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  1. Hi everyone! I don't know if any of you have been on Trip Advisor lately, but I just saw that within the last two weeks there have been quite a few reports of DPC rooms getting broken into (sometimes through balcony doors) and guests have had their bags gone through and things stolen. One guy said that his phone rang repeatedly every 20 min but would hang up when he answered. When he came back from dinner he saw his room was rummaged through and things were stolen. Management did not seem concerned when the guests complained either. Just wanted to make you all aware, pass this on to your gue
  2. Does anyone have any recommendations as far as what they recommend for the dinner menu?? What were your favorites?
  3. Hello everyone! I can't believe how long its been since I have been on here- but I thought I should since my wedding is coming up in Nov and I need to get to planning! For the ladies who have already had their weddings at Dreams, what kind of different vase options did they give you for centerpieces? Also I know they have different bouquet options (I have only seen a few of them), but are you just limited to the designs and flowers in the pictures or are you allowed to have more of a choice?
  4. Hi dreamsbride! Yes, I am using him for videography as well and also a TTD session the next day. I can't remember how much it came to, but if you email Michael he will send you the different package options.
  5. Hi dreamsbride! I am going with the ultimate package too except I am still using Michael Weiler for photography. So there will be two photographers for the ceremony, but that wasn't enough to make me downgrade my package since I do plan on using everything else that it comes with!
  6. Congrats DRwedgal and thanks for the awesome review!!! I feel bad that some things weren't done exactly as you wanted, it definitely concerns me now. I know they have so many weddings to deal with, but each one is so special and its a day you remember for the rest of your life- so the least amount of stress going through it the better! Its one thing if one or two small things are forgotten or messed up, but that many times is ridiculous. You took it better than I probably would, I think I would have finally snapped. I am glad that you enjoyed your day and had such a great experience with Micha
  7. I did ask him if he could recommend anyone else and he said no, because he is the only english speaking pastor on the island.
  8. This stinks. I just found out that Pastor Rick York isn't available for my wedding ceremony Ugh!! I guess that means I am back to having the WC do it after all.
  9. I heard he also has you sign a "certificate" at the end, so your guests won't know that the ceremony isn't legal. I really like that, because I wouldn't want my guests to feel weird about coming to a wedding when it isn't the real thing. I just hate all of the red tape you have to go through to have a wedding done legally in DP!
  10. Hello everyone! I have decided to have the legal ceremony here at home too, but since it isn't finalized 100% I haven't moved forward with ceremony decisions at Dreams yet. If you haven't heard about Pastor Rick York yet on here- I will tell you that everyone that has used him gives overwhelming raves. He is American, and he performs the most beautiful and personalized ceremonies, not like the cookie cutter ones that Dreams does (which was another reason why I wanted to have my legal ceremony done at home). He only performs symbolic ceremonies and I think he charges $300. I know you can google
  11. That's awesome you found your sand Mel! Way to go! I agree- I am so not looking forward to the creepy crawlies! Ska- those bouquet pics are totally different from the ones Carolina sent me! I asked if I could send a pic of bouquets I like instead of choosing from the samples and she never answered me (no surprise there). Good to know that there is that option!
  12. Wen, if you go on the DPC fb page, a lot of people were posting about it!! I know, it grosses me out too!Apparently they can be seen all over the island, but I guess the habitat around building 7 is more to their liking. Someone said a big one and a baby were right outside their room- just the thought of it really creeps me out. You better believe I am requesting my guests and I not be placed there!
  13. I have just read on the Dreams FB page that a lot of people are noticing a lot of tarantulas hanging out around building 7 (and they say they are huge!! EWW!)
  14. Hey Jen! Did you have a choice as far as what color you wanted the flower petals to be? It seems like a lot of people had red, but I really want white. I have no problem bringing my own if I need to, especially if they don't put out too much. Carolina also sent me bouquet pics- it was like 2 pages worth of samples. Is that really the whole selection you have to choose from? Someone earlier on here mentioned there was a book they went through to make their flower selections. How were their centerpiece choices? (thanks for all of your input by the way!) Ska- I am so excited for you!!!! Y
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