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The ring search is on, AGAIN!

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Ok, so if I were a really superstitious person, I'd think the universe was trying to tell me something! We have had so many kinks in the plans so far and it's really getting irritating!


The jeweler called today to tell us that FI's ring is no longer available. And, they don't know where they can find another one like it. Keep in mind this ring is already bought and paid for and was supposed to be in this week.


So, we're off to find another one. FI is a large man so we have had a lot of trouble finding something that can come in a 15 and not cost a billion dollars. I hate it because he was excited to have found something he really liked.


THanks for letting me vent ladies!

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Oh no! Erin that really sucks. What are they going to do for you to amke up for it? Hopefully at least you can get a refund. And I really hope you can find a comparable replacement for Mike.

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