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  1. Hey Susana! Everything looks great. Do you have the template and info you used for the itenerary brochure? I would love to see what information you included about Nuevo Vallarta. Also, where did you get your hair flower??
  2. Thanks for all of the ideas ladies!! I better get started on a cute sign, and I agree....what a great picture that will be!!
  3. SDNative-I love the idea for mini liquor bottles. Do you, or any of you ladies, know the rules on putting the liquor bottles in your luggage? Will they let you take the bottles over to Mexico if you pack them in your checked luggage
  4. Hey ladies! I was thinking about having some kind of cute sign and a place for the guests to take off their shoes for our beach ceremony. As anybody ever seen something like this or have any cute sayings or ideas for this
  5. Hi ladies! My fiancee had the idea of putting little miniature bottles of tequila in our OOT bags to keep with the tropical/mexican theme. Has anybody done this, or does anybody know the rules on putting liquor in your checked luggage when flying to Mexico??
  6. Thanks for the info about papermart. The bags look great and they are cheap! Did you get the 16" or 19" bags? I want the long straps, but I don't want a HUGE bag because I know I will want to fill the whole thing!
  7. MrsD09-Where in the world did you find those mixed drink lotions? They are great and I would love to put those in my bags!!!
  8. Wow! These are great!! Very creative! Did you make the photo albums or did you buy them somewhere? They are super cute, and would LOVE to know where I can get them! Are most people doing "brochures" of some sort for their guests?? I didn't think to do this, but it seems that a lot of people are putting together itinerarys and brochures to hand out to guests. Is it awful if I don't?
  9. Hi ladies! I was on the forum the other day and ran across a bride's planning website. In her OOT bags she had some fish loofahs that she had gotten from the dollar store. She also put in some "mixed drink" scented lotions. I was curious as to where she got the lotions, but I can't find the thread! Did anybody else see this thread? If so, can you help me remember where it was so I can ask about those lotions. Or has anybody seen these lotions anywhere?? Thanks!
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    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the forum! I bet your Hawaiin wedding will be beautiful!!
  11. soonergirl

    Paradisus Riviera Cancun March 2010

    Welcome and Congratulations! You've come to the right place...Happy Planning!
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    Welcome to the forum. You will find lots of ideas here!
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    Newbie...Mexico Bound!

    Welcome Lauren! You will be so happy going the destination route. You will find all the help you need on the forum from so many brides that are eager to help you with any questions you have! Happy Planning!
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    Welcome! There are MANY brides getting married in PV on the forum, so you will find a ton of help! Congrats and happy planning!