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  1. Thanks for all of the great comments! The credit really has to go to Reelove! They made us 'unphotogenic' people look like a music video. It was sooooo much fun and we truely were having the time of our lives! Again, thanks for all of the wonderful comments! You are all too kind
  2. I might be a bit biased here, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVED our photographer and videographer! The prices were reasonable and they didn't have to travel far (from Monterrey, Mexico) Check out Fer's and Ricardo's sites: www.Reelove.com www.ferjuaristi.com
  3. As you can see, ours were chocolate brown and champagne (I got the dresses at Dessy.com, and the guys we got at RW & Co: a canadian company) Then we did bright pink roses
  4. I just wanted to share the FABULOUS results of our wedding highlights and TTD video! I can't say enough about how happy we are with the results!! Not only do we feel like movie stars We are just so glad to have the momento! Thank you REELOVE!!!! You guys are awesome....it's only too bad that we are only getting married once LOL So, here is the link to our awesome videos Wedding Highlights Video and TTD video Look for Janelle + Derek
  5. I don't know how our picture will ever match any of these...but here is our sexiest shot! This was outside in the pool shower, after we were just rolling in the sand on the beach, we got in the shower...WITH our wedding attire ON and washed off the sand...not to mention our lips LOL!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by J&MWedding I forgot to ask....Does anyone have any feedback on the hair styling at Dreams? It's incl in the package. I know in Lauren's review she said the hair turned out pretty much how she wanted and the makeup was good. Just wondering if anyone else had comments. I had my hair done at the salon there and I have to say that it turned out ok. It wasn't the same as the picture that I brought for her, but it looked nice. I'm just glad that I had it pulled back, because it was still hot outside. My bridesmaids had mixed reviews. And they also had different stylists. Mine was Claudia, and I can't remember the other girls name but my MOH asked for a half updo with loose curls and she ended up with a bun on her head and tight ringlets under. She had to go back to her room and loosen up some of the girls and unpin some of the ones on the top. After she did that it turned out nice. So, if you are getting your hair done, your safe bet is Claudia. Hopefully this helps! HAPPY PLANNING!
  7. Well, my opinion would also be a bit biased BUT, we had a young family come with us, so activities for kids was definitely something we had to think about! I would say, by far, we LOVED Dreams!! The beach was private, there was activities galore and the food was sooooooo good! Not to mention the service!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Rikaruz The last november we had the opportunity to work with Derek & Janelle, a great couple that gave us their trust, patience and time to make our best wedding of the past year. Everything was perfect, the weather, the couple, the family, friends and the ceremony. We'll always be grateful to Derek and Janelle for this big chance to demonstrate our work. The wedding took place at dreams Puerto Vallarta a nice hotel in PVR and the dinner was on The Reef Restaurant, a beautiful place located on the south highway of Puerto Vallarta. We've attached to this email a power point presentation with the still images that we've extracted from the video, hope you like it!!! Here is my blog too: Hi Ricardo! We have to say "Our pleasure!" It was great to work with such a great team, that was there to help us make memories, and we definitely accomplished that!! YOU are awesome!!!!!
  9. Our photographer was from Monterrey, Mexico and he didn't require any work permits, but I don't know if that is because he was in the Country already?? The bonus for us was that his travel fees were soooo reasonable compared to what we would have paid if our photographer was coming from further away! It was perfect!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Bethany68 Wow Janelle How amazing! What was the weather like in Nov there? Congrats Beth Hi Beth! Sorry I still haven't written you back, by looking at the slideshow you can see my hair and flowers, so hopefully that helps?? And you should know that the weather was perfect! Not to hot and no rain! It was great!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Susanandmo I forgot to ask... What time did you start your ceremony? ~Susana The ceremony was supposed to start at 5pm, but the judge was late and we didn't start until around 530pm
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by J&MWedding Jenelle, gorgeous pics! i'm getting married on Dec 4th at Dreams, so im guessing the weather will be similar to yours. was it beautiful??! Also, how many guests did you end up having? and where did you get those adorable bridesmaids dresses?!! The weather was wonderful! It was the perfect time to go! We had 27 adults and 1 little guy and the bridesmaid dresses were from dessy.com. We live in Canada, so on the website it tells you which vendor you can get the dresses/order from.
  13. Yes, your all right, I really couldn't be happier with the way it has all turned out! Besides getting married Fer was the best wedding decision we made!
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