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  1. Thank you Liss2626 and mdf1us. Liss2626 - We actually went to the store and tried everything on and just lucked out that everybody could wear everything. We had 4 guys including my husband that we had to get stuff for. I am sure you could order online but like you said it can be a little difficult with the fit. Happy hunting and keep an eye out for sales
  2. Just wanted to share a few pics with everyone. I know a few people asked about clothing. We bought everything from Dilliard's. I wanted linen and we found a great deal on the pants and shirts. And everyone was barefoot . For the reception after my husband wore Margarittaville flip flops. http://www.shoecarnival.com/browse/productDetailColorSizePicker.jsp?selectedColor=&selectedSize=&categoryNav=false&navAction=jump&navCount=0&productId=8176&categoryId=scvl90031cat We had a seperate reception when we got back to the states. I found some great dock shoes (margarittaville) and they worked perfect for all the guys to wear. http://store.margaritavillecharleston.com/browse.cfm/4,1307.html As far as when to get legally married we did it one day before we left (Sep 21st). But we will only celebrate the actually ceremony date (Sep 27th). Below is a picture of the guys outfits and then me and my maid of honor. Hope everyone enjoys if I can help with any questions let me know. Also make sure to get a funny picture . They make great memories!!
  3. Dreams Punta Cana Brides
  4. Mufin - Zoetry is abolutely gorgeous. I think there were a total of 31 guest when we stayed there. Big resort and very relaxing. The rooms are also great .
  5. Just wanted to show you the pics of our Honeymoon Suite. We were in building 7, 3rd floor . And we actually only played our first song at the reception, as we did a huge reception with all the dances when we came back home for everyone.
  6. ska2m - Sorry I saw your question but I didn't have an answer for it. My mom handled that part so I have no idea what she did, sorry. I know they did tip the waiters they were excellent at the reception, drinks were always full and they even came out and danced with us. I think past brides have talked about it on this site maybe 15 to 25? But I am not sure.
  7. angieinthesun11 So here we go I will answer what I can. And try to find some pics to so you can see what we did. -We brought our own IPod and I made a playlist and just let it play throughout the night. We rented the system for 150 didn't want to pay for a DJ. Speakers sounded great. -Our wedding coordinator married us and she did use the mic for the ceremony - They have a whole book for you to choose from for the flowers we waited till we were there to pick them out because I wanted to see all of the options they had. -We had a two tier cake and got Vanilla it was amazing -We did not decorate at all for the ceremony. They have a huppa there with white cloth on it I absolutely loved it big improvement from the flower arch that they used to have. Plus the huppa is included now, no more arch. I think you can put flowers but it looked great the way it was. -We did one long table for the reception turned out great there were 13 of us and plenty of dance space. And we brought our own decorations Yessica did a wonderful job I told her here is what I have and she put everything out for me. I even painted some shells purple and orange all the guest took them home with them Hope this helps and congrats on the upcoming wedding I know it will be great . If I can help with anything else let me know table and in the right corner was our cocktail food, left side is where the cake was. Also the center piece is what was used at our ceremony. the cake very simple but tasted delicious dancing area
  8. So we had out wedding at Dreams Sep. 27. It was absolutely wonderful, I wouldn't have changed a thing. We did the beach ceremony but we were both dead set on having the ceremony on the beach with no shoes on . Just my personal opinion the gazebo is pretty but it is right at the entrance to the resort and that was a big turn off to me when I saw it. We had a few on lookers at the beach but we were fine with that . Yessica was my wedding planner and she did an excellent job. I will say I was not crazy about the Spa. I had my toes done the day before the wedding and had to retouch my own toes because they had missed part of my toe ($35). I chose just to have my hair done no makeup (I did that myself) she did a good job on my hair but I felt it was kinda rushed and could have been better. But we did have our reception at Portofino it was wonderful and you could see where we got married on the beach as well .
  9. Thanx again, I have been painting like crazy all evening. I ended up using some metallic paint and the sparkles on it. LOVE LOVE. And thanx again for the template that will be my next project
  10. Thank you Thank you. And I sent you another message . I have printed my coupons out for michaels, heading out that way when I get off work. Ladies they have a 50% off that starts sunday
  11. WOW... so many great goodies. I am especially fond of the passport program ( I sent you a message about it). And I love the painted shells. Our color is also purple. I had already bought shells so off to Michaels this afternoon to find that sparkle paint you were talking about. Do you know what it is called exactlly? I already have some metallic paint at home but I love how your shells turned out and love the shimmer . I look forward to seeing the final product for everything .
  12. Mishele81 - I bought mine on Ebay for $60 and no shipping cost which was nice. I delt with beer-pong-tables-now. It came within a week
  13. Thanx DRwedgal - That sounds great and very convenient. We didn't want to leave the resort anyway. Thanx again.
  14. Hey I woulndn't have known if it wasn't for this site
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