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  1. Not to mention he is a sweety and his wife is a DOLL!! I loved them and even told them to come stay in my house when they are in town. They are beautiful people who love their work. If I could only love my job that much..lol I would be a much happier person..lol Either way dont be scared since he is located so far away. He is very trust worthy :0) All the best!!
  2. Hi Ladies... I really havent been on for about 2 months after my wedding everything has been very hectic in my life including a major death in my family. I have yet to post my formal review (I've had half of it filled out for the longest time) but I do feel I owe it to Ivan to let you ladies know how beautiful everything came out. I am truly happy with all my pictures and so wish i wouldve done so many more things to capture the moments since his work was so great. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to PM at anytime. I will tell you everything you need! I was married at Dreams Cancun In June FYI- This is my link to my pictures.. This has alot of pictures Im not to happy how i came out but thats my issue..lol His work is BEAUTIFUL and can not wait to see them all over my house...lol Best of luck ladies.. Joanna & Orlando Photo Gallery by Ivan Luckie at pbase.com
  3. Hi Ladies I am back and have sooo much to tell you.. the good.. the bad.. and the amazing... I am leaving on my honeymoon (thank god because we are pooped and hardly spent time alone with the new hubby) this weekend and as alot of you past brides know you get to work and it looks like a hurricane hit your desk.. Needless to say after the 4th of July weekend I will be back and post my review... You future brides have nothing to worry about the hotel/wedding was beautiful... I got super SUPER lucky with the weather because a few of the days before and after were rainy but it didnt seem to stop anyone!! I dont really know how to post pictures but here is my TTD teaser pic i received from my photographer (who was awesome) I wish i knew how to post my friends pictures from the wedding but I really have no clue.. Joanna]Ivan Luckie's Photo Galleries at pbase.com & Orlando Photo Gallery by Ivan Luckie at pbase.com Cant wait to give you all the low down as soon as I get back till then best of luck to you future brides and THANKS SOOO MUCH to you past brides for helping me out through this beautiful but stressful time.. Chat soon... The new Mrs.
  4. Hi Ladies I just got back and we are repacking to leave to our honeymoon which I totally suggest you ladies do if possible after the wedding (sooo tired..lol) I spent more time with Ivan and his wife then with a flot of my friends but Let me tell you ladies it is soooo worth it.. I havent seen all the pictures yet he just sent me two teaser which really teased me to say the least because now I am even more anxious to see them..lol Ivan is a great guy as well as photographer he is very detailed in his work.. there is so many good things to say about him but I will let his work speak for itself as soon as i get back from my honeymoon I will post up more pictures and let you ladies know more information... here is the link to my teaser pictures.. Good luck Joanna & Orlando Photo Gallery by Ivan Luckie at pbase.com
  5. Probably a stupid question but did anyone legalize it out there?? Why do they make you get bloodwork?? I am assuming its to check for STD's or Swine..haha No I just find it kind of scary to get blood work done in another country I guess mostly because i dont think in this state you have to get bloodwork prior to getting hitched... When do they give you the results??
  6. I am not sure what her name is on here but she just got married Memorial Weekend in Paradisus (Beautiful) she has been my friend since we were kids and well we ended up planning our weddings so close i wasn’t able to attend hers how she is attending mine is beyond me.. OMG thank god you said that i was thinking should just bring an extra pack of lee press ons JUST IN CASE i also get white french tips and am so scared of breaking a nail.. Do they at least do good toes?? Who do you recommend for Hair for me?? I know there are two i think Myrna is the one everyone said for me to use!! Oh yeah and how was your video ladies?? Did it come out nice Was it worth it??
  7. WOW thats great to know at this point I haven't really told her anything about my photographer so i will keep my trap shut as long as i can..lol I also have a friend flying in at midnight a few days prior and she is a BDW bride that just got married 2 weeks ago ( I dont know how she is winging this trip after her wedding..lol) anyways i feel bad having her pay for a night when she is getting to the hotel at midnight.. I told her she could stay in my room that night and just check in like normal the next morning... Any suggestions?? lol Im glad I am trying to get all the tricks out of you past brides..lol Thanks ladies..
  8. WOO HOO I cant wait to get out of work and know Im coming back a married woman..lol Question? Do we have to get an OK from the WC for our photographer of choice? Or can we do what we want but just purchase a day pass??
  9. Wishing all you June brides best of luck the next few weeks.. Gen, I arrive on your wedding day so I will def. be peeking over to see.. Best of luck.. Hope to meet some of you ladies soon... So many things to do and so little time... AAHHH okay enough of that..
  10. Lisa.. Wow you looked great and much congrats to you and the new hubby.. I can not wait to hear your review and see more pictures.. Tell me why were there so many outages?? Did the swine take over the electricity too..hahaha I kidd.. I am so happy it all went great for you, god knows you put alot of work into it!! Send us all sorts of info when you settle in and congrats again
  11. Hi Sylvia I was hoping you could send me your price breakdown as well... Pretty Please Joanna_landy@hotmail.com THanks soo much!!
  12. You look so HOTT amiga and your TTD was serious..lol Just wanted to leave you a formal forum comment!! call me we must have a date this week Joanna
  13. I love all these ideas.. Question? How did you guys get these baskets all the way down to your destination or did you purchase them there??
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