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  1. Here are my program fans - the actual program is underneath the coversheet - I have about 19 fans left over if anyone wants them - let me know
  2. Eacg wishing lamp has a fuel cell (which means they are highly flammable) so I was told they aree not allowed. I guess you could risk packing them and the airline not knowing, but I'm too scared that it will hold up all of my luggage..
  3. Anyone doing chinese wishing lamps?? I was so set on doing them and then found out I couldn't pack them for the plane... Ada advised against mailing and one place in the capital that has them thinks they will be out bc of the new year...
  4. We're not doing a typical "rehearsal dinner" but we are doing a group dinner the night before the wedding....we just reserved seats at the main buffet... we had to di it early since the restaurant fills up for dinner
  5. In case anyone is looking for a playlist, here is mine (keep in mind, we are an r&b type wedding). Anyways, dinner and dancing music only has some selections of music to give our dj an idea of what we want. All of our specific songs are picked out except the introduction of the bride and groom since we are still trying to figure that out - anyways - hope this is helpful to someone as I've been stressing over this music for a while now...let me know if you have an amazing introduction song that is not Black Eyed Peas and preferably something I can shake my booty to wed
  6. So... I figured I'd share my music playlist in case it could be of use to any of you.... In addition, I could use some help.... For dinner and dancing music, I only listed a few songs to give the dj an idea of what we like (we are an r&b/hip hop type of wedding). The parts we are completely stuck on are the recessional and the bride and groom introduction....I am also considering changing the music that is played while guests are being seated.... let me know if you have any ideas for any of the above... 40 days to go!!!!! weddingsongs.xls
  7. Here's what we have so far.....keep in mind, we are more of an r&b wedding... I only included a few songs for dinner and dancing so that our dj could get a feel for what we like... didn't want to do his job completely... anyways, we are still undecided about the recessional song as well as what song we are going to be introduced to.... hope this is helpful... let me know if anyone has ideas. weddingsongs.xls
  8. hey brides.... totally off topic, but my fiance entered a video contest explaining why he has the best job in the world... unfortunately, the winner is based off of votes (hate those kind of contests-ugh) anyways, if you don't mind clicking the link below and voting, we would appreciate it... on another note, I have 41 days left! ahhhhh can't wait.. only thing left to do is programs and figure out how we can get these chinese wishing lamps to the DR (anyone else using those).... oh and I need to maintain my weight over Christmas so that I can still fit into my dress (eeek)....right now, I nee
  9. Yes - packages already include tax - it is just the extra stuff
  10. I think our dj service was $500 because of the lights in addition to the MC fee. It is for the 1-4 hours. Any services not included in a package are subject to tax which is something crazy like 29% so that is why the DJ is so high. The DJ service is actually RLS Entertainment - they are on facebook and you can see videos/pictures of their work... and yes $78 is the crazy tax
  11. @ErinMc I am willing to tell all....We are staying for 11 nights with 6 of the nights in the honeymoonsuite - our total trip was about $5000 - we are getting a little money back since our guests booked as a group but not sure how much that will be yet. For the sand ceremony package, we paid a deposit of $500 - the remaining balance is $1800 and I beleive that includes 40 people. Since La Barasa was already booked and we hated La Tortuga, we are opting for a pool reception. This will cost us $15 extra per person and requires a minimum of 50 people. Right now, we are at 40, so we will
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