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  1. The 2nd dress is nice for a reception and it coordinates well with your shoes! A plus there...why don't you use dress #1 for your rehearsal dinner?? Just to give you options...
  2. Well, we are doing it that way and it was the best decision we've made! Like you, I was worrying too much about who would be able to afford to go, who we would invite, how we were going to pay for it all, etc. Now, there's no stress! Our loved ones weren't too keen on the idea at first, but once we told them we were having a celebration when we get back they were all gung ho! I say do what's right for you and FI, and everything else will fall into place.
  3. Lori - congrats again! Your review was great and of course the pics are amazing! So happy for you guys! Forgot to mention that I also had the same issue with my bank when I first went to DR a few years ago...tried to take out money from the resort's ATM and it was rejected twice when I knew I had funds! Apparently, some banks don't approve the withdrawal if it's out of the country if you don't notify them ahead of time...so yea, all a matter of security. I was livid at first, but once I found out what the issue was I was relieved. Spoke to one of the guys at the desk and he told me it has happened before. It was quite a predicament, to say the least, but I ended up having to pay an arm and a leg for that phone call when I was trying to avoid calls the whole time, lol. Anyways, I'm glad all went well...despite the few bumps along the way.
  4. I think those are pretty good rates. I don't think I would wait...whomever's opposed to the pricing, let them know that they do go up. It's better to book as soon as possible..
  5. Hi soontobmrsc, I can empathize. My FI and I are footing everything ourselves as well; which is why in the end we ultimately decided to go off and elope and have a celebration with everyone when we get back. It was the best way for us. Like SSNM suggested, there are plenty of resorts willing to offer up free packages dependent on how many guests you will have. Have you considered just having an intimate destination wedding with your closest friends and family...that will cut down costs tremendously. The good thing about having a DW is that we get wedding planners for free in a sense and they plan mostly everything with us not having to be there. So it comes out fairly inexpensive considering. Alot of brides have gone the Dreams Resorts route and from what I've heard they are fairly reasonable in pricing. Check them out! Best of luck to you in your wedding planning...
  6. I've also been speaking with Mercy recently. She seems more attentive, makes great suggestions, and has looked to me for questions to make my wedding better, than the other coordinators I've recently dealt with. Hope they don't change her before my wedding! Oh Erin, I just noticed your wedding was one of the featured ones on photosouvenir's website. Congrats!
  7. Wow, Erin and Amber you both made gorgeous brides. Congratulations and thank you sooo much for giving us soon-to-be EPC brides some peace of mind. Sounds like we have nothing to worry about!!!
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