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  1. Here are some pics. We do not have any during the ceremony b/c my aunt was so focused on making sure the camcorder was behaving -lol.
  2. Thank you all. Everything was wonderful. There were a few minor issues, but nothing was going to stop me -lol. I am busy at work but will give a review once I attack some of these stacks of papers on my desk.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by luckygirl Your fi kinda reminds me of David Cook. I kept reading the responses expecting to see that comment. I think he favors him too, especially since Cook has the same haircut and the beard.
  4. Currently, it is expected to head towards Kingston. Hopefully it will create very minor damage, if any. We fly down on Saturday so I am hoping this stuff is over (plus, isnt Melissa's wedding day on Saturday??). Anyway, this is frustrating. I am trying not to worry but when people email you links of weather updates, it is hard to keep your mind away from it. Aside from the resort being washed away, I AM getting married. I may have to do it with rain and wind slashing down on me, but I have planned this for 2 years and a *little* hurricane is not going to stop me! -lol (now, if you hear on the news that some crazy tourist got struck by lightning in her wedding gown on Monday in Ocho Rios....)
  5. Thanks. Now that I have finally figured out how to post pics (duh, I have not tried very hard) I will be sure to post some upon my return.
  6. A friend of mine took some BD shots of me. I ordered a photobook from Shutterfly and received it yesterday. It looks good, not as great as the pro pics I've seen, but this will certainly do. I am going to give it to Paul the night of our wedding. He has no idea I have done this. I am hoping this image comes through, if so, I will find some more to post.
  7. I wish you the best of luck. I, too, have been watching the weather forcasts b/c we leave out on Saturday heading down although it seems it may be gone by then.
  8. We leave a week from tomorrow. I am very excited and cant wait. We have been engaged for 2 years and I thoug (at the time) that it would take forever for our wedding to get here but time has flown by. We still need to work on vows and decide on music (take our own CD or use what the resort has). I have sort of procrastinated on a couple of things. I thought a couple of months ago that I had lots of time and it was too early to finalize some things and now we are 10 days away. Anyone wanna make me a wedding music CD? -lol Quote: Originally Posted by Kat81 If you go look at Abbies TTD they are great and I believe she had a friend take them. It is such a beautiful place it won't take much to make them beautiful! How excited are you? When do you leave?
  9. Maybe we can try to do some shots there and do more when we return (a friend is a hobby-photographer). I could have "convinced" Paul that this was necessary but it was soooo expensive and I wanted to pay cash for this wedding (which it is paid for - no debt at all! - even spending money while there -whoo hoo!) and an extra $1000 or more would have put us over the cash budget. Thanks, your comment has helped. I know it will be fine but seeing all the pro pics posted here just suddenly overwhelmed me and made me question my decisions. Quote: Originally Posted by Kat81 If you regret not doing a TTD then you can always do one when you get back home! I really wanted to get some pro pics though. Ryan was against the money at first but I just batted my eyes a bit HA HA! I am sure you will still get some great shots. Maybe you can designate one person to go down on the beach with you and get some shots. You could take some sample shots to show them what you are wanting! Either way you are going to have an amazing wedding!
  10. Alright, a week and 2 days and August is over and all of us September brides will be heading towards our destinations. I will be first so I will acutally start my travelling in August. Sometimes I am not nervous/worried/anxious at all and other times I am overwhelmed with those emotions. My only concern is with photography/videography. We have not hired anyone and do not have any plans to have the resort do any. The few guests we will have (my daughter, my mom, and my aunt) will take pics and we will have a camcorder set up. I am not a big fan of pics anyway (never have been) but I worry as the date gets closer if I will regret that decision. I wish I had thought to contact the girls who are getting married at Sandals to split the cost of a photog and at least do a TTD session (we are honeymooning there after the wedding at Beaches). Anyhoo....every thing will be okay.
  11. Welcome to the forum. I live in Greensboro. You will find tons of info on here.
  12. How long does it take to produce the photobook with shutterfly? I am ordering mine today and was hoping I could have it by next Friday (I am having it sent 2 day mail). TIA
  13. I searched for "photobook" on this forum and found some coupon links. I will add these too. Thanks. Quote: Originally Posted by JUSTUSTWO Since you used shutterfly, you should google for coupon codes. I have learned from Morgan that you can usually get free things & you may get a free photobook or free shipping!! So give it a try! I just found these: Shutterfly Coupon Codes and Shutterfly Coupons and Discounts Shutterfly.com Coupons, Promotions & Shutterfly.com Coupon Codes - CouponMountain.com Shutterfly coupons, Shutterfly coupon code, codes Also, 15% off of orders of $25 or more...use coupon code AF63-AG08. Offer ends 9/9/08
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by JUSTUSTWO Do you have them on a disc? If so, why not make an album youreslf? You can do a search on the forum and you'll find many threads on photo albums. There are sites like shutterfly, snapfish, mypublisher, etc, where you upload the pics to their site & then make your own album. Not sure how quickly you could do it & then get it delieverd since you're leaving so soon. Just a thought! Thank you so much. I went onto shutterfly and made a photobook. I am going to do a few more pics this weekend, I can upload and make changes and with priority shipping, I can have it by the weekend. Yippee! Thanks for the tip.
  15. how are you displaying them? I had a friend take some for me and now that I have them printed, I want to do them in a scrapbook but I am drawing a blank on how to arrange them. I need suggestions, pointers, examples, etc...anything that will help me. I am leaving a week from Saturday so I really need to get this done. Thanks for any help you can give. Shandra
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by Jacilynda I have really only kept must have photos for ttd... if you want those I can post them Please post these. Thanks
  17. For those of you who have added sand to this frame, how hard is it? The slot looks very slim. I am thinking of doing a sand ceremony but I am not crazy the vase things (where would I actually put it when we got back home) but I really like the frame idea.
  18. I am looking for a ceremony timeline/program that includes the sand ceremony. I did a search but couldnt find anything. Can anyone help me out...even if it is nothing "formal", just typed out in order would be great. I know Carly did this and we are getting married at the same place so...(hint hint). TIA Shandra
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by ethrondson Does he realize that you are still going to get the passport and she is going to be able to go with you anyways? He he - this is the funny part - he DOESN'T know. He thinks he has ruinied this for me.
  20. Thanks for the support. The consent form - not gonna work, he refuses to sign for it. My mom got her passport in a week and 2 days and didn't have it expedited so they are moving rather fast. I will have to make an appointment on her birthday (Aug 14) (can't do it yet b/c they do not have their Aug calendar yet) and they will then send me over to the local Congress office and route it through them - and have it expedited. They said there will not be a problem getting it done, it will just cost more money and be a bit more of a pain. No big deal, just glad she can go. I guess we were lucky (b/c not planned) that she is turning 16 just before we are going instead of some other scenario. I have only heard her mention to another kid that her dad is a jerk. She really doensn't say much about him, at least to me anyway. I know this hurts her but she doesn't want to say anything bad about him. I cant understand it at all. I very much so disliked my dad, knew he was a sorry individual, and I didnt cry when he died. I guess that makes it harder for me to understand how she can keep taking all this crap he hands to her. Anway, sorry for rambling, but it looks like it will work out - thanks for listening (well, reading).
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by becks That is just gross. What the F is his problem I hate it when people are mean out of spite. We should come up with some way to let him know that we appreciate his a**hole-ness. Like order some gay porn magazine and have it sent to his house. What a total JERK! ROFL - me likey this idea (now, to remember his street number....) Carly - I will try to get in touch with his mom. She has been in and out of a nursing home but maybe she is still there and I can stop by to see her. She is not very influential in his life (he is a selfish prick who cares about no one but himself) but maybe she can get through to him. Thanks.
  22. Well, in true Father's Day form, my daughter's dad acted like a pure butt-head. (trying to keep this rated PG) Since she is under 16 (she is 15) she has to have both of her parents conset to her getting her passport. Well, he has been giving us the run-around about when he can meet us at the post office. Our appointment was last Thursday and as expected, he didnt show. The lady at the post office gave me a consent form that he could sign and we could get notarized. He said he will not sign it. Jasmine will be 15 on 8/14 and we leave on 8/30. There should be enough time to get her passport done with expedited service, but it is just the frustration of it. I guess he is thinking that if she can't go, I will not go. He is such a jerk. Thanks for letting me vent.
  23. I will be going in 2.5 months so if there is anything I can check on, let me know. Shandra
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