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Are we done shouting?

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Gretchen, Tammy has deactivated the shout box for now to see if the forum will run a little smoother and faster. There have been some technical problems with the forum that Tammy has been working really hard on fixing. For now the shoutbox will be deactivated, just so we can have the forum running smoothly. Don't worry we are always here to chat and offer advice. smile03.gif

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Mine has been running the same as it was this morning when we still had the shoutbox, I'm on a work computer with whatever the superfast amazing connection type of internet thing is called. And most days I am pulling my hair out trying to post or whatever, but today it's been awesome before and after the shoutbox. Which I will really miss if we have to permanantly disable it sad.gif I think it adds a personal "real-time" element to all of our "conversations".

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