we had listened to Eugenia (our WC) who recommended it! I will try and upload pics, but we took 30metres of fabric to decorate (two shades of pink). Also took chair ties and a white wedding isle which we scattered petals on. We put a fan and an envelope of biodegradable confetti on each of the chairs for the guests. It was a nightmare taking everything from the Uk but it did really make the location magical for us; esp after seeing other weddings were it was left all plain. Guests were really grateful for the fans too!! We had my new sister in law read out a poem in the ceremony and my cousin read out the sand ceremony verse. It was really lovely and made the ceremony much more personal to us. Otherwise, it would have been over quite quickly. My hubby gave the music guy our ipod with a play list of songs to play while guests were gathering and waiting. Then a second play list for the ceremony. Eugenia told us we only needed 4 songs (1 to walk down isle with, 1for signing reg, 1 for sand ceremony and 1 to finish off) the signing did go on beyond the song slightly but to be honest I didn’t even notice with all the excitement!! We then had a Champaign toast on the beach while photo’s were going on. Wedding coordinator – As ive already said, we had Eugenia and we can never thank her enough. She did everything we asked for and more. They really are the experts! I went through phases of getting frustrated due to the lack of email contact but as the date was approaching I had emails from WC within 12-24hrs. We met with her to go through the details the day after arriving at the resort. The meeting was very quick but they do know what they are doing!! Flowers – I had sent WC photo’s of bouquets I liked, and they basically replicated them!! We had calla lillies which were not included in the package so we ended up paying quite a bit but in the grand scheme of it all, it didn’t add up to that much more! We loved the bouquets and buttonholes. We also ordered additional flowers to decorate the cake (mainly because the pics I had seen of cakes were not great so thought the flowers would disguise it a bit!). The flowers were delivered to our room approx. one hour before the wedding, and the buttonholes taken to the room where my hubby was staying. Hair & Make up – we paid for day passes and had Sara Tamargo and her hairdresser / assistant to do my hair and 5 bridesmaids. They did a fantastic job, I cant recommend them highly enough. Sara used Mac make up and it really stayed on all day, withstanding the heat! The hairdresser was amazing. She even replicated my hair trial photo using clip in hair extensions. They arrived at 8am and just about finished for the photographer arriving at 1.20pm. Restaurant – we had our meal at the Arlequin restaurant in akumal. It was really lovely. The only prob was we had one vegetarian and the staff didn’t quite understand and it took them a while to get a veggie meal. But it ended up ok. We did the speeches in the restaurant and cutting the cake. I had taken table decorations, and took small bottles of tequila with pink ribbon round them for the men’s favours and made Swarovski crystal bracelets in organza bags for the women. Its was sooo funny all the men doing their shot and all the women then wearing their bracelet for the rest of the holiday! The WC put out the candle lanterns centre pieces we brought along with place names, scatter crystals and personalised serviettes. It looked very romantic with low lighting and lots of candles. We put our bouquets on the cake table to add decoration with a few spare lanterns . Cake – wasn’t as bad as I expected after seeing some pics! But it tasted amazing! Like I said before, we decorated it with additional flowers (orchids) and took a cake topper. Poolside party – This absolutely made our wedding day. It was the best money we spent and ended up extending it by an hour on the night. We used the resort DJ and he was fab! He used our ipod to play our first dance and had all the lights and mic for any announcements. There was 30 of us and we had an absolute ball….with some guests ending up in the pool at the end of the night! Eugenia had transferred the chairs from the ceremony with the pink chair ties and put a few around the pool side area. She had also put my candle bags down the path leading from the restaurant to the poolside party area! it all looked so magical. Arrecife – This was the one thing I was most worried about as not all the reviews on here have been positive. We had martin and he was fantastic!! Very professional and took fantastic photos. We bought the package that included me getting ready, the groom, ceremony and trash the dress the next day. He knew exactly what looked good in pics and the best locations for different pics. He also did any photo we asked for and let us be creative too! We did the TTD the next day ….and it was sooo much fun. You do get a lot of strange looks on the beach but it really is worth it. The reaction from people we’ve shown them too have been fantastic. Def worth while doing . I got a replica dress of ebay then literally put it in the bin after the photoshoot! Overall: We had the most amazing magical day, that exceed our expectations by far! We would have changed a thing and would recommend this resort to anyone wanting to get married abroad!!
  3. Hi Arriba2012, Yes from south wales! neither of us had been married before/changed any names so all we needed was to meet with WC with passport and immigration card that they give out on the plane. needed to take passports & cards from us and the 4 witnesses. We had emailed scanned copies of all passports before hand too. We took our birth certificates just incase but didnt need them. Just had the blood test then when we got there.....very daunting but it was fine! not a bruise!
  4. Hey! we also just got back, our wedding was 17th...... we saw you too TLseege. Will post a review asap. Had such an amazing wedding day, the resort staff are fantastic.
  5. Well we start our journey to GBP tomorrow.....wedding on 17th! cant wait now! just want to get there! Will post review and pics asap!! x
  6. Yes we're doing the private poolside party too! having ceremony at Akumal beach hammocks. Cant wait now; we leave a week tomorrow!! starting to stress about packing now, have bought lots to take and decorate etc! We're using the resort DJ......does anyone know if I should send songs suggestions?? will he play varied music for Uk guests?!! anyone any advice??
  7. we are having our meal at the Arlequin....havent heard any reviews but Eugenia recommends it highly apparently! The menu looks nice and was far more varied than the others offered. Im a fussy eater! our wedding is 17th Jan....getting v close now!
  8. we leave in two weeks for our wedding at Akumal beach hammocks... cant wait now! beewn worried about the prices for the photography......but the proces ppl have mentioned on here recently arent that bad; do we need to 'haggle' prices with Arrecife???
  9. Thanks for the facebook links to Arrecife...been bit worried about using them but feel very reassured now! x
  10. ahh ok...yes bruno mars is in my line up so far; and we are having the legal ceremony too....think im walking down isle to chasing cars, snow patrol...hmmmm! thanks
  11. Well its only 6ish weeks til I fly to mexico!! cant wait now...... been trying to think of songs; for guests as they are waiting and diff songs for signing reg, sand ceremony etc.I know what im walking down isle too. I want somthing up beat but chilled at same time .Anyone got advice or suggestions? what songs have other brides used? Is it best to take them on CD or ipod??
  12. ah those pics look amazing Crystalz; you look beautiful!! can wait to hear your full review. This may be a bit over the top to ask but, I found a lovely pic on the internet of a beach wedding and there was a pink isle runner with petals on the beach? I'll try and attach it. Has anyone done this? or know if the resort has? or how we could do it? otherwise, we'll stick with the petals.
  13. Can I check, are we definately not allowed to use outside photographers?? do we have to use Arricefe?? really nervous about using them?!
  14. Im flyign from UK, and have been told we had to be in the country 4 working days, excluding the day you arrive and weekends!
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