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  1. I've tried to use the website provided for DJ mannia, but it doesn't seem to be working. My best friend is getting married in November and wants to use them... (we had them at our wedding in Playa del Carmen Mexico and they were fantastic). Anyone have their email address?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by VeronicaLane Athena, which menu did you choose? We're leaning toward the lobster dinner. It's such a value for such great-sounding food! I'm curious to which menu you all are chosing! We didn't have the choice of a lobster dinner, must be a new choice. We had seafood salad, tres consomme, fillet mignon with potatoes and vodka 1000 leaves. It was all amazing. I'm sure the lobster will be excellent as well.
  3. We were married on December 6th, 2008 at the Royal in Playa del Carmen, MX. We used the resort photographer and videographer (Funever Photos). Here is the link to our wedding photo slideshow. Enjoy!
  4. Thank you so much you guys!! It was such a perfect day and the pictures turned out so fantastic. Ok - to answer some questions and give some comments to the last bit of posts: We asked for the standard cake which serves about 15 people. We had 32 people but Micaela told us that usually the cake goes to waste. When we showed up, we had a cake surprise. We got the upgraded 2 tiered cake. And, most of it went to waste. Everyone was so full from the amazing dinner that not many people ate it. We ended up with 3/4 of it back in our room, which we had to throw out. Very tasty though - tres leche. We were told that if there if it rained or if it was very windy we would be moved to the ballroom. This happened to a couple that was married in November. Her review is on here under the wedding review's category. There were 5 other weddings just at the royal the same day as ours. There were a few at the gran too. The beach was packed with receptions and same with the garden. But we really felt like we had our own space. They split the receptions far enough away. There was a huge kitchen set up on the beach which made the food come out even fresher. When we were there we had one of the smaller weddings - 32 people. We thought we had a huge wedding for a destination one (especially at such an expensive resort too!). The biggest one we saw was 150 people! Crazy!! Ok - so there may be travel advisories out, but honestly I don't see why. My mom travelled with us as a group but came without a guest. She isn't the most independent person either. But, she stayed in her room alone and went shopping everyday alone (for hours at a time, usually twice a day!). She walked up streets I wouldn't have thought of walking even with my husband. She said she met some really nice people and talked with a lot of the locals. Mom said she felt totally safe. So I'm not sure how much it could have changed in the last 3 months! OH - and I believe the new Playa Coco Bongo opened - GO if you have the chance. The one in Cancun is unbelievable!! Youtube it - you'll see what I mean!!
  5. The dancefloors look the same. The dance floor can change to both white light or multi colored with or without "x"s. I have some pics of included at the end of our slideshow (link underneath). I did the slide show myself using the photos done by the resort photographer - funever, Caesar. i would highly recommend them. i finally got it uploaded!! Enjoy!!
  6. Here is our wedding photo slideshow I did myself using our wedding pics from Funever. They did an amazing job on our pics and DVD - I would highly recommend them!! YouTube - Our Wedding Photos
  7. We also travelled with Air Canada, First Class. I decided last minute to put my dress in a carry on bag. It was very hard to get it to fit, but it was well worth it because it very easy to pull my carry on behind me instead of fighting with my dress on a hanger. Byron's suit went in his suitcase. As for the dress/suit steaming: The Royal does offer this service, but we were not happy with it. Byron's suit came back untouched, and my dress was missing the dust cover and it came back with a bent up metal hanger (my dress was heavy so it just fell off this hanger). I complained but I never got my cover or hanger back. We were only charged half of the steam bill; my dress was done perfect though. As well the morning of the wedding i received 2 phone calls asking if the pants to the suit was ours, and if we got the right suit at all!! I can't imagine being the other bride with a mixed up suit!!! On another note, We finally got our pics about 2 weeks ago, (we used the resort photographer, videographer). The photos and DVD are amazing. We are not happy with the provided wedding albums; I think we are going to order different ones through Sproullie Designs. I will try to have our photos uploaded today. I think someone asked about the DJ - I loved the resort DJ (and of course the dance floor). Although it seems very expensive, the DJ acted as an MC, and it was really nice to have any song our guests wanted. I would have to recommend them. And I think someone mentioned orchids- I sent 2 different pics to Micaela, wanting both but in one bouquet. And the flowers were exactly what I wanted. They were beautiful, huge and in perfect condition. I also had some bouquet gems that I wanted added and it turned out awesome. For my bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquets, 4 boutonieers (sp?), and 2 corsages it came to $975 US.
  8. PS - For those of you wanting to legally married - we had our Birth Certificates apostilled but not translated and they were accepted. I have the legal wedding words if anyone hasn't read them. We were all surprised at how touching the Mexican legal ceremony is; and we loved the thumb print part!
  9. Hello ladies!! I've been having a problem getting on the site lately! 2 Days before our wedding, I saw a reception setup infront of the gazebo. There were 7 tables, and a hard wooden dance floor. So, that's what I was expecting. But..... As for the light up dance floor: I had no idea that it was an option, and therefore did not ask for it. The night before our wedding, we saw it in another garden wedding reception. I was really wanting it, but we decided that we didn't want to tack on more money to the wedding. We were pleasantly surprised to walk into our reception and have it. Our wedding was 32 people, and we were given 6 blocks (2x3). I have to admit it wasn't big enough for all of us, but (luckily) not everyone was into dancing. Micaela asked us afterwards how we liked it - of course we loved it!! She said "It was a surprise that she had arranged for us". We did have the resort DJ hired. There were 3 other receptions the same night as ours, and one other wedding reception had the lighted floor as well. PS - Specify exactly where you want your reception - I didn't, and we didnt' get right in front of the pool (instead infront of the gazebo - which was just as nice). I would love to finally post our pics, but we still don't have them!!!! We hired the resort photographer & videographer, but with getting married 2 weeks before Christmas, we didn't start any of the proof picking until well into January. We are hoping to have them in 2 weeks. But we have seen all the proofs and they are amazing!! I would recommend the photographer in a heart beat!! Anything can be changed when you meet with your wedding coordinator. When we met with Micaela, we ended up changing/picking most of our wedding. Even the time of day (from 4pm to 1pm - which I would suggest.) By having the wedding at 1pm, champagne at 1:30-2. Then pictures with everyone till about 3. Then we took pictures on our own for the next 2 hours. We met everyone back at 5, which eliminated the need for a "cocktail hour" with appys, as we went straight into the (delicious) dinner. I hope this helps you gals out!!!
  10. Our wedding was December 6th, and all of our vendors were through the royal. The only thing that we had to pay cash for was the flowers (we did an upgrade to orchids as well). Everything else we charged to the room, including the hair and makeup. Then we paid with our VISA on our last day. We did really basic decorations, mainly what was included in the packages. For the ceremony we did the red carpet with rose petals. The petals were an extra $100 US. There were a few different options that you could get ontop of this (like white tule wrapped around the pillars of the gazebo) but that was an extra $15 a pillar, I think there were 6 pillars. It looked really nice, but almost too much for us. For the reception, we brought our own personally printed (paper) napkins with small favors that went on the tables. There was a medium sized hurricane candle on the tables. The tables were lit with small lights as well. Really pretty. I really liked their setup. We opted not to do OOT bags - the cost of making them, and then bringing them (esp. since our luggage was already heavy!).
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by latinalocany we are going deep sea fishing , private charter for the day 12 of us. heres the website: Capt. Rick's Sport Fishing, Happy Fishermen Capt. Ricks is awesome!!! Ran by one couple; you can usually see them cruising around in their golf car on the docks in Puerto Aventures. I think their boats run from $400-600 for 4hours. We we weren't able to fish this time, but we did stop in to see them. They even have a boat that use to be owned by Enrique Iglesias!! (We fished with them on our other trips, and had an awesome time!) Other stuff we did: The Dolphins at Puerto Adventures are the best we've seen. As for doing tours, we found that just renting a jeep/car and splitting the cost between a few people was cheaper, and much more fun. Driving there is really easy. Coco Bongo in Cancun is insane. The best club I've ever been too, and the best I think we'll ever see!! Xel-ha was awesome as well. Get pics with the birds & try to go for a whole day. We also rented Harley Davidsons in Playa, no bike license needed. It was awesome. Its $230 for 24 hrs. The bikes are a bit older; the softail is the best one. We cruised to Tulum, and then did the strip in Cancun. You can rent really nice harley's in cancun, but a license is needed, and a $2000.00 damage deposit. We stopped by the Zip line tours; it looked awesome - but we ran out of time to go back to do it. (It's out by Tulum)
  12. Congrats!! Can't wait to see your pics too!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by tchuchuca Athena, Thank you SO much for your detailed review! I have a few questions if you don't mind! I'm in the process of setting up my reception menu and.. it's a silly question, but I would love to know what Tres Fillets Consomme and strawberry and vodka thousand leaves are (the dessert sounds amazing just from what I'm imagining, though!) Also, can you tell me what kind of decor there was on the tables at your reception? Just wondering if I need to purchase extra decorations to bring with me or just go with what they have! Thank you SO much! The Tres Fillets Consomme was little strips of meat, in a almost like a beef broth. There is Vegetable Consomme sometimes served at Spice, ands its the same taste. The dessert is thin layers of pastry with filling in between. It's about an inch or so high. I asked as many guests as i could how they like the food and there were only really good answers. Anyone who liked seafood, love the seafood salad (even though its not a conventional salad). Kinda wishing I had asked someone to take pics of it!! As for decorations it came down to how much money we wanted to spend on everything. So we opted for the Royals set up, with no extras. It was still really beautiful. For the price of extra decorations, I'm glad we went with the basic, but that might not be for everyone. I'll try to upload our pics as soon as we get them. Have a great Christmas & New Years!!
  14. We never asked for the DJs name, but there were 3 of them running the music. One to do the requests, MC etc; one to do the sound and light up dance floor (really cool); and the other was an assistant to both. There were 2 other beach receptions and one garden reception the same night as us. We had the area infront of the gazebo. Important: If you want a certain area of the beach, specify as early as possible. We wanted the area infront of the pool (for neat pics) but someone else had already specified that. We were infront of the gazebo, which was the most private. We could see another reception, but it was still private.
  15. Here is my (very long) wedding review: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...896#post635936