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leigh miller

one pic from rebeccas day after and a funny story...

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(this is also on my blog but thought id post it here. feel free to visit the blog if you want.)


now that im home safe and sound, I thought Iâ€d share!


Last week I traveled to beautiful Riviera Maya for Rebecca and Ericâ€s wedding. The night before I left my hubby and I were sitting on the sofa and hereâ€s how the conversation went -


the hubby - you want to hear your horoscope? what are you sagittarius?


me - no scorpio.


the hubby - you want to hear it?


me - not if it says my plane is going down, iâ€m flying tomorrow.


the hubby - laughing hysterically.


me - what!?! what!?!


the hubby - i swear i didnâ€t know it was going to say this!


me - oh **** (insert expletive of choice here) just read it…


the hubby - ok hereâ€s what it says…by the time rescue workers reach you this week, not only will you have eaten all your fellow passengers, but moved on to the food they brought along as well. (continued hysterical laughing here followed by…) you want to be sagittarius instead?


So I decided to go anyway…looked like I was going to make it no matter what. I was feeling kind of bad for the fate of my fellow passengers wink.gif And since it would be a shame to write a post without a photo, hereâ€s one from Rebecca and Ericâ€s day after shoot in our shhhh…SUPER SECRET Riveria Maya location! More coming soon.


Click the image to open in full size.

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LOL I can't believe that's what your horoscope said!! Who'd have ever thought!! lol Glad to see you're back & didn't have to eat any of your fellow passengers wink.gif


That picture is really stunning by the way!!

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