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  1. yes i need around that many 20-25...not sure of the color yet...the cost i still have to chk on i forget...lol
  2. jody11


  3. Hello i am wondering if anyone would have any of these key card holders or would know where i could find them...the places i have looked have min's of like 100 they do not have to be green...
  4. hi there ladies does anyone know where i can find this???? i only need around 25 or so....thanks
  5. Hello Ladies...this is awesome all the reviews...i am getting married in Nov so a bit more to wait for me....someone posted that the w/c emailed pictures of the bouquets...does anyone have this info i like to see what i have to pick from... thanks very much
  6. hello there....where did you get your travel mugs.... that is a great idea....
  7. Hello dfranklin...i am there in Nov too the 27th...when is your date?
  8. kcl30...i have book the unforgettable pkg and i mentions that the fees for the judge and that are included...that isnt the case? i know the blood tests are not inclued at 90 per person.....
  9. thanks cdlillad....i appreciate the responce...i guess i didnt fully understand the pricing...we will have to see when it gets closer that is for sure...
  10. Hi There Canadian Kim....just need to ask you a few questions if you dont mind...how was your dinner at Dolce Vita? What did you choose for your dinner options... thanks jody
  11. Saucy Friend... thanks for posting of the prices for the cocktail party...i have been emailing and havent got an answer....if i read this right i am going to have about 20 ppl so what i am doing is going 20x8=160 for the drinks...and then 190x2=380 for the dj... i am right with these figures.... thanks very much... oh and how long before the wedding do i have to decide on this do u know....
  12. Hi Ladies... has anyone have an opion on dolce vita in the akumal section this is the restruant that i leaning towards for my dinner... thanks...
  13. I was wondering if anyone had the menu for the resturants at the akumal what i am looking for is dolce vita my WC sent me the menu but i cant see it...
  14. could anyone tell me...if a pool side reception is worth it...i have booked the unforgettable pkg, we will have our dinner at one of the al cartes and then from what i was reading on here maybe go to the hasendia for the rest of the night...does anyone have a recent price list on what something like that may cost...i should have around 20 guests with me... thanks again
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