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  1. Hi Flo, Congrats!!! I hope you're doing your research here. Tons of brides past and future are here to help. I just got married at ROR August 8, 2009. It was the best day of my life and I couldn't have wanted more! Start off by getting a list together of things you want. Colors, themes, how many people, type of wedding, dress ideas , etc. Then you can look at prices and compare which hotel if used at all you want to go with. I chose ROR for many reasons, the price was great, it provided tons of amenities for my guests, the location was convenient, the hotel had wonderful reviews, I love Ocho Rios , Jamaica, the weather is beautiful, the beach is huge! The food is amazing yum!!! If you need any help let me know, i'm here to help! Good luck and congrats! Natalie PS: http://natalieandallanswedding.shutterfly.com
  2. Hi All, Mine is pretty simple but it does the job. http://natalieandallanswedding.shutterfly.com I hope you enjoy it, i'm still waiting for my professional pics so i'll definitely update when I get them. Congrats Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi Ladies, I recently got back from my wedding at ROR. I went with the real flowers. I chose the Tropical Bouquet and also purchased the matching bouquets for my BM and GM. I had the Royal Package so I had 5 bouquet options along with the upgrades. http://natalieandallanswedding.shutterfly.com you can check out my pics here! Hope this helps , my bouquet was amazing!!! Go with the real thing you won't be disappointed!
  4. Congrats yay!!! I'm so happy for you , have fun I know everything will be perfect!
  5. Hi only the bride and groom have to provide documentation to Chhandlyn beforehand. I got copies of my birth certificate and passport notarized by a public notary. I actually emailed them to Chhandlyn and brought in the originals just in case. It was actually really easy. I chose the religious wedding. Hope this helps and congrats!! If you need anything else just ask. It's been 1 month since my wedding in ROR YAY!!!
  6. I was just married at ROR on August 8, 2009 and we had a Jr. Suite that had a partial ocean view and a view of a dirt path road and some vendors outside. We actually didn't mind this, it was really private and there was no loud noises coming from anywhere. We were in building 1 on the 3rd floor. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by kdnicholer21 For the ones that have already had thier wedding, did you take a cake topper or did they provide those? Hi , You have to take your own cake topper. I did not bring anything with me so they took apart one of my bridesmaids bouquet and topped the cake with it. Check this out , hope it helps http://natalieandallanswedding.shutterfly.com
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by bradleysgirl Thank you for the great (and recent) review. I leave in 16 days. One question for you. Did you show a picture of the flowers you wanted when you arrived or did you just give them a color theme? I am not picky--I just want a tropical bright bouquet but I am wondering if I need to be more specific or arrive with a picture. Thank you again for posting the pics--you were a beautiful bride!! Hey Bradleysgirl They show you a few options when you meet with them. I believe about 5 options. I chose the bouquet based on the colors and it was a cascading bouquet. My colors were actually goldish yellow but this bouquet by far was more beautiful. There were other flowers, rose bouquet and assorted carnations as well. If you want more options than the ones offered with the package, you can email Tai Flora and they can give you some upgrade options. Good luck and congrats! Everything will be perfect! Nikki and Chandlyn are wonderful!
  9. Hey Queen, it's a great place to have your wedding . Check out my website and you can see some pics , maybe this can help you make your decision too , Take care!! http://natalieandallanswedding.shutterfly.com
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by AnnaC Thanks for the link Natalie. Did you have to pay extra for the flowers on it or order them in advanced or were they included? Hey Anna, no I did not have to pay extra for the flowers on the cake. Those were actually one of my bridesmaids bouquet that they took apart during the reception and placed it on there. We did have to pay for the bridemaids bouquet , they were $35 each for the tropical design.Take care!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by lilbit916 Thanks for the review. I have one question regarding the reception. I have arranged with Chandlyn to have my reception at the Plantation restaurant. Did you pay extra to have your reception there? I was told my Chandlyn that there was a fee but I believe you said there is no need to pay extra for it. Thanks for your help. If you opt for the private reception you will have to pay extra. Chandlyn and Nikki ended up putting us there along with 2 other bridal parties for their reception and closed off the restaurant for us. It was semi-private. We originally were suppose to have our reception at Mammee Bay and the day we met with her she changed it on us. I would not have paid extra for the Plantation restaurant, save your money and if you don't mind a semi - private than just skip the extra costs.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by mswenna74@yahoo.com Hello and Congrats? You were please with your cake that is good to hear that saves me money, how much was your total spent and do you have pictures any words of advise Hi you can check this out: http://natalieandallanswedding.shutterfly.com As for some advice, try to meet with the wedding planners asap! Go to the Photo Shop immediately right after. Do not upgrade your cake it's not worth the $. Do choose the extra white runner, it added such an elegant touch to the wedding. Also if the planners change things on you, expect it. They change the restaurant on me from Mammee Bay to Plantation. Make sure you remind them to give you breakfast in bed cause they forgot ours. Remind the people are you entitled to the free room upgrades with your package. Good luck and have fun, remember it's your day and who cares if things don't go perfect , trust me noone will notice! They will just notice you , Take care
  13. Hey Ladies, i'm back from the happiest day of my life! Here are some pics, I was married in ROR on August 8, 2009. We had 42 attendants. I'm still waiting for my pro pics but here are some I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy! http://natalieandallanswedding.shutterfly.com
  14. We chose ROR for so many reasons: - The location was beautiful - The wedding packages were complete and afforadable - The food and drinks are unlimited 24 hours a day - The people are the Riu Resorts are very accommodating - They gave me an option for the # of guests for each package - Our wedding planner let me choose either the beach location or the lagoon gazebo area - The costs to and from Jamaica is afforadable and convenient to get to - The resort is huge, it's amazing! Hope this helps a bit, I just got married there August 8, 2009
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