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  1. Sarah, I am sorry to leave you hanging. My computer had a Trojan Horse! I have spent all week trying to get rid of it. I think it is finally gone, but won't know til this final scan is done. I'm on my husband's laptop right now. So I will get the pix up tomorrow and I will forward your question about renting out the beach club to Maggie. She ande TYadd did decide to do just that. Like you, they wanted the ceremony and reception to be an intimate and private affair. I think we ended up with about 54 people. Til tomorrow~ Lizzy
  2. I am hoping that Karen has sent you an update on Jason. I know his surgery is today and I have been thinking about him all day. If I have missed a thread on this, let me know, please Thanks~Lizzy
  3. Hey Susan, congratulations Mommie! She is gorgeous, and her name is beautiful! What a blessing she is. Welcome to the world, Mia Lily!
  4. try pearlriver.com I hope that is the name of it. Its in NY. My daughter and I went there last year and they had lots to choose from. You may want task some of the married ladies if they have any left from their weddings. Good luck!
  5. Hi Sarah. My daughter was married at Anna y Jose Beach Club Jan. 19th. It was glorious! If you would like to see some of her pictures of the set up we used at the beachclub, I would be happy to post them. Let me know~
  6. What I did was go to yahoogroups.com, then I chose the group I wanted to join. The group is sensational! Diana Muir is the administrator and the instructor. If you choose to take the classes she will let you know how to access the lessons. Some people take the lessons but never turn in their assignments or take the exam. I am planning on going all the way, My goal is to specialize in Irish and Minnesota genealogy. Oh, I forgot the best part.........the course is freeeeee! Let me know if I can help you Glenda. And if anyone else has any questions, I may be able to answer them.
  7. Hi Glenda. I am a student working on my certificate to be a genealogist. I have been doing research for 10 years and have one of Buzz's lines back to the 1500s in France. I also belong to a yahoo group, genclass@yahoogroups.com This is where I am learning the trade. The woman who runs the site is an instructor. She has a doctorate, but not certain it in genealogy. If you want more info on the group just let me know. I would be very happy to help you with this project. I love, love, love genealogy! Now that Maggie is married I returned to my passion! Lizzy PS: Congratulations, married lady!
  8. Danielle, your family must be so relieved about the sucessful surgery! I just read your story and your blog. Your mom is very blessed to have a daughter as loving and caring as you. Your family's love, as well as all of the prayers said for her will continue to help during her recovery. My very best wishes to all of you! Lizzy
  9. Hi Ann, this is Lizzy. I am just reading all about your journey to this point. Lord girl, you and Paul have been truly blessed with your little angel! I know it hasn't been an ideal end to your pregnancy, but wow, look how it all turned out. You have been given the most prescious of all gifts. Gwedolyn Ann is such a beautiful child. I am so happy for you and Paul. Please let me know when you three are settled at home in Edina. I will PM my phone number to you. I would love to bring dinner over for you guys...and of course, a little sumthin-sumthin for Miss Thing. Take care, and God speed!
  10. Anny, what a beautiful little man! I love his coloring and huge brown eyes. Yippeeeeee
  11. Jen, I am so glad you are back. I have been not so patiently awaiting your return. Your wedding is one I have been looking forward to...I guess cuz we have both been here for quite a while. I am looking forward to your pictures mostly! Can't wait to see what a beautiful and happy bride you were! Lizzy
  12. Hi Kate. Yes, Michael does it all. Maggie got CDs of her photos, no prints. He is Michael B Studios in Mpls. I think I have his link under the picture of Maggie and Tadd in my siggy. If you go to his blog, he has more photos from the wedding at Anna Y Jose Beach Club. We stayed at Dreams Tulum and had all of the pre wedding festivities at their restaurants, and then had the wedding and reception at the beach club. It was much more private and the beach was like sifted flour. We loved it, all of it! Any other questions just PM me. Where are you in MN? Maggie and Tadd have a home in So. Mpls. and I am in West St. Paul.
  13. Oh Melissa, I am very sorry. I will pray for your cousin and all of your family. Remember I was worried about the tumor in my kidney and it turned out to be benign. I am hopeful your cuz will see the same diagnosis. Lizzy
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