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  1. Thanks trishlala for creating that FB page, we need to warn other brides!
  2. Has anyone been in contact with Mediamorfosis lately. My past couple emails have been ignored and just now I sent them an email and I got an error bounced back saying that that email address is "permanently failed." If anyone has an updated email address for them can you please share! Thank You.
  3. I had my two year wedding anniversary last week and I still have not received my video either. My last few emails have been ignored as well.
  4. My wedding was in spring of 2011 and I have not received my videos yet. A couple months ago I received a link to my highlight video via email but that is all. I've been married almost 2 years and I am very upset about this.
  5. I used Marvin for my centerpieces, bouquets, and boutanaires (sp?). We met his delivery person in the lobby to avoid the fee. The problem with doing it that way is that you'll have to have someone set-up the centerpieces for you, if you want the resort to do it then you get slapped with the fee. The bellboys helped us load the centerpieces onto luggage carts and wheeled them to my aunts room, then when she was ready to put them out for me she called the bellboys again and they wheeled the carts onto the beach for her. We got VERY lucky that these bellboys were willing to be so helpful! I got really sick of dealing with my off-site coordinator so I didn't really tell her much, then when I got down there I told my onsite coordinator this is what we are doing. The off site coordinators will tell you no and try to charge you for everything however the onsite ones are much, much more flexible with things. It was easy for us to do it that way since we were not relying on the resort for much and used outside vendors for alot of things.
  6. Hi ladies, I haven't been on here in awhile and I'm so sad to read all the negative comments. I know how you feel, I felt the same way but once I got down there things could not have been more perfect. Our wedding was amazing and I wouldn't have changed a thing. Like other brides, I looked at Wicky's and the bar was too expensive for us. But I think it's a great option for smaller groups who are jsut looking for a dinner. To answer some questions: Someone asked about the bathrooms for beach receptions, there is the pool bathroom but our wedding was on the Pelicanos beach so we just used the bathroom in Pelicanos restaurant. For outdoor weddings there is a cut-off time due to the noise. When I booked my wedding is was 11 and then a couple months into planning they changed it to 10. I made them honor the 11 cut-off since that's what it was when we booked. I HIGHLY recommend the gazebo for ceremony and beach for reception. The beach reception was so much fun, esp. with giant light up dance floor and dj. We danced the night away. We had the "free wedding" package and then did everything ala carte. It worked out better for us since we customized everything and didn't really use anything standard. Our onsite coordinator Michele was so great. If anyone has her you have nothing to worry about. We used EW Cancun for lounge furniture, chairs, and centerpieces. I highly recommend them. That's all I can think of right now, feel free to ask any questions. For a quicker response just PM me, since I don't come on here too often these days.
  7. The menus that I got sent stated "romance package" "luxury pkg" etc. but we were able to choose from any of the menus. I bet that's what she means! No upcharge on the tables, it was something I wanted so I told them to do it that way. I made a diagram and gave that to my WC. The morning of the wedding when eating breakfast in Pelicanos I noticed that the tables were different than what gave them so went to WC office and Michelle got on her wallkie talkie, a guy came in looked at the diagram and it was changed.
  8. We had 40-something people. I did create a seating chart and gave that to my onsite coordinator with the placecards and they set it up for us. I bought fish stickers and put a sticker on those who chose the red snapper. That was something I was really nervous about, thinking it was going to be set-up wrong but they set everything up perfectly. The people who had the beef they even had a steak knife at their place setting for them. I cannot say enough how great Michelle and the servers were at the wedding. Family that attended our wedding are still commenting about it to us. My aunt wanted something to drink and the bar was missing an ingredient and she told him no problem and ordered something different. One of the servers ran, yes literally ran to find the ingredient, brought it to bar, and found her on the dance floor to give her the drink. They were making trays of shots/drinks and walking abound with them and my one friend couldn't drink alcohol at the time so the servers would make sure to have a "virgin" version of the drink on the tray for her. I mean the list can go on and on..
  9. I had the 3 lettuce salad, gave guests a choice between snapper or fillet, and had the canoli trios for dessert. Here are pics, I don't have a pic of the snapper though, but people liked it:
  10. My wedding was a little over 7 months ago and I have not seen anything yet either.
  11. Hi Kelly, it was very windy on the day of my wedding, VERY! However the 10 days that we were there it was the only day that was like that. The good thing about the wind is that it kept everyone cool and the heat didn't get to use too much. My beach reception turned out great, someone did mention to me that towards the end of the night sand was blowing up onto the lounge furniture but I didn't even notice. The only issue with the wind is that our hair didn't last as long as it normally would have but I didn't mind, we were having so much fun. We lucked out and we were the only wedding that day, it was a Sunday. Any day of the week you are taking a chance of multiple weddings at The Royal, Wed-Sat are the busiest. Semi-private receptions are just a table set-up in one of the restaurants and you pick the menu from the banquet menu instead of the restaurant menu. If you're not doing a DJ and have a small group it's an option. It's definilty not private at all, you jsut look like you are eating in the restaurnt like any other resort guest. I could be wrong but Asiana might have a more private area for semi-private receptions. Hope this helps, happy planning!
  12. To all you brides frustrated right now, trust me I GET IT! I had many, many meltdowns leading up to my wedding and the second I met Michelle my onsite coordinator I was calm, I put everything into her hands and I cannot say enough good things about her. I would not have changed a thing and friends/family that attended LOVED the resort and compliment us on our wedding constantly. Every situation is different and I hope you all have the wedding of your dreams! Remember the wedding isn't about the all the details it about you and your future spouse. Hang in there ladies!! I just did my review on Del Sol, and thought I'd share: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/del-sol-photography/reviews/5261
  13. The Royal does tend to sell out and it happened when I was planning my wedding AND the Gran Porto sold out! The Royal did have some cancelations right before the wedding and that free'd up some rooms but the prices were stupid high. Luckily we pushed guests to book super early and most did but then we had about 7 people who did not. Two couples stayed at anoter resort their entire vacation, and a few others stayed at another resort and then were able to get a room at The Royal the day of the wedding and checked in then. I just paid the higher price pp for food. One guest stayed at La Tortuga in town and bought day passes to The Royal daily and it worked out great and came out to the same price as getting a room at The Royal. La Tortuga and The Royal are walking distance so it was not an issue. La Tortuga offers free breakfast so my guest would sleep and eat breakfast there and then come to The Royal for the rest of the afternoon and evening. It might be a good option for your guests!
  14. Hi ladies, I like to sneak on here every once in a while to see what's new. I miss wedding planning SOOOOO bad! I hope everyone's planning is going good and to the new brides... welcome!! I don't know what I woud have done without this forum! I'm going to post my review hopefully in the next day or two, better late than never!
  15. The dress wasn't as "ivory" as I expected. I bought ivory shoes and they were much darker than the dress. I live in the city but went out to the burbs for my dress I got it from Royal Bridal and Tuxedo in Villa Park. If you want their contact info I can give it too you, it's not a fancy place but great service and sooo nice. Here are a couple of pictures that my guests took, not the best pics but ones that show the dress:
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