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    LOL @ Perry1217.... I assume they would be pissed. But that would be ROMANTIC he he he
  2. Thanks Bellajovie.... We can all do this . I took a Latin Dance class at the gym today. It felt really good. But by the time I got home I was tired and STARVING. The only thing I had in my fridge that didn't take a lot of preparation and time, was left over pizza. Now I have the guilts. It's my fault tho because I went to the gym right after work. I would love to do a 5k run but my first goal is to last more than 3mins on a treadmill. Does anybody drink those energy drinks/shakes before they workout? Also whats the best way to slim down your thighs. I find that a lot of leg workouts tone my thighs but don't take any inches off....and I keep loosing weight in my boobs (and I already don't have much going on in that dept )
  3. Hi Ladies....... I'm getting married May 5th 2012. . I have a gym membership and EVERY DAY I tell myself that I will go tomorrow LOL. I'm glad I found this forum to motivate me. I am the queen of excuses as to why I can't go. When my FI tries to motivate me I just get mad at him and ask him if he thinks i'm fat. But I know I have to change all of that. Usually when I come home from work the first thing I want to do is pour a glass of wine LOL . I wish I was one of those women that LOVE to work out.. I see them all the time at the gym (well when I go he he he) prancing around half naked looking happy to be there (insert eye roll here). This forum will be a great motivation. I'm READY.... I will dust off my membership and start today. THANKS LADIES
  4. Hi Ladies, I have found that travel sites such as (expedia.com) have way better rates than what the TA's offer. I'm not sure if you have tried this route already but its just an idea .
  5. Hi Ladies ......... I'm a May 5th 2012 Bride. I will be getting married at the Gran Bahia Principe, Mexico. I have already sent out my save the dates. I did that via 'Power Point' and emailed it to everybody. I will be mailing out official invitations to those who reply with there address to say they are interested in attending. At this point almost everybody who received a STD is saying that they would like to come. But we will see how many will actually book LOL. I'm not sure how far in advanced I should send out the invitations tho. Besides sending out my STD's and having a location for the wedding.. I haven't done much LOL
  6. Tae123

    2012 Bride

    Hello Happy 2012 Brides, I'm also a 2012 Bride. I will be getting married at the Gran Bahia Principe, Mexico (May 5th 2012). Thanks for sharing all of your info.. It is SOOOOO helpful
  7. Tae123

    2012 Bride

    @Coconoir1908 Thanks for sharing your pics. They are really nice
  8. Hi Ladies, Thanks for all of your help. I have been 'stalking' this site for a couple of months now LOL. I'm getting married May 2012 (YAAAAAY). I wanted to know if any of the 2012 brides have received wedding packages that are $500 more than the prices for the 2011 brides. All the prices have gone up so I wanted to see if that was the case for anybody else. For example the Remember package was $700 for 2011 and $1175 for 2012.
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