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  1. I am very sorry to hear this is happening to you. Hopefully tomorrow you will have a fresh view of what the hell is happening. I know my husbands business failed right before we got married so he was terrified about money so we moved it local. Stay strong and do what feels right!
  2. What a cutie! Congrats on finding him. Good luck
  3. Those are beautiful. glad you guys decided to come back to MN to get them done.
  4. Yeah! Finally here! Seems like just last week that we joined. Love your dress---so pretty.
  5. The nice thing about the past few days is that it has been warm so I have not been to hungry. I guess I will have to see what happens Wednesday morning. Keep on rocking ladies!
  6. I saw your ticker and started digging for at thread. Congrats!!! That is just wonderful new.
  7. Our dog will do the same thing-isn't that so sweet?!
  8. Those are great. You look so beautiful and I love your BM dresses. THanks!
  9. I was so shocked that I had gained so much in just 2 months! Just more work I guess.
  10. Glad it all worked out. Love the cake!!
  11. I guess maybe PM a mod and ask if they can post one of them for you. I think they can.
  12. I have not heard of it but the photos (after) look great. This one kind of freaked me out They are either reading her thoughts or attempting to milk her.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Kathie I'm still having trouble uploading the BL3 picture! Did you take the * out in the code?
  14. Carly, bummer that you got so nervous. That is a lot of people to have to speak in front of. Love the bambo (sp?) idea, looks very cool.
  15. Sent my payment! I am ready to go. Must cleanse my home of nasty food!
  16. I sure am thinking about it. Never saw the show but looked up some stuff on it and it looks cool.
  17. Congrats! I love your hair, you both look so happy!
  18. You would have to PM a mod. Look on the main page and it will tell you who is online now.
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