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Dreams Punta Cana Brides

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#3761 Amber 5678

Amber 5678
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    Posted 18 July 2011 - 05:32 AM

    I have just read on the Dreams FB page that a lot of people are noticing a lot of tarantulas hanging out around building 7 (and they say they are huge!! EWW!)

    #3762 wen2012

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      Posted 18 July 2011 - 05:53 AM

      OMG Tarantulas!!!  Where is building 7??  My biggest fear ever is spiders.  

      Mel- When are you getting married?


      My WC is Gara and she never sent me anything.  Can someone send me the flowers and another decoration information?  

      #3763 Amber 5678

      Amber 5678
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        Posted 18 July 2011 - 07:58 AM

        Wen, if you go on the DPC fb page, a lot of people were posting about it!! I know, it grosses me out too!Apparently they can be seen all over the island, but I guess the habitat around building 7 is more to their liking. Someone said a big one and a baby were right outside their room- just the thought of it really creeps me out. You better believe I am requesting my guests and I not be placed there!

        #3764 Aug4bride

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          Posted 18 July 2011 - 09:41 AM

          I'm getting married in two weeks and I am wondering who "runs" the reception?  Meaning, who keeps the reception flowing, announces the cake, etc??  Does the wedding coordinator do this?  Can someone who has had a reception tell me?? Please??

          #3765 mel72683

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            Posted 18 July 2011 - 09:59 AM

            Ewww I do not like any kind of any creepy crawlies something to look forward to huh


            Wen- I get married September 27th so right in Hurricane season but it's all good.  It is the date that we wanted just hope the weather turns out good for us :).


            And Yessica is my WC.  I sent an email a few months ago and heard nothing so I emailed again last week and Gara responded within a few hours.  Then Yessice responded within a few hours, so I was very pleased.  I even sent a few emails during the day and she responded to all of them.  I wanted to make sure I had my reception location booked :)

            Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!!


            FYI - We went to hobbie lobby and hit the jack pot for center pieces for the tables.  I was super excited, even found my ceremony sand there .


            #3766 AlyssaZ

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              Posted 18 July 2011 - 10:28 AM

              Hi!  I am booked for a July 2012 wedding at Dreams!  Can anyone let me know if it would be better to get married here in the states before and have a symbolic ceremony at Dreams.  Has anyone done the symbolic ceremony and if so what is it like?  We will be having our ceremony at the gazebo, but are worried if too many people decide to come, we won't be able to have it there.  Is there a limit on the number of people to have at the gazebo?  We also booked the himitsu terrace for the reception since thats the only place besides the beach that can hold up to 100 people.  Want to be able to wear heels too, which is why I'm trying to stay away from having the ceremony and reception on beach.  Any info would be great!  Thanks!!! 

              #3767 ska2m

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                Posted 18 July 2011 - 12:43 PM

                Here is what they sent me for flowers, they can do whatever you want, so if you have a bouquet in mind, just send them the picture and they will quote you. Copia de 0126dani.JPGIMG_1069.JPGIMG_1804.JPGP1010312.JPGP1010386.JPGPearl Roses & Lillies.JPGRosas Rojas.JPGRoses & lilies.jpgroses birds of paradise.JPGWhite Lilies, Bunch.JPGTropical Cascade.JPGTropical round.JPGWhite Roses.JPGBase of Roses & Lilies.JPGBlue Roses.jpgCascade of Stargazers & White Roses.JPG




                #3768 Amber 5678

                Amber 5678
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                  Posted 18 July 2011 - 03:50 PM

                  That's awesome you found your sand Mel! Way to go!

                  I agree- I am so not looking forward to the creepy crawlies!


                  Ska- those bouquet pics are totally different from the ones Carolina sent me! I asked if I could send a pic of bouquets I like instead of choosing from the samples and she never answered me (no surprise there). Good to know that there is that option!

                  #3769 welljen

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                    Posted 18 July 2011 - 06:04 PM

                    Originally Posted by Amber 5678 

                    Hey Jen!

                    Did you have a choice as far as what color you wanted the flower petals to be? It seems like a lot of people had red, but I really want white. I have no problem bringing my own if I need to, especially if they don't put out too much. Carolina also sent me bouquet pics- it was like 2 pages worth of samples. Is that really the whole selection you have to choose from? Someone earlier on here mentioned there was a book they went through to make their flower selections. How were their centerpiece choices? (thanks for all of your input by the way!)


                    Ska- I am so excited for you!!!! You will have to let us know how the weather is while you are there- I am getting married Nov 2012 and I based that decision on hurricaine season being over as well. :) Plus everyone will be dying for warm weather as it gets colder around here!

                    You might be able to choose the colours for the flower petals, but I didn't really ask. It was a mixture of white and pinks - and to be honest with so many other things to worry about I figured this was the least of my worries.


                    As for the bouquet options, I think I had the same 2 page Word document from my wedding coordinator, but when we got there they had a book with tons more options.

                    As for the centrepieces, we decided to maximize things and just reused the floral decorations for the gazebo as our centrepieces. There were like 6 or 7 floral arrangements and we only needed 5 for our centrepieces. I only found out about this when I got there, as we had planned to make our own centrepieces, using sand, seashells and glass beads; thank goodness another bride that was waiting to speak to her WC told us about this option. Again, one more thing we could cross off our list!



                    #3770 mel72683

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                      Posted 19 July 2011 - 04:36 AM

                      AlyssaZ - We are getting married in the states before we leave.  It was a lot cheaper and plus we wanted to enjoy our vacation and not have to run around and deal with legal stuff.  So we will be having the symbolic ceremony and one of my FH's best friends will be marrying us

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