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Newbie & already confused :(


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Hello everyone...


I have been skimming through the threads and its so wonderful to see I am not the only one completely stressed & confused. I am looking to get married in Cabo hopefully by late 2009 (depending on pricing)


I hope to get to know alot of you that are in my same boat.


My name is Joanna & my fiance's name is Orlando

we have been together for 4 years and cant wait to be married and start a family.


With that in mind I dont want to spend a fortune on a wedding which is why I am leaning alot more towards destination.


Thanks for listening :)



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Welcome to the forum! Cabo is a beautiful place for a wedding and you are in luck... this forum has a LOT of information on Cabo. So, do some searching and you will be in heaven in no time! Trust me, it's VERY addictive!

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dont feel bad. it took me like a week to figure it out. ive never posted in forums or blogs and frankly they all annoyed me until this one. its a very informative and fun place to discuss ideas , ask questions, and read up on reviews. and the moderators are always willing to help if you have questions

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