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  1. We had a good idea when everyone was arriving and which village they were in... So we either waited in their lobby, or left messages in their rooms as to where and when to meet. The resort is huge, but we did bump into guests as they arrived. The phone service wasn't great... It was hard to get messages sometimes, and hard to get connected with rooms at times. But it all worked out. We didn't do a letter, we gave gift bags. I just had guests come with me to my room when it was convenient for them.
  2. We had a lot of people tell us they would definitely be there, we are both from big families, but in the end... 13 people. It was still amazing, and I wouldn't have changed a thing!
  3. Saturday May 3rd... We also had monkey dog as our photographer and he was soo funny!
  4. We just got back, our wedding was perfect! Weather was great! Sprinkled a few times, but nothing that would ruin a ceremony. We had so much fun! We did beautiful beginnings, ceremony was under a gazebo, I brought my own fan programs, and cake topper... I gave it to my wedding planner and she took care of it. We bought the one hour steel pan,and hot and cold hors doeuvres with champagne for our 13 guests... Tons of food! It was amazing!
  5. We bought the basic photo package... No video. I figure I can have one of my guests video the vows, first dance, cake, and toasts. I'm thinking of having the pictures BEFORE the ceremony, so that we will be able to be with everyone during the reception. Anyone else doing this?. Thoughts??
  6. You really seem to be organized! I havent started planning anything! All we know is we want a beach wedding, and steel drums. And we would like to book a catamaran cruise for our guests. I really need to get on the ball!
  7. We have just set the date 5/3/14 and put a deposit for our Beaches Turks and Caicos wedding, and as we are letting people know, Im realizing that friends and family I assumed would go, are probably not going. I know we will have a blast and it's our day, but Im starting to get disappointed. Has anyone else dealt with this?
  8. My fiance and I are planning to take all of our guests on a catamaran cruise as a thank you for coming. We may still get them a trinket or two but we arent going crazy with the goody bags
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