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ROYAL PLAYA DEL CARMEN BRIDES: were kids allowed for the day? ...and other questions

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'Tis the season! ;)  I am so behind on Christmas shopping!!!


The board has been quiet!

I'll give y'all some updates of what's going on with my wedding planning... :)



My wedding is in July 2011 and I wasn't planning on sending out invites until 3-4 months before the date?  Is that too late?

I figured everyone has all of the information from my wedding website and knows to book by a certain date if they want to get the good prices!


So far we have 2 people booked - 2 of our single guy friends!  Woo hoo!  I guess we know they are ready for a party!  friday.gifWe've had others tell us they are going, they are super excited and that they are saving up.


I also booked a couple of wedding dress appointments!!  I finally feel ready to try on dresses, now I just have to figure out what I want!  My mom is going to come with me and I've decided not to bring any bridesmaids...too many opinions!


Did y'all look online or at magazine pictures and then take them with you to try on dresses?

I'm really bad at figuring out what looks right on me until I actually try it on.

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I knew what I want before flipping magazines and trying on dresses.  Since, I am 90lbs, pretty much I know what would look nice and what wouldn't look nice on me.  Of course, if you have no clue what u like, then u have to try on dresses and see what u like and what you don't like.


Ok girls...finally i start to make my invites...a lot of cutting, trimming..folding...


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Hi Ladies -


So its my first time posting here, and I've been going back and forth between booking our destination wedding at The Royal or Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana.. your reviews keep me wondering if I should have our wedding at The Royal since they're all raving about the resort.. one big question I have is that we want to have our reception outdoors, but not directly on the beach/grassy area.  Any suggestions or links of pictures to other places?  Thanks so much.

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Bonnie---your invites look awesome!!! love them!!! Oh how much i miss working on mine! There's alot of cutting involved but the finish product is so worth it! you did such a great job!! 1-pray.gif

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Originally Posted by jlarruda View Post


Hi Ladies -


So its my first time posting here, and I've been going back and forth between booking our destination wedding at The Royal or Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana.. your reviews keep me wondering if I should have our wedding at The Royal since they're all raving about the resort.. one big question I have is that we want to have our reception outdoors, but not directly on the beach/grassy area.  Any suggestions or links of pictures to other places?  Thanks so much.



Welcome, the only area that I can think of would be the concrete area where the gazebo is located, but you'd have to have a small group it's not a large space.  Another option would be a semi-private reception at Pelicanos if you are having less than 30 people and no DJ.


The Royal is great!  Went in April for a site inspection and getting married May 1. A huge benefit of the resort is that it's located right next to 5th Ave. 


Good luck with your planning, here is a pic of the Gazebo/Garden with the concrete area:









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Hi 2011 brides! I used this timeline for destination weddings (since most are geared to home area weddings):



12 Months or more

  • Create a wedding binder. Keep all ideas, swatches, photos, correspondence, etc. and keep it in an easily accessible place.
  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Consider purchasing wedding insurance to protect your special day.
  • Compile a reasonable guest list. Donâ€t over invite assuming guests wonâ€t come because of travel. Invite anyone you want to have present (budget permitting) and allow the guest to decide if they can/want to travel.
  • If you are getting married outside of the country, consider hiring a wedding consultant who specializes in destination weddings.


11 Months prior

  • Set up a profile of the type of destination wedding your want
  • Research, research, research locations before you book. Note distance from airport to hotel, weather, seasons and time of year (consider hurricanes) amenities, etc.
  • Settle on a wedding date.
  • Send save the date cards. (optional).
  • Verify marriage residency requirements.
  • Research travel and accommodation options for guests
  • Consider visiting the destination to be sure this is THE spot for you.


10 months prior

  • Make destination wedding planning trip, if necessary
  • Set up meetings with any stateside wedding professional who may be traveling to your wedding locale.


9 Months prior

  • Start putting together any legal documents required to marry at the destination wedding location.
  • Make travel arrangements to the destination wedding site, if possible.
  • Book the lodging accommodations for wedding attendants
  • Complete itinerary for tours or any other extra curricular activities for guests, if applicable
  • Make your own travel arrangements for the wedding


8 Months prior

  • Register for gifts
  • Determine style, formality and colors of wedding
  • Consider style of stationery, invitations


7 Months prior

  • Select your wedding gown
  • Choose and order bridesmaids wedding dresses
  • Order groom and groomsmen attire
  • Shop for wedding rings


6 Months prior

  • Make final selections on wedding cake baker, florists and décor, and transportation necessary.
  • Work on ceremony details and buy any necessary items
  • Finalize menu and wedding cake order


5 Months prior

  • Purchase fiancéâ€s gift (optional)
  • Order favors (optional)
  • Buy gifts for wedding attendants and parents


4 Months prior

  • Finish addressing wedding invitations and mail out


3 Months prior

  • Update your budget
  • Review contracts again and familiarize yourself with arrival times, etc.


2 Months prior

  • Start creating seating charts. Yes, it is hard but it must be done.
  • Call guests who have not yet responded


1 Month prior

  • Release any unnecessary rooms
  • Finalize all wedding day itineraries
  • Confirm travel arrangements with the hotel/resort


3 Weeks prior

  • Send out emails to wedding providers who have been contracted to finalize the details.

3 Days prior

  • Arrive at wedding destination
  • Meet with banquet manager
  • Go over details
  • Bridal beauty - manicure, pedicure – no change in facial products at this time. Any change in cleansers or makeup should be done at least one month prior to the wedding.

The day of

  • Relax, say “I DO†and live happily ever after! 


I hope this helps!

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Oh, did I tell you ladies what happened at the DPS? sheesh.   I gave her the marriage licence and I guess she pulled Wayne's middle name from it and changed my name to Lisa Gordon McIntyre ...wtf?! lol  I told her um, no that's HIS middle name. So then she puts my maiden name down as middle name....i told her no, i don't HAVE a middle name. She then tells me I HAVE TO have a middle name (uh what?) and makes me have my maiden name on there. Grrrr 


Oh well...I'm not gonna sweat it, but who ever heard of someone dictating how you want your name.. lol


P.S. we ran out of time and didn't get to go to Chef's Plate at teh Royal, but my brother did and he said it was AMAZING and 7 courses!

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Hey Ladies - I agree it is quiet around here. It's probably just the holidays.  I'll give everyone a loooong status on where I'm at.


First and Foremost - I am over budget for the wedding and the honeymoon combined!!!!!  Not good since my FI and I are paying for everything ourselves.


1. Ceremony is at 5 at the gazebo.

2. Cocktail Hour will follow on the beach in front of the Gazebo (Our WC confirmed that they will not be setting up during the ceremony)

3. Reception - Private in the ballroom.  I think I will need AC after being outdoors for so long. 

4. Honeymoon - Staying the Royal and upgrading to a Swim Out Suite after the wedding


I am hoping/praying that I can get 20 people to book so we can have a private reception.  I think I will get close to it.


Items Confirmed

Flowers - Marvin

Colors - Coral/Platinum with Yellow or green accents (not sure on the accent colors)

Photog - Cecilia Dumas

Favors - Picture frames that double as place card holders

Chair Sashes - Raza Linnes: I am getting 50 for the cost of renting 25 from the resort. This way they can setup the reception at the same time as the wedding so guests do not have to wait (heard that happened in one review)

Dress - Ordered and almost paid for.

BM Dresses - Ordered and almost paid for.


Items Pending

Makeup - Going to book Adrian from Waves but I am waiting for MsGlave to get back so I can read her review.  She used them for her wedding


DJ or IPOD?? (No Budget) - with 20 people, not sure it's worth the expense, but I really want one.  FI is against it though..He wants to do the IPOD and pay the Royal to operate it.  Did I mention I am already over budget??


Videographer (Budgeted $700) - I really want one, but it seems ridiculous to spend at minimum $500 for the Royal package for 30 EDITED minutes. The next package up is $700 for 60 EDITED minutes.  FI hates this.  We both think it would make more sense to just buy a good camcorder and enlist our buddy to operate it. At least then we get all the footage and we keep the camcorder.  I've heard not too great things about doing this, but I think we will have to chance it.  After the ceremony we plan to play  "Pass the Camcorder" so guests can record video from their point of view.  Cheesy???


Welcome Dinner or Welcome Cocktail  (Budgeted $500) - I was going to do a Welcome Dinner at the resort since it wasn't in the budget to do one of the surrounding places.  Then I saw a review from a Royal bride who did a Welcome Cocktail at the Royal instead to save money.  I thought this was a great idea since light snacks are included, but when I priced it out, it only saved us $100 usd. Not sure if it's worth it...but then again why spend $100 to feed people at an all inclusive resort.


BM Clothes - I don't know.


That's it for now...All I can think about is that I am over budget and the wedding is in less than 4 mos!! Yikes!



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I think the camcorder is a good idea. I didn't hire videographer (although I got the ceremony as part of my package..still waiting on that). However, my brother took video clips during the reception and i am soooo glad he did! I didn't even know he was doing it! It made us relive the whole thing all over again and the songs could be heard perfectly- i loved it. 

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    • Sorry you had to deal with this I hoped it worked out. It seems to be every few months a new store will be in the  'if' stage and to the 'when' stage.  Big businesses like this don't notify the employees or customers before they close down...that would cause even more losses.  One day there are signs on the door and the business is done.  And lots of people (employees and customers...not to mention the creditors that they owe millions to) get screwed immediately with little help to be found anywhere.  Look at alfred angelo, although they had less retail stores than David's Bridal, they may have had more sales than them as a company.  They were the largest manufacturer of dresses and were carried by thousands of independent stores across the world (not just the 60+ branded stores they had).  If you google search Davids Bridal going bankrupt, they are listed on all the sites that post retail stores on life support.  They have more debt than they will be able to service in 2019 and the only question right now is if they'll make it that far.  Once the debt comes due, it's almost a 100% certainty that the company will be done.  But it's also more probable than not that the bankruptcy will happen much sooner than that.  The argument about them getting a new line or how big they are isn't a good argument if you look at the history of how these normally happen.  Alfred Angelo had a brand new line of dresses that never even hit the stores but were made overseas already...those all made their first appearances at the liquidation auctions.  I'm not trying to scare anyone here, but just trying to make sure that people understand that when a company gets to this point, it's definitely a roll of the dice if you are ordering something that you can't take home today.  How much of a risk?  That's hard to say, but I am extremely confident that the pain felt when alfred angelo closed 61 stores will be even greater when Davids Bridal closes 300+ stores…and when there are other great discount dress stores out there like Bridepower or Vows Bridal Outlet on the East Coast or Brilliant Bridal in the West (and plenty of others as well), I don’t think I would personally recommend any of my friends to take that risk!  But that’s just me:)
    • Hello all!! I'm planning to get married next week. I'm working in an MNC and I'm gonna marry my colleague who is in my company. It's been ten months since we have started our relationship. He used to support in all my difficulties and used to help me in my work. Always he used to tell me about my smile. He says that I have a very good smile and he loves it. Recently I lost my front tooth after an accident and it resulted in a bad look for me. He told me that I lost my beautiful smile. I was totally disappointed and thought of finding a solution. I heard about dental dentures and took an appointment at a clinic in Scarborough. Will dentures affect my speech? What was your experience of getting dentures? 
    • Go for the third one. It is gorgeous and you will look stunning in that. I'm sure you will be noticed by other people. Go for it.
    • I would suggest the long one. You will look stunning in that. It is simple and elegant.
    • Both the gown are awesome and I'm sure you will look gorgeous in both. But I would suggest the first one. Go for it and Congratulations for your marriage.
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