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  1. now this is definitely 'trashing the dress' Frances + James TTD - Times Square + Coney Island on Vimeo julie
  2. i just saw this video of a trash the dress session, you ladies must check it out... Griffen + Curtis' Trash the Dress Shoot in CA on Vimeo
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by jggm Does anyone know how early I should book with Sol Tamargo? I love their photos. We are getting married June 2009. I wonder when they will raise their prices. Also has anyone had them make their album or did you just get the CD with the pictures and then have someone else make it? Thanks. we were married march 2007 and i had booked Sol almost a year before our wedding... i would definitely book as early as possible... they're very busy and very popular, you can tell just by reading threads here... and if you look at their photos you can tell why... we also had Matt make our photo album... which is totally amazing... and it makes such a statement when people come over and see it... i think its well worth it... and yes we received the DVD of the photos and we could've had someone else make our album, but we didn't see any point in having someone else do it, since it was matt that took the photos and he would know how best to put the album together... plus after talking to a couple of girlfriends that were married here at home, and talking about their albums/photo packages, there was no real costs saving for us if we had someone else do it... if i can find the link to the photo album layout that matt made, i'll post it... i'll also try and post actual photos of the album when i can...
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by ck_wedding Hi there, My fiance and I have finally decided that we are going to get married at the Grand Palladium (Colonial/Kantenah) next year. Probably in early March. I'm interested to see pictures and hear about anyones experiences with the Palladium so that we know what to expect. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Kari congrats... although i had my wedding at the al cielo hotel, the GP is where we and most of our guests stayed (40 of the 60 guests anyway), have you checked out Sol and Matts pictures at grand palladium? i think they have pictures from 7 or 8 weddings that they did there... http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t4276
  5. congrats... we had Sol & Matt photographed our wedding as well... and you'll definitely find a ton of info here
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by antonia321 What beautiful pictures!! Matt Addock is photographing my wedding and I'm so excited! I didn't order the wedding album from them. Was it a lot extra and what does it look like? How big are all the pictures? * is your dad in a barong? My dad is going to wear one, too. Perfect for the beach! thanks... and yes, its a barong he's wearing. For those that don't know what a barong is, its a traditional Filipino shirt, sorta like a Cuban shirt(guayabera) As for my Wedding Album, its a gigantic leather bound book, i can't remember the exact dimensions, but i want to say its about 12"x12"... and its heavy, i'd say close to 9-10 pounds... it definitely makes a statement whenever anyone sees it link: my wedding album layout , each picture in the layout, is what it looks like spread over two pages in my album...
  7. Hi all... i know my wedding passed a year ago, but quite a few ladies have been PM'ing me about my vendors so i'll just post a review here of them... and hopefully help out some newbies Photographers: the awesome Matt Adcock and Sol Tamargo, i'm not sure what else i can say... our pictures are just amazing... maybe it sounds like i'm bragging, but i think their work is incredible, and i'm so happy i was able to get them to capture my wedding... My wedding photos ***for the brides that have already hired this duo, you should definitely consider having them make your wedding album for you, i received my wedding album from them a couple months ago, and i'm so happy i ordered it... its the first thing people pick up when the come over to the house, and when i brought it to work it was there for over a week because everyone in the building wanted to see it... Videographer: the awesome Paul Schrank... wow... my husband keeps saying our wedding video looks like it belongs on MTV... and i think he's right... if you're undecided about hiring a videographer, definitely do it, and definitely consider Paul, all his videos are amazing, just check his website... Playa Weddings - Videography in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya My Pre-Ceremony clip
  8. i was married at the Al Cielo Hotel and i used Erica and Maria from 'Weddings in Playa,' and i would highly recommend them... i already had my resort, photographer (Matt & Sol) and videographer (Paul Schrank) booked before i hired them... and they helped me with flowers, cake, DJ, minister, transportation for my guests, etc... Weddings in Playa Has Experienced Wedding Planners to Coordinate Destination Weddings, Receptions and Mayan Ceremonies in Playa del Carmen Mexico
  9. we were there 10 days total... we got there sunday, our welcome dinner was thursday, our wedding was friday, and we flew back to snowy nyc on tuesday... we spent the first two days finalizing everything for our welcome dinner and wedding... the morning after we arrived, we met up with our WC, photographer, videographer, dj, guitarist, and florist... and on tuesday afternoon we did our dinner tasting at the Al cielo... i would have loved to stay another week after our wedding, but jeff was already dying to get back home the day after our wedding...
  10. we used Sol/Matt, but if hiring them is out of reach, i'd agree with an earlier post, and check out their associate photographers...
  11. when you're in paradise... everyday is a saturday... you're not at work, and you're about to get married... it shouldn't matter what day of the week it is... congrats...
  12. we were in the same predicament as well... have you considered having the wedding offsite we wanted a private beach ceremony & reception with dj / dancing... but the all inclusives that we considered didn't allow children or outside venders, so we had our wedding off-site... we and our guests stayed at the grand palladium, but we had our wedding was at the Al Cielo Hotel, its small... only 4 rooms, but we got exactly what we wanted... you can see some clips of the wedding here: inner
  13. hi... for our wedding we did maracas as wedding favors for our guests... its definitely easier to buy them when you get down there, then to buy here at home and bring them with you... we bought ours at a one of the shops on fifth ave in PDC, there are a ton of shops down there that sell them for $1 each, we had sixty guests so we bought 60... i think the more expensive ones were $2-$3 each... most of the tourists shops down there have them in big bins right in front of the shops... i also made tags at home, with our names on it, that we tied to each maraca to give it a more personal touch... or you can just bring markers with you, and write your names and the date on them...
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by TVGirl Did you enjoy your experience with Al Cielo? Any downside? hi... to be honest with you i found our experience with Al Cielo to be exactly what i wanted... the only problem i had was when i first booked the hotel for my wedding, they didn't have a WC at the time so i had to find my own... and then there was an issue with emails not being answered, but when we arrived at the hotel, they explained that they were having issues with their internet... in regards to the wedding itself everything was wonderful... the owner, andres, lives on site, and he was there helping set everything before and during the wedding... hope this helps
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by dallas_texas09 Hello, I am looking for photographers based out of Cancun/Riviera Maya. I have found many destination wedding photographers whose work I love, however, the travelling cost on top of their fee is just a little out of my price range. With a local photographer, I can avoid the travel cost. Can anyone recommend a good local photographer in the Riviera Maya area? Thanks! hi... we hired Sol Tamargo/ Matt Adcock for our wedding.... she's based out RM...
  16. melissa... i'm sorry to hear that... i was going to do the disposable cameras as well, but opted not too... but i do have one suggestion for the ladies that are about to get married... what we ended up doing, was buying a polaroid instant camera and and a few boxes of instant film... we left it out by the name cards and guestbook... and during the cocktail hour guests took pictures of each other then placed the polaroid in the guestbook with messages... now i've got a guestbook full of funny candid photos of all my guests... it might not be the same as the disposable cameras on the tables, but i think all the photos turned out fine... julie...
  17. we decided to hire a videographer, (paul schrank) and i'm happy we did... just watching it over brings me back to that beach... yes i have pictures that help me relive the memories, but with the video, i get to hear and see every single word that my hubby and i said to each other... and each time i watch the video, i end up seeing something that i didnt notice when i was there... if you're on the fence... i suggest you go for it... julie...
  18. If anyone is interested, i have some info for weddings at the Blue Parrot in PDC... i was about to delete this info from my computer, but i thought it would be a waste if i didn't share it... Quote: Blue Parrot weddings Remarkable Locations Make dreams come true ... Whether you imagine an intimate wedding on the beach, or a sophisticated club event for 500, Blue Parrot offers you the area’s most memorable locations. All are beautifully prepared to host your pre-wedding celebrations, wedding day or honeymoon – or everything at once! For your consideration; the destination wedding of your dreams, in a stunning selection of locations… • An unforgettable wedding on the white sand beaches of the Mexican Caribbean • An intimate rooftop gathering overlooking the moonlit Sea • A chic tropical fantasy ceremony in a jungle village A wide variety of options for guest accommodations, dining and clubbing make Blue Parrot the ideal choice for your wedding. Settings For Gatherings A variety of pricing and room configurations for guest accommodations in 3 hotel properties—all located within short walking distance of one another Custom menus created by 2 master chefs 5 distinctly unique entertainment environments Flawless Details Our in-house Events, Catering and Production departments take all the guesswork out of planning and staging your event. From wherever in the world you may be! Our knowledge of the area--garnered over 20 years--and our unrivaled attention to detail ensures that your special event will be tailored to your needs and come off without a hitch. Choose from: A variety of pricing and room configurations for guest accommodations in 3 hotel properties—all located within short walking distance of one another Custom menus created by 2 master chefs 5 distinctly unique entertainment environments Full audio visual, staging and entertainment production support In-house Security staff Roster of the area’s best DJ’s and live musical entertainment Wedding Packages Simplify wedding planning ... Getting ready for your important day gives you enough to think about. Blue Parrot streamlines your wedding planning with special wedding packages – easily tailored to your dream. From all-the-details to just-the-basics, we have a package that’s perfect for you. Magical Honeymoons Blue Parrot Hotels have hosted thousands of honeymoons over the past 20 years. In addition to one of the world’s most romantic locations, we have a “whatever it takes†policy when it comes to making your every wish come true. DINNER_FOOD_OPTIONS_2006.doc BUFFET_OPTIONS_2006.doc PREMIUM_APPETIZERS__ENGLISH_.DOC BEVERAGES_PRICE_LIST_2006.DOC
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by Mishi My WC said something about bouteniers and I hadn't even thought about it. My FI is wearing white linen drawstring pants and a white linen button up with one pocket. His guys are wearing the same shirt but with khaki linen pants, very casual. Myself and MOH will have bouquets of course, but they can't really do bouteniers with those outfits, right? I would really like to do leis but I know this is really for a Hawaiin wedding and I am in the Dominican. What do you guys think? What would you do? my husband and his groomsmen wore the same outfits your FI and groomsmen are wearing... and they wore bouteniers... and i thought it was fine... i don't have a picture handy to post, but you can some in the link below julie
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by host yes, there is...i have done it before but it took copying and pasting...i think they have code to post the IMG code in photobucket thanks... i'll try it out..
  21. i was a riviera maya bride, but this is what we did: ceremony - we hired an acoustic guitarist to play through our whole ceremony... he played more traditional wedding music for the procession in and out... and he played softer background music through the actual ceremony cocktail hour/ photo session - the guitarist stayed on the beach and played through the cocktail hour, for the guests that were hanging out on the beach... and we had the dj play as well for those that were hanging out at the bar reception - of course we had the dj playing all nite... he and the emcee had everyone dancing and singing... i doubt my wedding would have been as much fun for our guests if we didn't have a dj... dancefloor - we didn't need one, since the reception was under the open-air thatched roof restaurant... as for resorts providing you music - i'm pretty sure they don't, unless you pay for it... but if they provide a sound system for you to plug your cd player or ipod into, make sure you have all the right plugs for it... for my welcome party, they set up a speaker system for us, but they didn't have the right connectors for our ipods, luckily one of our guest had a portable speaker system with him, that was more then adequate... Julie
  22. we had a tres leche cake for my wedding... we loved it... and quite a few of our guests were asking for seconds... unfortunately nothing leftover by the end of the nite... i highly recommend it... julie
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