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  1. Megan, do you still need the price list? If so I can email this to you.
  2. Question for past brides at this hotel - have any of you had a problem getting your marriage license back or had to wait a very long time? I have a girlfriend who was married at this hotel in March and is still waiting for the documentation. Her WC - Nadia is also not responding to any of her emails. Any suggestions??
  3. Ladies, yesterday i found a link to a site from another bride on here from Toronto about an online store selling favours, located in Ontario. I went there today and have to tell you i have nothing but great feedback!! The site is weddingfavours.ca, they are located in Ingersoll, ON. Ingersoll is about 30 minutes in between Brantford and London (near Woodstock). The prices are VERY reasonable. If you go to the store you will save ALOT of money on shipping and handling. You will also save on customs fees if ordering from the U.S. They have stock availble in store and can also get product quite quickly. Do not hesitate to check this out! WELL WORTH IT! Here is what i bought today.... Starfish Bottle Openers - $3.90 each Cosmetic Cases with BM Initials - $11.90 each Bamboo Fans - $1.00 each!!! Cosmetic Purse Mirrors - $2.00 each
  4. I also am doing passport holders, I purchased some called Alicia Klein. To go along with passport holders, they are each getting a starfish shaped bottle opener.
  5. Well, i just purchased this sand ceremony unity frame thanks to you girls, fingers crossed it arrives in time as i purchased this with 2 weeks to go before we leave Now, does anyone have any suggestions on any verbiage for the sand ceremony that you could share?
  6. To Jesse, thanks for the favor site, I only live 1/2 hr away from this store. I am leaving in 2 weeks to be married and still have not got my favours. I will be going there tomorrow now:) Thankyou.
  7. We are also getting married legally here before we go. City Hall booked for July 9th, actual date is July 21! Its so crazy that its here already!
  8. What size are the parasols in your pics? Do you still have the link of where you purchased them?
  9. Here is a great link for Parasol's that another member on here shared with me! Great prices too! Paper Parasol Umbrellas by Luna Bazaar
  10. Both my FH and I have had this hacker issue with our hotmail on our iphones. Finally figured out that changing our passwords did the trick.
  11. this is a gread idea. I have never seen this before! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Great information on your site! Thanks for sharing! This will definitely be a help as I will be doing my own make up that day.
  13. I see your looking to book now for 2012, i highly suggest holding off right now until you get about 6-9 months away and start looking at prices then. The company i work for has a travel agency apart of it and I can tell you for sure the prices are going to change from now until 2012. I booked 8 months away and the price has gone up and down since we booked. It is now about the same price as when i booked, $1500.00 per person for the Majestic Colonial in Punta Cana. Thats a group rate.
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