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Gran Bahia Principe Akumal/Tulum/Coba - POST HERE!

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I am also looking at getting insulated mugs so any info on websites would be fabulous!!!!!!!

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Hi Ladies,


Thanks for all of your help.  I have been 'stalking' this site for a couple of months now LOL.  I'm getting married May 2012 (YAAAAAY).  I wanted to know if any of the 2012 brides have received wedding packages that are $500 more than the prices for the 2011 brides.  All the prices have gone up so I wanted to see if that was the case for anybody else.  For example the Remember package was $700 for 2011 and $1175 for 2012.

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Hey girls,


I just got back on Sunday from my dream wedding and honeymoon!! The resort is wonderful, the staff is great, and you can totally relax because the wedding coordinators are pros. There was literally at least 2 weddings every day at each hotel on the resort, so they know what they're doing probably better than we do. I actually ran into Nikki from here after our pictures on our way to our poolside dinner. haha


I don't think I can post any pictures because I don't have enough posts but I will be putting my wedding pics into a Shutterfly account this weekend so I can share the link. I got married at the Akumal Hammocks beach location and it was breathtaking!! I actually cried as I came around the corner and saw all my friends and family down there waiting for me and how beautiful everything was. We actually paid extra to get some pictures done at the Hacienda. If you have money in your budget get these done. They are my favorite! Arrecife Studios is very professional. I hate getting my picture taken so it was a little intense for me all day but I was so happy with our pics. Our photographer was Diego and he did an amazing job!!


We had a poolside dinner and reception because we had 65 guests. It was worth every penny! The food was great and the reception was so much fun!! There is lots of room to dance and all of my bridesmaids and the groomsmen jumped in the pool at the end of the night. Good times!


We also had a video taken which is a great memory but if you're wanting something like Cancun Wedding Video it's not the same. He does add some nice touches, for example, he asked me and my hubby while we were getting ready how we felt about getting married that day and what we liked most about each other and put it in our video which was a nice surprise because neither one of us knew the camera was on. It was more like we were having a conversation and it was sitting on his shoulder. haha  He probably does that so you don't seem too nervous or freeze up in front of the camera. 


Initially, we were thinking about doing OOT bags but we just had too many people. The one thing I would recommend the most is to bring insulated mugs for your guests. These were a HUGE hit!! Every single person used their mugs all week. Even if they didn't drink they put water or fruity slushy drinks in them. We had waterproof labels made that said "Mexico 2011" with our monogram and their name on them. I would recommend putting their name on it because when you go up to the pool bar with 5 mugs its much easier to know who had what and not get your mugs mixed up. We also had waterproof money/key card holders that they used all week as well.


My only complaint was my experience at the spa! As the bride, I expected to get the best person but I seriously ended up with someone who really didn't have a clue what she was doing. My hair was falling out as she was doing it, I wanted big curls and she was doing tight curls and she would tease my hair and instead of smoothing it out would pin it. Ugh....it was bad! Anyway, to make a long story short I finally ended up crying it was that bad and one of my BM flipped out and made her fix it. I was hoping someone else would just take over but instead they just showed her how to fix it. My hair was falling out because she was using bobby pins that had a large opening on the top. As I was leaving the spa two bobby pins fell out and I just started laughing. It was either cry more or laugh! haha I went back to my room and my BM put as many bobby pins in as they could and sprayed it so it would hold up. It was ok in the end but not what I wanted. That being said, other girls at the spa did an amazing job on my BM's hair. I just got the worst one. She did my cousin's hair as well and it was falling out 2 minutes later. I feel bad complaining about her but it was not the best way to start off my day. I was a wreck!


I wish I could back and do it all again (minus the spa haha) because it was so much fun and truly my dream wedding! I'm excited for you girls that are leaving soon. You will not be disappointed! If you have Eugenia she is absolutely amazing and super sweet! I loved her! Keep in mind that she gets like 100 emails a day and is rarely in her office because there is 2-3 weddings a day. Honestly, I don't know how she keeps everything straight. I know how stressful it can be if you don't get a response but she will have a copy of all your emails and just asks you to confirm everything. She is very organzied and seems to remember everything you said. She is the best!!  She even arranged to have the waiters serve drinks in my wedding colors at the dinner and had champagne and chocolate covered strawberries in our room when we got home. Also, my flowers were absolutely gorgeous!! Everything was just perfect!


Feel free to PM if you have any questions. I'll try to get my pictures ready this weekend so I can post the link. I have pics of the ceremony site, dinner, and reception.   


Mrs. Jones (I LOVE being married! haha)  

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Congratulations, abbie32! My wedding is on May 21, 2011 and I'm getting very excited :)  I was a little nervous about getting 1 email response for every 6 emails I send out but it seems that many people have said the same thing - the wedding coordinators know what they're doing and it's beautiful at the end of the day!


I'm also having a poolside reception for 52 people at Coba.  We chose the Caribbean dinner.  What dinner did you choose?


I love the idea about the money/key card holders - where did you buy these from?  And where did you get the insulated mugs?




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Congratulations Mrs. Jones !

And thank you for your review.

We're all excited to see your pictures ;o)



You're almost there ! Yes, we certainly worry more than neccessary :-D

Did you receive pictures from GBP of the poolside reception (decoration, colors of fabrics, dishes) ?



I can't see the picture : "Sorry, you don't have the required permissions to download attachments."

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Oh I am so mad about this pics thing.I got lots of them to post with my review but I CANT SEEM TO FIGURE HOW.Can anyone help???


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