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Ugh - Can't life be easy!

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Today was just a bad day. I had to get my car fixed, which cost me $350 bucks for a tiny part, what a rip off! So I decided I would walk from where I dropped off my car to work, which was only 1.2 miles, so not bad! Well as I gracefully strutted down the street and when I was only a little ways from work, I go to step around an ice patch ( Live in Vermont and just had some snow/ice crap!) and boom I step wrong and hear my ankle go pop! So I fall down in the snow, sitting there like an idiot cause I can't get up and THANK GOD one of our maintenance guys go by and I wave for him him to stop! Go to the Dr. and see if it is broken and it isn't but I get to hobble around like a bone head cause it is either badly sprained or I have some torn ligaments! So between my car and paying for the doctors I am like over $400 in one day - Hello I am trying to save for a wedding! Why can't life be easy??!!! Okay, enough venting!thatswck.gifthatswck.gifthatswck.gif

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