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  1. @@cometgirl thank you! That wording sounds very nice too! Do you think it would be weird to have wording like that on the invites if we send them out before we leave for Jamaica? I mean, sounding like we are already married even though we're not. Or does that even matter, really? Ugh I dont' k now why I over think everthing. Its driving me crazy!
  2. I think I'm going to get our tumblers from www.saveacup.com. My aunt told me about them, and they are the best price I have found for the quality, and they have lots of colors and styles to pick from. Will probably do he basic ones with a straw though. I also love the stickers above! I didn't want to use our names either so I think those are a great idea! I hope they are really waterproof. maybe I'll see if she'll send me a sample to just test out before I order a bunch. I also think I am going to have my wedding party's tumblers more personalize, maybe with their names or something, then jus
  3. @@cometgirl That is so cute "I do BBQ" ! I love it. Ours is going to be a more formal, actual reception style as we are not doing any dances etc in Jamaica, just a small dinner and saving that stuff for the AHR. So I kind of want people to know that, and we are wearing our wedding attire again and everything. So I'm really stuck on the wording. I definitely want to have as much done as possible before we leave too!
  4. When are you sending them out? Also what is the wording you will use? Our ahr is going to be only a month after we get back. I think we will need to send the invites out before we go, as I think people should receive them with longer than 4 weeks notice right? I'm not sure how to word it either. Would love to hear others ideas!
  5. Oh my, I hadn't even thought of this yet! What a great idea to use the BM flowers for centerpieces. I think I will just do that, and use mine for the head table. Maybe add a couple candles, but that should be pretty easy!
  6. @@Kayla88 I agree. If we were doing an actual reception in Jamaica we wouldn't have the big one here. But we are just doing a small dinner after the ceremony with no dances or anything and saving that for the party when we get back! We decided to do jerk seasoning and also can cozies I think. Will do Jamaican colors, etc. I'm getting excited.
  7. Our dresses are a kind of teal/bluish color and I am thinking yellow flowers, maybe mixed with the blue/purple orchids. I think will be so pretty!
  8. We are also having a sand ceremony. I wanted to have the guests participate as well but I think it will get a little time consuming and unorganized with 40 guests. We decided to just have our parents, grandparents and wedding party add sand from the beach first, then we are going to add our colored sand on the top. That way we can say something about how they have formed the foundation, blah blah.
  9. I've been worrying about this too! I think our checked bags are allowed 50lb. We will each have one and one for our son but hopefully we can share one for clothes and just use the other for wedding stuff. I'm going to have like 40-45 tumblers so that takes up a lot of space! I'm pretty sure my dress won't count as a carryon, plus I have a baby so we'll have diaper bag, purse etc for the kids. Then FI can take our clothes and necessities on his carry on. Our parents both said they share a bag so they will each have one checked bag free that we can have them carry down for us. its going to be a
  10. I'm doing Riu in Negril and its 13pp over the package. Even if I added 20 extra people and paid per person it was still cheaper to do the 20 person package than the 40. I didn't think the differences in the packages were worth the difference in price so I stayed with the 20 person package and we will have about 46 people.
  11. @@spjwedding You are probably right! But we plan to go off the resort and walk the beach at least a couple of days so I'm sure they will get some use then! And I know our resort doesn't have tables near every beach chair so I still think people will use them. We will see!
  12. @@MorganRene honestly I had not thought that far ahead! I know I saw some tumblers that were like made for that and they said mother of groom, etc. without having to use a sticker. I thought they looked a little nicer. Probably was something I found on Pinterest or Etsy! I'm sure if you google search it lots of ideas will come up.
  13. I came across these and I think they will definitely be going in our OOT bags so I wanted to share. They can be personalize with your initials, wedding date, picture of a palm tree, whatever you want! I think they will get lots of use! www.etsy.com/shop/TennesseeSweetTea Click on the tab for beach spikes for pics
  14. I have been thinking about this too. What is the tradition, so to speak? Do I get gift for my own parents, or is it from FI to them and then from me to his parents? Or are all the gifts from both of us? I have seen some cute ideas on Pinterest. Particularly some personalize hankies or keychains, with sentimental messages that I thought were cute. I also thought I would personalize their glasses and get them a little different than the tumblers we are getting everyone else. Like have them say Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, etc.
  15. I'm sorry to hear about that predicament! She should have just said no if she was going to act like that! but as you mentioned, I guess that is just her personality so can't be surprised. The more we get into the planning and doing things for the wedding, sometimes I wish we didn't have a bridal party at all and just had the two of us! As it is I have my best friend, his 2 sisters, and a guy friend of mine who will be standing with me while FI has his brother, my brother, and 2 of his friends. Thankfully I have had no issues with his sisters at all. In fact is my best friend who is MOH that is
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