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  1. Hi Sunshine, We had in October the "private dinner/dance reception ALL poolside" with 20 people. The list of Extras mentions a minimum of guests : - Theme nights (Gala dinner, BBQ dinner, Mexican night, Caribbean night) : 50 people - Additional private meals for groups (Paella, Mixed grill, Taquiza, American) : 35 people BUT everything is negotiable. They give you a quote for what you're interested in. Hope it helps. Andree
  2. Hi LindsayDS, On the Facebook page of Arrecife Studio Mexico, you'll find 2 or 3 pictures of the Mayan Celebration : Kimberly & William / 13January11. Hope it helps. Andree
  3. I am getting married at the GBP Akumal in May 2012. I was just wondering when you started planning your wedding with Eugenia? I think she's the WC for the akumal side. I've sent her an email almost 2 months ago and she still hasn't replied . Thanks for your comment on the blog, it makes me feel better knowing that the WC does know what their doing . Cynthia Hi Cynthia ! Congratulations on your engagement. It would be my pleasure to help you if I can. Don't take notice of my poor english by the way (I'm french) and ask me if something isn't clear. Eugenia is indeed the WC of the Akumal side but you have to send your first email to her responsible: Paloma Flores Gerente de Grupos y Eventos / Groups & Events ManagerGran Bahia Principe Riviera Maya Email:groupsmx@bahia-principe.com Tel: 052 984 87 5 50 00 Ext. 28117 · Fax: 052 984 87 5 50 01 Ctra. Chetumal Benito Juárez, km. 250 Local B, Municipio de Solidaridad Akumal, Quintana Roo C.P. 77760 . México. Did you ? I received an answer 2 days later. So I encourage you to send a new email to the email address I mentioned above. She'll send you the information about the wedding packages and most important prebook your wedding. To confirm properly, you'll need to send her your booking number. I sent my first email 1 year before the wedding. I'm ready to send you more informations as soon as I know what you need ;o) Good luck ! Andree
  4. Crystalz, You look gorgeous on your pictures... but it was even more the case in real ! ;o) Yeah, I saw you on the big day ! Dfranklin, Have a wonderful trip and a memorable wedding day ! I'm 100% you'll have the time of your life ! Relax and enjoy. Jemma, As Sunshine said, you can bring your isle runner. It'll just cost you $$ in petals (8$ per small bag @ the resort). ;o) It wasn't so difficult to walk with heels in the sand... but it may depend on the shoes ;-D TSilva, I found a short video on the web regarding the Mediterraneo : http://community.voyage.tv/_Gran-Bahia-Principe-Coba-Mediterraneo/video/1164078/27970.html For the brides to be, try to relax. The WC really knows their job... and listen to your expectations, dreams,... So did Eugenia for me.
  5. Hi Girls, I don't know in which section you're staying. . Andree
  6. Regarding the lanterns, thanks to Julie who gave, in the past, the link to her wedding pictures ! http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150592616010032.681689.891895031&l=eadd0e1391
  7. Hi dfranklin, I just bought mine... colored paper lanterns with LED battery light. Hope it'll be ok for the WC. Andree
  8. Hi stylishmeNC, I sent you the menus of the restaurants options I received from Eugenia : Dolce Vita and Frutos del Mar. Idem for the theme dinners or private meals. Andree
  9. Hi Trisha, Your decoration is really beautiful. Could you tell me which kind of fabric you chose (satin, organza, polyester,...) and maybe where you bought it ? Thank you ! Andree
  10. Congratulations Christi, Your pictures are beautiful & You make a fab bride !
  11. Hi Jemma, The WC just answered my question about material. She usually sets up everything in white but you can let her know which colors you want so she can tell you if they have them and the price. You can also bring your own; you'll need like 14 mts. Andree
  12. Hi Angie, I agree with all brides and brides-to-be, great video ! Hi Sunshine, I think (not 100% sure because i'll be in the Akumal section) that Tulum has only 3 wedding venues : Gazebo, Gardens and the beach location with dead palapas... Because of the buggy (sorry for my poor english), the Akumal beach location isn't so far... Hi Crystalz, I don't have an answer to your question but I never heard anybody who had to pay for their own fabric ! I hope your WC is wrong. For my part.... I'm lost. The groom and I aren't able to agree on the reception site... so that I did some research into off-site locations :-( I never read someone here complaining about the decoration of the restaurants or tables... I must be the only one :-( Bridezilla moment ? Really not crazy about green chairs with floral print, blue plates with sunflowers,... Sorryyyyyyyyy ! I asked my WC for the private poolside options. She only came back with the mixed grill dinner. Does anyone have more info or a review about this option ? Last question: I think we have the possibility to choose from their list of talecothes, chair covers flowers,... but do you have this possibility only when you get there, at the meeting or before per email ? Sorry again to complain. And thanks in advance ! Andrée
  13. Congratulations Mrs Adams, Mrs Adams, Mrs Adams,... ! ;o) So glad to hear your w-day went so well !
  14. Hi Sunshine, The mail is on his way... Andrée
  15. Sunshine, Yes... that's sucks... If I'm right (girls, let me know ;o)), there are 3 options: 1. A la carte restaurants: free (it counts as your guests free meal) 2. "Theme nights": minimum of 50 people Here what I found some posts ago... Gala dinner: 6 starters, 2 soups, 6 main dishes (with seafood), dessert $72 US$/pers BBQ dinner: 5 starters, 5 main dishes, dessert buffet $46 US$/pers Mexican night: 5 starters, 5 main dishes, dessert buffet 46 US$/pers Caribbean night: 5 starters, 5 main dishes, dessert buffet 48 US$/pers 3. Private meals : minimum of 35 people Paella: Seafood Paella, SangrÃ*a, beers and sodas 20 US$ /per Mixed Grill: Arrachera steak, pork cutlet, chicken, sausage, beers, sodas 20 US$/ per Taquiza: 5 varieties of Tacos with rice, beans and guacamole, beers, sodas 15US$/per American: Hamburgers, Hot Dog, French Fries, beers and sodas 12US$/per If you want one of those dinners, you have to pay for 35 or 50 ‘heads’… I suppose... + open bar option…