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  1. Beautiful!!!! Congratulations.....everything looked wonderful
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by shanelle Thanks for the info about the pic package. Inoska said that May was a rainy time of month...but thats the best time for us and our guests. Did the weather stop you from enjoying the rest of the time you were there? ughhh, im worried!! Not at all......yes it rained but everyone still has a blast. I even some of the restaurants were even flooded and people were still having a good time with thier drink in one hand and shoes in another...lol....lol...lol...we even went on an ATV excursion in the pouring rain....we had such fun......I wouldn't worry about it.... Jess
  3. Honestly, I wouldn't change anything. Yes, I would probably would have worried less about centerpieces and decor, and maybe ecen not spent alot of money on my wedding gown. Don't get me wrong it was beauiful, but thank god I brought another dress. Because it was so hot and humid. I would have died in my wedding gown. And with decor no one really pays attention to anything extra or fancy you try to get. Why? because people are there to have a good time and enjoy themselves. By the time we got to the recpetion everyone was drunk and enjoying themselves......we had a great time. Someone asked about my husband suit? He got it at Hugo Boss and its not linen but a soft cotton.
  4. The Platinum package was the photo package we picked with Photo Souvenir. The wedding package we picked from paradisus was the chill-out-chic package.
  5. The weather was crappy. It rained everyday we were there except our wedding day but the clouds were stilld dark and we didn't want to take any chances so we moved the ceremony and reception to the terrace. I thing we picked the platinum package....
  6. I chose the platinum package... I think it was $2200 package..... money well spent.....
  8. Thanks everyone! I'm in the process of uploading all the pics on shutterfly......there are so many and it's taking forever,,,,but i promise I will....... luv ya jessica
  9. Hello Mrs. Sears, Well the TTD shoot is early in the morning like at 9am. So not many people are on the beach. But, yea there where some people on the beach and they respected our shoot and some just watched and laughed with us. We pretty much just walked until we didnt see much people on a certain area. Any question, please ask away. Jessica Severine is awesome. Quote: Originally Posted by TheFutureMrs.Sears Congrats and your pictures are so beautiful!! I'm also getting married at PPC and using Severine, I hope mine come out just as nice! I do have a question, where did you go to take your pictures? Is there a secluded part of the beach for pictures only? The only reason why I'm asking is because you don't see anyone behind you in the water and that is acutally one of my worries.
  10. Hola ladies, We also used Severine....Amazing work, amazing person she is. We also got married on Friday and Tuesday nite she came to see us in our room with all the pics, CD, and we picked out music for the slideshow. It was really great working with her. The money is totally worth it. I am just waiting on my canvas and video whivh she will mail out to us. The trash the dress shoot was also incredile.....had so much fun....woth every penny. Jessica
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