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BDW for Dummies...Searching Edition

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We realize that this forum can get overwhelming and sometimes its hard to understand how to do certain operations. I won’t explain how to search because Ann has done a great job of posting the “how-to’s” of forum searching. However I will give you some tips.


Believe it or not, a lot of the questions that you are having, have probably already been answered in one thread or another. Before you start a new thread with your question, use the search option to see what kinds of information you can find. Of course if you don’t find what you’re looking for, then you are more than welcome to proceed with your thread. But it does take up a lot of the forums resources when you start a thread on a topic that has already been discussed in length.


Examples: We have all at one point or another had:


1.Annoying guests who don’t RSVP on time.

2.Annoying family members/friends who criticize our choice of having

a destination wedding

3.Annoying individuals in our lives who invite themselves to our

wedding without being asked

4.Cheap friends who mooch off us and expect the world from us, but

then don’t reciprocate the friendship by attending our weddings

5.Felt fat and wanted to join weight watchers

6.Felt fat and had no motivation to exercise

7.A guest (or bride and groom) who did not file the application for the

passport on time and is now worried about not being issued one in

time for the wedding

8.A wedding that was on the verge of being cancelled due to

hurricane season



We have also at one time or another come up with the great idea of:


1.Making passport style invitations

2.Decided to make our invites ourselves

3.Making boarding pass ticket save the dates

4.Using silk flowers instead of real ones

5.Bringing a fake ring to our wedding and leaving our real one at home

for fear of losing it/getting it stolen

6.Having cupcakes instead of a cake

7.Creating a welcome letter/itinerary for our guests

8.Having a welcome dinner in lieu of a rehearsal dinner

9.Wanted to buy a starfish pin for our bouquet

10.Wondered how we could smuggle our bouquet back into the country

11.Purchasing traveler’s insurance


And the answer is yes:


1.We have heard of Juan Carlos from Cabo and Sol & Matt from RM.

2.We do know good all-inclusives in the area

3.We do know a great travel agent

4.We do know a great wedding coordinator in your area

5.We do know a photographer that does trash the dress sessions or

boudoir photos

6.We know where to purchase koozies or (fill in the blank)

7.We know a great florist in your area

8.We do know how to legally change your name


We have also discussed in great detail:


1.Why you should choose an all-inclusive over a regular resort (and

vice versa)

2.The pros and cons of hiring an outside wedding coordinator

3.Whether we should use our wedding gown for our trash the dress

photos or purchase a second one

4.Whether or not we should sell our dress after the wedding

5.Whether we should have a legal ceremony before we leave

6.Which date you consider to be your “real” wedding date (your legal

ceremony date or your destination wedding date)

7.Whether you should hire a DJ or just use an Ipod with speakers

8.Why all-inclusives still charge you for your wedding if its all-inclusive

9.Why some resorts won’t allow you to bring an outside photographer

10. Whether we should have a sand ceremony or the unity candle.

11. On a related topic we have discussed how to keep the sand in the container so that it doesn't spill when we travel back home.

12. Carrying the gown on the airplane with you vs. packing it



I say this not to be mean or rude but merely to state that all of these topics have been discussed at great length and if you take a couple of minutes of your time you can find most of it on the forum by doing a simple search (Again I defer back to Ann’s searching instructions.)


Does this mean that you can never ask a question? Of course not. You can ask lots of questions. Just make sure you try doing a search first before you ask, because you maybe able to get the info you need without having to start a new thread.




Do not forego the search option and just start a new thread because you are lazy. The moderators are like the Patriot Act, we are spying on you at all times. We will know that the info is out there and you just decided to be lazy. Please do not do this as it uses up forum resources and waste member’s time. Let's try to keep this forum running as smoothly as possible! Thank you for your cooperation.

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Good point Stephanie! Thanks for the input!


On that note newbies, do not feel like you are highjacking a thread. Feel free to revisit and old thread and read over any information you need and if you still need more answers than post your question in that thread. Or ask the specific member who has first hand knowledge about it. You can also PM (private message) a member to ask them to send you pricing, pics, specific details, etc.

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