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  1. Hey if you send me your email I can email it to you. An idea - just ceremony and 1 hour photo session $700 USD, getting ready/ceremony/photo session $1200. full day $1600 (this is what I booked) They didn't even ask for a deposit! I was told 10 double rooms for a week gave us the free wedding too!!! So far everyone has booked with us in a group, so that is nice (there are perks for us!) We have 7 out of Toronto and the rest out of Calgary. BUT!!! I found out today Air Canada may be revising their schedules and we may have to change our dates. I flipped my lid bu
  2. I wonder if over the years the resort photographers have changed? Lots of people mentioning in the earlier posts (ie 2011) pictures were included and they don't seem to be now. Photo Adventures is the place now and I was scared, but a girlfriend just got married there and she used them and LOVED them. She ended up buying way more photos then the ones that were included and I saw them and think they are fantastic.
  3. Andrea is using Maria's email. Maria went on mat leave and she is willing in, that is what she told me anyways. Andrea is much quicker Awesome number of guests! less than 2 weeks and I shall know for certain who put the deposit money down. I couldn't stay the 2 weeks because I have my school aged kids and it's not really a honeymoon, so we plan to go elsewhere after (maybe Vegas!) A few guests are staying 2 weeks and I know one couple is doing 1 week with us, then 1 week at another resort. I am doing the cocktail hour because of the distance back to find a drink! But I agree,
  4. Our group booking deposit deadline is July 18, so I plan to send some reminder emails out as alot of people haven't responded. We sent out invites to 56 people, and I think we have about 20-22 people RSVP'd (but not everyone has put their deposit down) I also put my general RSVP for that date as well, even just for an idea of who may come but book alone, etc. It can be frustrating because you need to get info to the hotel, you need to order favors, etc. and don't want to be too far off in your numbers, so I hope my sweet reminder email will help I have 7 months and I am sooooo excit
  5. I am also a Canadian bride! I am in Calgary, AB and marrying at the Grand Sirenis Riveria Maya on January 21, 2015!!!
  6. I don't know about having to upgrade thru your travel agent? I booked thru the hotel myself, and my travel agent just did our packages. I have booked the free wedding but paid to upgrade to the palapa/private beach and never had any issues, or haven't been told there are any (IE I said I wanted it and wasn't told otherwise). As far as I am aware from other brides, if the space is available you can pay for whatever you want!!!! In Canadian dollars the upgrade from the free package to have the palapa was $980. That is for 3 hours. You pay for extra time over top of that, and you pay
  7. I had to stop looking too, when researching, becuase you can make your head spin. I read the reviews form time to time now, but I know so many people who have stayed at this resort and 2 who have married that I am happy with our decision and feel safe. Just frustrated right now that I emailed Maria last Friday and sitll no response! I heard when we get the actual wedding planner a couple-few months before the day, she is way better communication! My questions weren't even that hard (things like - how many seats per table in the palapa, etc.) sigh! Otherwise have been very happy!
  8. Hello, I could find their basic wedding information thru their website. My travel agent emailed them to get all the detailed info, and wow they send alot. Took a few days - maybe a week - to get a response but ever since communication has been good. We are booked for January 2015. I didn't look into the Barcelo property, but I know someone who has stayed there and enjoyed it. We choose Grand Sirenis for the price point, and also becuase I know people who have married there/ stayed there and got no bad reviews. Good luck!
  9. Hello! I am marrying at this resort in January 2015! I have booked the date and my base package but yet to do all the extras (like cake, flowers, etc.) There is another thread - which was posted for you - with pages and pages of info! I also know about 4-5 people who have been to this resort, and 2 who have married at it. No bad things to say about it Not sure which is easier to keep in touch - maybe email me?
  10. hayley82, thank you! I decided to do 3:30pm too! Just becuase I read online that you lose the sun around 530pm in January and don't want my pictures in the dark either. I can't send back my stuff until people have RSVP'd/paid their booking deposit, so hopefully sometime this summer I can make all things final. I didn't realize they wanted you to skype over emails. I think it sounds like I plan to do what ftmacbride is doing also. I plan to do the beach ceremony with reception in the palapa - upgrading from the free package. I plan to start at 330pm, so all the extra time inbetween
  11. Hello ladies, I am new to this group and glad I found it. I have some reading to do! I just booked my wedding for January 21, 2015 at the Grand Sirenis. I booked the free package with upgrade to the palapa for ceremony / reception. What worries me is that Maria (wedding coordinator) confirmed the date but didn't confirm I got that package and upgrade. She is like 'you have lots of time to fill out all the paperwork' Yes I do, but I want to know forsure. Was this anyone else's experience? I am pretty sure they do more than 1 wedding a day. I am still debating on time, as I do
  12. Perfect Destination Wedding

    We got married at the Grand Sirenis on January 21, 2015.  We had 45 people total who flew out of Calgary, Toronto, and some lived in Mexico.   The resort was on a recommendation from our travel agent and one that was never on our radar.    Communication at times could be slow,but I found I always had a reply in 2-3 days, sometimes a week.   Booking was easy and the ladies supplied us with ample documents of extras to be able to make all our decisions.   We decided to use the free package an
  13. This is a review of:

    Adventure Photos

    Beautiful wedding photos by Perla Brambila of Adventure Photos

    Pros: ALL
    Cons: NONE
    I was married at the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya on January 21st, 2015.   At first I was confident in my decision to use Adventure Photos, but upon spending time on BDW I started to doubt my choice of a 'resort photographer'.   I looked around and found some other photographers I liked, but I was still drawn to Adventure Photos work.   I ended up reviewing in detail all of the wedding photos I was sent by Adventure Photos and requested the name of the photographer who did the work I loved.  A
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