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  1. everyone in my group took them off that morning, then after the reception had them put back on so we could all go to the bar!
  2. We had 3 guitar guys....they were amazing!!!!! I didn't see any rocky areas around Tulum, since we did a TTD at Akumal so I wasn't looking. Sorry I meant to say for our reception we paid for the minimum bar and got fully stocked!!!!
  3. We used the resort photographer and didn't have much time after the ceremony for pictures, he did them at the gazebo and the beach right behind. Luckily we had 3 people with us that are hobby photographers that are amazing and did more for us!!! It would be worth asking if that's where you really want your pictures. We also had the unforgettable package and opted for the band to play at our dinner since we had 2 hours!! All of my guests really enjoyed while they were being seated and ordering dinner there was music!!!! As for our cocktail hour we just had tables in the lobby bar set aside for us, cause some of my guests went to change before dinner since it was raining!!! Also we just paid for the minimum bar and we ended up getting a fully stocked bar which was nice!!!!
  4. We requested songs all night.....some he had and some he didn't.....so if you have must have songs I would bring them just incase as we did with our first dance songs!!! He did an awesome job and everyone had sooooooo much fun!!!!!!
  5. I know for our dinner we had the trio band play for 45 mins so 2 hours was perfect for us, but if we didn't I think it would have been too long. Like Trish said 1 1/2 would be perfect!! Also, Portifino is amazing everyone in my group loved it!!!!!
  6. We just got back this week (we stayed a 2nd week at a different resort for our honeymoon) and I can't say a bad thing about the resort or our wedding (Maria was AMAZING)....even tho it did rain it cleared up long enough to get married and have our pictures done. We got married at the gazebo and I LOVED it!!!!!! Our reception had to be changed to the music bar which at first made me sad but in the end it was sooooooo much fun....they set up balloons and had a huge dance floor, it was also super private!!!!!!
  7. I have tried to contact Air Canada Vacations myself after our TA told me to and Air Canada told me since i was using a TA they were not allowed to give me any details about our booking!!!! It has been the worst experience and so much added stress.....at first she was amazing then as soon as we booked it just seemed like anything I asked her for was making her do work and she was rude and took forever to get back to me and my guests, if she even did get back to us. We had people cancel and lose their deposit to rebook with someone else because of the rudeness and lack of response. We also have our honeymoon booked right after at another resort and she promised me she would take care of everything, so I contacted the resort and they told me she didn't tell them it was our honeymoon so we weren't set up to get the benefits of the honeymoon package!!! We have contacted the head office and they seem just as bad so it will be interesting to see where it goes when we get home. In the end I will NEVER use them again or say anything good about them!!!!!
  8. We are having a terrible tome with our travel agent as well!!!!! I see you are from Edmonton as well, what travel agent are you using?? We are using Flight Centre!!!!! We leave Sunday for our wedding on the 11th so we will be dealing with the issues when we get home!!!!
  9. Thanks for the heads up on the deep sea fishing.......we have decided to do something else as a group. Any suggestions as to what we should do????
  10. Thanks for the heads up on the fishing.....I will let them know!!!! Wedding is set for 2pm....what time do you fly in????
  11. We leave 2 weeks Sunday!!!!!!! Staying at the Coba and getting married on Jan 11th at the Tulum gazebo!!!!!! Just one quick question....the guys wanna go deep sea fishing.....any recommendations of a good charter????
  12. ladies......I am undecided if I should use the resort spa for our hair or bring someone in.....HELP!!!!! thanks
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