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ROYAL PLAYA DEL CARMEN BRIDES: were kids allowed for the day? ...and other questions

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#621 athena

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    Posted 16 January 2009 - 03:50 PM

    Our wedding was December 6th, and all of our vendors were through the royal. The only thing that we had to pay cash for was the flowers (we did an upgrade to orchids as well). Everything else we charged to the room, including the hair and makeup. Then we paid with our VISA on our last day.
    We did really basic decorations, mainly what was included in the packages. For the ceremony we did the red carpet with rose petals. The petals were an extra $100 US. There were a few different options that you could get ontop of this (like white tule wrapped around the pillars of the gazebo) but that was an extra $15 a pillar, I think there were 6 pillars. It looked really nice, but almost too much for us.
    For the reception, we brought our own personally printed (paper) napkins with small favors that went on the tables. There was a medium sized hurricane candle on the tables. The tables were lit with small lights as well. Really pretty. I really liked their setup. We opted not to do OOT bags - the cost of making them, and then bringing them (esp. since our luggage was already heavy!).
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    #622 Shay2679

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      Posted 17 January 2009 - 06:31 AM

      HI girls...its been a while since I posted...but you have never been far from my thoughts...

      I was just wondering, as I sit here frustrated with my partying neighbours, is there any restrictions on bringing Starfish (for table decorations) to Mexico? I'm sure that Heidi brought some with her to affix to the bows on the chairs...and I'm getting some, so is there a special way I should pack them or any special declarations I need to do?

      Only 3.5 months to go...and I can't wait.

      For our setup, we're using whatever the hotel supplies for the reception and ceremony, plus I am bringing a few little extra things to...add personality:

      Small Organza bags for petals (petal toss) (attached to chairs)
      Sand Ceremony
      Fans to be placed on chairs
      Petals for the aisle and "signing" table

      Since we've settled on using the gazebo, rather than having the tulle wrapped around the pillars, as I have seen before, we have asked to have every second "window"have a fabric "curtain" hung...I'm hoping it will create a romantic, flowy effect...
      From the roof, we are going to have something as well...but...we'll decide once we're there...we're either having those icicle mini lights coming down, or lanterns. Our ceremony is at 5PM, and although the sun won't set until closer to 7ish...it might not be full sun...if this is the case (as we'll learn over the four days before our ceremony)...we'll go with the raining lights.

      For the reception (on the beach), I'm adding favors (including maraccas) and starfish to the tables. I have made name tags that will be affixed to the starfish as "table seating". We're a small enough group...I thought it would look nice.

      We'll have the basic hurricane candles in the center of our tables, under linen lighting, tiki torches...the standard. It sounds so beautiful, we're not adding much.

      Just a few of our plans!!

      Anyway ladies...I'm not sure what's "normal"...but my countdown has officially begun...and my dress hasn't even arrived yet!!!!


      #623 dcheung1111

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        Posted 17 January 2009 - 12:44 PM

        Shay - your wedding plans sound great! I'm sure everything will be wonderful. I was also thinking of purchasing maraccas as favors for the reception tables. Are you waiting to purchase them in Mexico or bringing them down with you? I think it's such a cool idea to add touches of the Mexican culture to the wedding.

        #624 Shay2679

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          Posted 17 January 2009 - 03:20 PM

          Originally Posted by dcheung1111
          Shay - your wedding plans sound great! I'm sure everything will be wonderful. I was also thinking of purchasing maraccas as favors for the reception tables. Are you waiting to purchase them in Mexico or bringing them down with you? I think it's such a cool idea to add touches of the Mexican culture to the wedding.
          I talked to Micaela about it, and she figures that Maraccas on 5th can be purchased for about $5 a piece. I spoke with a colleague who was there in March of last year, and they bought 10 for $20...so...I think we're going to hope that we get a good deal, but budget for the $5/ea.

          I have seen someone on the forum, not for the Royal - somewhere else, where they had "Mischka Designs" design maraccas for them, and they were soooo nice, but I can't find anything on the designer...

          I like the idea of implementing a few Mexican things into the day also...we're going with a Tres Leches wedding cake for this reason, as it is a traditional dish...having mariachi precede us down the aisle - instead of CD music or something...I'm not well versed in Mexican culture by any means...but...a few little touches will be nice.

          #625 tchuchuca

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            Posted 18 January 2009 - 12:31 AM

            Shay- glad to see you, lady! Everything sounds good! Isn't it crazy to think how close it's getting- I mean, my countdown is down to a double digit number!!! AAAhHH!

            I think we've decided to do the same- the ambiance of area and items that the hotel provides for the ceremony and reception sounds like it will be beautiful! I still have my heart set on the chuppa, but I'm not going to worry too much about it- FI and I will make the final decisions in Playa. I'm hoping that Micaela will have a sort-of catalog of the things we can add and their cost.

            We're going to bring Sand Ceremony items (FI HAD to have the colored sand when I wanted to use the sand in Playa, but whatever!), the same Oriental Trading fans that I think everyone is using, and our homemade guestbook. I'm still deciding on if I want to do eco-fetti, petals, or ribbon wands... have any thoughts girls?

            It's getting SO close! Woo hoo!

            #626 Shay2679

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              Posted 18 January 2009 - 02:00 AM

              Hey chicky! I know...I'm only like 20 days behind you...I can't believe how quickly the last few months have gone by!!!!

              I agree...and hope that Micaela will have some form of organized offerings, with their costs, so that we are able to visualize everything before making our FINAL decisions...but I think I'm happy with my choices thus far.

              I just finished my invitations for our AHR tonight...they are going out next weekend! OMG...I can't believe it...I guess I should start organizing stuff for my planning thread!!!!

              #627 Geminie

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                Posted 18 January 2009 - 02:02 AM

                Hey guys!

                So I haven't been on here for a while.. but I have been very busy! I started a new business, got a new puppy, and moved into a new apartment!

                ok so on to wedding related business.. I still haven't received the final video or final photos from my vendors, but that's not a problem.. I'm a patient person.

                I did write my entire ceremony as it was supposed to be read on my blog: Geminie Photography because a lot of friends and family that couldn't make it have been asking to read the ceremony. Also on there I have a link to the best site for inspiration when writing your own ceremony (17 pages of poems, readings and just really beautiful passages). I got some amazing stuff from that repository.

                My new business is photography, and searching for my wedding photographer has sparked a flame in me that i didn't even realize I had. I absolutely love photographing people! If any of you need photography, my services are free, as long as travel is covered ( I can stay in the city at a small hotel.. usually for $60-$90 US a night, that's how we did it with our photographer and videographer).

                I haven't done any weddings yet, but everyone has to start somewhere! I'll be interning with my wedding photographer in the spring so I can't wait for that.

                As soon as I have my photos, I'll post a link, I can't wait to see them :)

                My husband and I explored Mexico, we rented a car for 4 days, and it was amazing! I know a great location for an amazing Trash The Dress shoot, and if anyone has questions just email me at crisitna @ geminie.ca (I check my email there regularly but don't come on here as often).

                Also to anyone getting married there soon... I left 9 beautiful red silk pomanders with Genuine Swarovski Crystals hanging from each one (3 strings) Here's where I got them from:
                Etsy :: RESERVED for Geminie - 9 Floral Hanging Wedding Balls with Crystal Drops

                They were hung from the ceiling of the gazebo with chartreuse ribbon above where we said our vows (different heights), and it was just magical.

                I have asked Zulma repeatedly to mail them back to me since it was her fault that they could not be be found the day of our departure. Please if you want, use them, but could you also ask her to send them to Cristina?? I would appreciate it so much!

                You could hang them like I did, or use them inside the hurricane vases that the Royal provides, both options would look great!

                Thanks so much! And please take a look at my blog, and if anyone needs photography, give me a call!

                Have fun planning!
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                #628 SarahandTrevor

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                  Posted 18 January 2009 - 01:00 PM

                  Hey Geminie,
                  We are leaving this week for the royal so I will ask them about your items. They are really pretty! Are you sure it would be ok if I used them? If I do, I could bring them home with me and mail them myself if you would prefer. That you would know for sure that you would get them! Let me know what you think! I am getting excited! Our wedding is in 10 days!!!

                  #629 Kriswim

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                    Posted 18 January 2009 - 02:08 PM

                    Hey Shay - since I am going down before you, i will let you know where I find the Maracas!! I would like to get them personalized - we'll see if i find someone to do it.
                    When are you arriving again? I am leaving the 6th.
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                    #630 traceyfranzel

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                      Posted 18 January 2009 - 05:23 PM

                      Our date is set...Oct 24, 2009. Can anyone who has been there in October tell me what the weather is like there at that time? I am hoping that it is warm enough to hang out on the beach/pool...also, what are the nights like that time of year? (warm, cool, cold, etc). Thanks!

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