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  1. Hi, We got married there in april . they dont allow outside vendors ebven if you offer to pay. we sneaked vincent from del sol in, pretending he was a friend but caused me a lot of stress worrying he wouldnt get in! I bought a special box and carried my dress in hand luggage jusyt to be safe EmX
  2. If you are on a tighter budget contact Del Sol and maybe you could use Vincent,he did our wedding as we couldnt afford Sol or Matt and he was amazing. 40mins is not long ,We had 3 hrs.
  3. We got the slideshow link and then received the DVD with the photos on it a couple of wks later (we are in the uk though) Id book asap as they seem to be very busy-understandably! Emx
  4. Hi We got married at the moon palace and had our honeymoon at el dorado royale. i would highly recommend el dorado royale casitas. Go for an infinity casita if you can afford it-butler service round pool etc EmX
  5. Food at The Moon Palace were we got married was very good. Definately better than the AI i have previosly visited. Food at El Dorado Royale was even better. Let me know if you want any more details-PM me EmX
  6. Hi, Id contact Matt or Sol directly through their website. They certainly seem to be in the know about the resorts. Matt-Thanks for the compliments, most of it is down to Vincent though... Emx
  7. They put a special package together for us. We put Vincent on our guest lisdt as all our guests were coming in on day passes. Our link is del Sol Photography associate photographer Vincent EmX
  8. Vincent from Del Sol Photography shot my wedding on 15/4. He Rocks...He is a dream. Book him you wont regret it Emily
  9. Just wanted to make a recommendation to all Mexico Brides... I have just returned from our wedding at the Moon Palace. Although we had not budgeted for it after reading up on the internet we hired an external photographer to do our photos. I admit we were a little sceptical but I have just seen the photos and I love them so much. It was important to us to get good pics as many friends and family were not able to join us on our wedding day. We hired Vincent Guihard from Del Sol Photography. He was amazing. I usually hate having my photo taken but he made me feel so relaxed. The photos are like nothing I have ever seen before ....No one back here can believe they are sooo amazing. It was an amazing experience and we had such a lot of fun. It seems several of the hotels have a no external vendors policy including The Moon Palace as they want to monopolise everything, and I would have hated to have had the bog standard, one pose fits all photos taken by them, especially now we know what we would have missed. I can not recommend Del Sol Photography enough. If you want any details let me know. Vincent is the associate, and Matt and Sol are the main photographers. They edit everything. Their communication was fantastic. All I can say is hire them, you will not regret it....Their website is del Sol Photography Any questions or if you would like to see some photos let me know EmX
  10. Hi, Just got married at The Moon Plaace and they did my hair. They have a huge book of photos to help you choose and they were very good. Styles are $50. Hope that helps
  11. Help. We fly out to Mexico on Wednesday and I feel so nervous. Just hitting home that we are really going...
  12. Just to update you. I was being lond and using 0052 dialling code instead of 001!!!! I spoke to Matt and am feeling a lot better now. Thanks
  13. I have the email addresses which I have tried. The number I have doesnt work! Just stressing with pre wedding nerves!Just wanted to finalise few things before we go. EmX
  14. I have emailed them both. Hoping they are just busy shooting and that ill catch them before we go EmX
  15. Hi, Just wondered if anyone knows when they will be about. Just wanted to speak to them prior to departing to Mexico? Does anyone have a number for them EmX
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