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  1. We absolutely loved PP but it did not feel small and intimate at all. It really is enormous! The good thing was that the lobby bar is pretty much the only place to go at night so it became a great gathering place at night. During the day you could wander around all day and not bump into anyone from your group. We kinda liked that about it. Unless you made plans to meet with people you really were able to have your own holiday. We really loved PP, the food was good, wedding was beautiful, and rooms were quite nice. Good luck with finding your perfect destination! Quote:
  2. I am allergic to gold as well, but it's more the nickel alloy in the gold or white gold that's the problem. Even just trying engagement rings on gave me a rash (little blisters that itch then eventually get dry and more itchy). The rings we ended up buying were palladium, which has palladium alloy instead of nickel. They've been totally fine
  3. I brought my own flowers to Cuba as well. We all just brought them in our carryon and they travelled well. These flowers were ordered from Angels Accents and I absolutely loved them. They might give you some ideas or are also for sale if you're interested.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by sarafish81 LOL I have to hijack for a moment. Connie, my SIL had a HORRIBLE massage as well. She said the guy started massaging her abdomen (which I've never heard of) and then had her lying on the table on her stomach with her head hanging over the table (so it was at an angle to her body). She could feel the blood rushing to her head and afterwards felt ill. Poor girl. Turned me off from wanting to get one. Very awkward. We thought it was going to be a "couples" massage but they had us go in separate areas, like across the pool in little huts that were lo
  5. Wow, that dress is beautiful! Can't wait to see a picture of you in it!
  6. These were my flowers. We brought them with us and ordered corsages and bout's for family and groomsmen but they never showed up. It was kind of sad b/c the groom and his groomsmen were wearing the exact same outfit. Would have been nice is DH had a corsage to make him stand out a little. We were compensated with the most awkward massages ever! Oh well, I was really glad I brought my own flowers! p.s. my flowers are still for sale if anyone's interested
  7. I really love to second dress too, plus it looks like it'll be a lot more comfortable!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by sarafish81 Anyhow, we did take some inspiration from Connie (teacherbride)'s pics so I hope you don't mind! YouTube - Sara & Jeff 2009 Oh man, I can't watch youtube at school. I can't wait to see your pics!!! Also, I can't believe you got charged for drinks. We had wine and champagne service all evening at no extra charge. We also requested tequila shots which they set up for us. Not everyone did them but they were sure fun!
  9. Our beach BBQ started at 6:30. Our ceremony was at 2 but I have a feeling that doesn't change the reception time at all. Quote: Originally Posted by krayzeekitty Hi Ladies - I got an e-mail from Yaly this morning and we are confirmed for Jan 22, 2010 at 4 p.m. followed by the Beach BBQ - so so happy right now!! Yaly didn't confirm the time of the Beach BBQ with us and I don't want to be a pain - what time did everyone have their's at? I am feeling so sad for everyone that has had to cancel their wedding due to swine flu. I suspose it is for their own safety but it must be ve
  10. I have one I'd be willing to sell you. I'd sell it for $5 plus shipping. I think it'll be around $10 all together. I live in Manitoba so shipping shouldn't be too bad. Send me a PM if you're interested!
  11. Not so much for the ceremony, but I've heard lots of girls doing stuff like having cigar rollers or tequila tastings at their reception. I know we did tequila shots and it was really fun, I think the fact that it was my idea surprised everyone!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by ilovemypitbull This is me in my dress It's weird ... I saw this dress on the website before I went to the store and did not like it at all. But my stylist brought it into the fitting room and tried to make me put it on anyway, even though I had brought pictures of literally 15 or 20 other dresses that I liked. I initially refused but she told me to trust her, which I did (eventually), and as soon as she had it all clipped up the back, I was speechless. We walked out to my mom, my sister (MOH) and my bridesmaid and they all got tears in their eyes when the
  13. Oh yeah, our dinner was at the Italian restaurant and the price was included in the All Inclusive. So for us, FREE!!!
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