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  1. 1)yes your restaurant choice depends on the section you are.We were sent the coba options.(three options per hotel i believe) Of these options we were sent a set menu with three choices of stater,soup,and and dessert/cake. You can only have the normal menu if your roup is smaller than 15 people.
  2. sposa

    April 2011 Brides

    Hello ladies! we got back on mid-april.We got married in Gran Bahia Principe Coba,riviera maya. I have posted a review in the GBP thread and the hotel review corner as well.This is one of our photos.
  3. Linzip82 sorry about your dad,unfortunately I went through the same.my dad suffered cancer for a while and the doctors were very positive all the way unitl after xmas that he suddenly got worse and worse and he died 8 weeks before our wedding. We decided to go ahead with everything and all our families were there to support us.I completely understand you when you say the wedding has gone to the back of your head at the moment. There were moments during the holiday and even the wedding day were I felt sad but there were many many other were you feel really happy,specially surronded by the people you love and you will feel your dad close to you in spirit as well. I hope your enjoy your holiday the best you can and we will all be waiting anxiously for your review. All the best Valeria
  4. Futurewifey2011 When you do your meeting with the WC the first day you are there,you can decide to bring your witnesses along or not.We didnt since our guests they were keen to go and explore the place plus we didnt want to spoil some surprises we had regarding our ceremonies,etc.We only took their passports to be copied. In the same way,we didnt have a rehersal dinner but the last night we wanted the whole group to be together in one big table at the buffet(the coba one is the best) and I saw the restaurant manager that morning and he arranged a nice table on a quiet corner and we all had a lovely time. Anything you think you want just ask,the standard of the service in that hotel is really high and they pay special attention to the bride/groom and guests. Good luck!!
  5. And you can still use the facilities of the coba. The pools in the akumal are great if you like swiming lots. In the coba what we loved was the jacuzzi pool bar since its not too busy in the afternoon and its great to finish the day zipping a drink in the water.ohh I miss that so much!!! I am sure you will be fine anywhere. lots of luck!
  6. Hi all! On of the things I didnt prepared for is the fact that you are being taken to the ceremony site on a OPEN GOLF CART.when I got to the ceremony all the excitement and the stress made forgot to check my hair or make up.If had a second chance(dont get me wrong I think part of the magic of weddings is that there is"second take" and everybody will have a story to tell of something not gone to plan)I would have made sure before my mum and sisters disapeared to sit at the ceremony after we all got to the site they would have shown me a mirror and gave a touch of powder on my face. Other than that definitely blotting papers are a must go.in fact they would make a nice present for bridesmaid or ott bags.
  7. Hi! in the beginning we thought it wasnt necesary to any ott bags.At the end of the day we were in an all inclusive place with tons of free food drinks snacks and things like suntan or bug spary people will bring anyway so why to give just small sachets on anyhting,right? Only 2 weeks before leaving my partner ordered for us some UNIVERSAL TRAVEL ADAPTORS(we live in the uk and for sure we knew were going to need different ones in mexico) and some waterproof pouches for our phones and cameras. And all the sudden we though that would be a good idea as an OTT.We added some boxes of RESOLVE(paracetamol for hangovers) and some DYLON travel wash. I bought some re usable gift bags made in pink jute,really nice ones,and that was it. We gave them to the majority the night before flying since we stayed in an airport hotel and they all were so excited about it!!! Honestly,it was like Christmas!! I think a nice little touch can mean a lot to your guests specially if you put really useful things. In our case the most popular was the travel adaptor followed by the pouches.
  8. Jemma if you have some previous email from karla telling you something i would get into the phone and see if you get hold of paloma.i think lots of us got caught int the middle of Karla leaving and maria taking over.also if you booked through and agency back home get them to email them as well. Its true that sometimes the hotel have the last word anyway. nowmthe all complex is really nice and you can use the facilities of any.The coba seems more private since most of the people tend to walk to beach in the morning and spend the day in there.For us the sun was a bit too much and we enjoyed the pools.The rooms seem to be all the same. Good luck!!
  9. Thanks Celtic Seren with the coordinator you will arrange things like the menu(i dont know how it works with a private reception,we didnt have one),she will ask you if you bring your own music(we did but im assuming if not she would have sent prices for live music)she will need your witnesses details and your details(for the marriage license)the time of the ceremony,and you can also ask her any room requirements.All this was done in email about 2 weekes before we travelled.I know that some people bring extra deco for ceremony or dinner or they have more specific things in mind. I think nothing is too much for them,you only need to ask. What they dont do and I think this is where we all get confused is to act like your personal wedding coordiantor as if you were to hire somebody to do that since the volume of weddings doesnt allow time enough for that. anyway,give us a shout if you need help. in the meantime enjoy your planning,its all part of the process and it does test you as a couple sometimes how you deal with good and bad stuff lots of luck!!!! Val
  10. Hi Abbey 32 some of my family saw your wedding that day.It was the day after ours.they came back to me and said we saw this lovely beach wedding with all the women dress in tourquise and it looked beautiful. The pictures are great as well. Are we lucky or what to have married in a such an amazing place? For the rest of ladies in the early stages of planning...keep reading this thread there is lot of info.trip advisor has lots of pictures as well. you will see that everything falls into place bit by bit.For us the worst part was to choose the hotel since we were afraid people were going to spend a small fortune and not like or find activities to do,etc.After that everyhting was details. by the way,myWC showed me some bouquet pictures when i was already there.I have to say they werent great and a bit dated.If you are into flowers a lot and your bouquet means a lot for you i would take some pictures with you and they may be able copy them.Blogs like the BRIDES CAFE have lots of inspiration. Good luck to all of you!
  11. Its really good to see somebody choosing a veil plus I think it will match your choice of hotel.I like your dress also,perfect for hot weather.we cant wait for the wedding review!!