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  1. OMG!!! It's beautiful and extremely flattering! I wouldn't think twice if I were you. Buy it!!
  2. The vellum paper and aqua spool of ribbon are taken.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by jerzygirl85 thanks! I think I can actually use all of the cream vellum sheets and the blue satin ribbon if they are still available. My zip is 07302. Also, what did you use and how did you glue the vellum sheets to the card stock? I'll PM you with shipping costs on the vellum and ribbon. I used 3M spray mount to glue the vellum to the cardstock. Worked like a charm!
  4. The Thank you stamp, white ink pad and the brass seal are gone. The dry erase boards, metallic aqua cardstock and 4 containers of beads are spoken for (the pair of blue beads in the center of the photo are still up for grabs).
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by jerzygirl85 i really like the metallic aqua cardstock but 5x7 is too small for me. Where did you get it from? I got it at paperandmore.com. It comes in 8.5"x11", but they'll cut it to whatever size you want for a price I couldn't pass up ($5 or so to cut 100 sheets I think). Hope you get what you need! Lori
  6. 5 peach/orange, 4 ivory flowers that are perfect for hair flowers - $3 + shipping for all
  7. 10 packages Cupcake wrappers in Ivory Pearlized linen (12 wrappers per package) - $3 per package + shipping Glass beads various sizes - $1 each + shipping Satin Ribbon - $1 per spool 12" centerpiece mirrors, 5 round and 5 square, used once - $3 each + shipping 16" custom made centerpiece squares for tables in metallic aqua fabric with embroidered pattern (10 total) - $5 each + shipping
  8. Aqua Metallic 5"x7" card stock (100 sheets) - $20 + shipping Cream 8.5"x11" vellum (50 sheets) - $20 + shipping The second photo is a close up of my invitation which is what I used this paper to make. Unused stamp and white Ink pad - $8 + shipping for both Brass seal 3/4" impression - $5 + shipping Unopened Pigment pad in Raw Silk color (used this with wax seal to add dimension) - $2 + shipping
  9. I've finally gotten around to cleaning out my leftover wedding/AHR items from our spare room. PM me if you're interested in anything! 2 unused dry erase boards for photo guest book - $5 + shipping for both 2 packages of 24 Jumbo Cocktail Parasols - $5 + shipping for both Box for cards at reception - $8 + shipping We cut the hole in the top ourselves. The writing is a Thoreau quote, "My life is a stroll upon the beach, As near the ocean's eye as I can go." More to come ...
  10. I used fake flowers in my hair and my aunt made them for me, but Etsy does have a wonderful selection so definitely look there.
  11. Have you looked into St. Lucia? We almost chose a resort there that has an all-inclusive option that also seemed quite private (not a giant resort), but was on the side of a mountain basically that went right up to the beach. I don't remember the name of it off hand, but if you're interested PM me and I'll find it for you. Good luck!
  12. I had my one surgery about 4 1/2 years ago!!! Went from an 'almost A' cup to a C cup (not a "full C" or "almost D" just a plain C) so I could finally fit into clothes directly off the rack - well shirts anyway. LOL!
  13. I'm sorry, but your FI was going over the top when he told you to call the cops for a door ding. My Dad was a cop for almost 30 years and, like some of the other ladies have said, he would've laughed and probably been pretty annoyed if he got called out for a door ding (if the dispatcher would have even sent a patrol car out). And to say it's disrespectful for you to not do what he said ... how caveman is that You called him and asked for input not orders. You were there, he was not. He should respect the fact that you did what you felt was best under the circumstances and let it go. Like Jacylinda said, tell him to take a midol, a bath and go to bed. And spend your birthday money on something that you love, NOT on the stupid door ding! Hang in there girl!
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