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Photographers Get Shot - Matt & Sol on the other side of the lens

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Sol & Matt's Photo Session on Vimeo


Here's a video clip from Sol Tamargo and Matt Adcock's wedding day. This is the Photo Shoot segment of the video. It was a great honor to be hired to do the video. There were so many photographers there as guests and they all had cameras. Everybody shooting each other, such fun. Sergio (Sergio Photographer) was the official photographer. You see his photos in this clip. I also used two shots from a guest, Ben Chrisman (http://www.benchrisman.com/splash.php):


.. if your interested in seeing more Photo Sessions from photographers in the Riviera maya, including Matt & Sol (on the backside of the camera) see this album on my Vimeo site:


PlayaWeddings' _PHOTO SESSION album on Vimeo

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famous shamous bla bla... Thanks for the kind words and the rockstar video!


Wow, we really did have a ball eh? I'm glad I took 15 dance lessons!



props to the photographers who made awesome pics! thanks for everything!


SOL is in charge of posting a review of our day with photos and links to the vendors that we used... Its coming slowly, but I promise, it will be here.


She also made a slideshow with 300 photos with her favorites from many of our photog buddies :) coming soon!


Cheers & MUCH LOVE :)



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That was cool! You guys had dozens of photographers there - wow!


Amazing pictures! Sol was so stunning in her dress and veil. Can't wait to see her review.

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