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  1. OK Ladies! FWIW, here is my experience at the Excellence. I will try to keep this factual so that I don't ramble on forever Our wedding was SUPER simple so it may not compare for some of the plans that the ladies here in this forum are working on. The Hotel: OK both my fia..husband and I agreed that the Excellence was not Excellent but Very Good. There were just too many small hiccups that turned it from a Excellent experience to very good. I won't get too much into that right now because most people are concerned with knowing how the wedding goes. If you want to know more then just PM me. The wedding: We arrived in Mexico on Saturday and our meeting with Jessica Morelos was on the Monday morning at 10:00. Do remember that when you arrive in Mexico, they are what we called "Mexico time" this means for the most part you can expect to not have punctuality...ever... I went to the front desk and asked for her, despite the fact that the wedding coordinator door is 5' away from the desk I still had to wait a little over 5 mins for her to come out. But she was very sweet. We covered the pertinent details, however she failed to mention the room set aside for the groom as part of the package (we took the basic package that was available through the room upgrade). So we had to chase her down later and ask about it. Just so you know, your groom has the choice of sleeping overnight in it OR having it from Noon (Mexico time = 2pm) on the wedding day until about 3-4pm to prepare for the day (not both, at least with the basic package anyways) which was fine with us. She took my 4 witnesses and Stephane and my passport and had all of the witnesses sign the paperwork she had with her which prepared for the ceremony later. At 11:00 we were scheduled to do the blood test (Mexico time = 11:30) we had to chase Jessica down. Kind of irritating since we wanted to get some use out of our day after the initial 10:00 am meeting. The Dr (I am assuming he is a Dr.) had a little travel bag and drew blood from both of us. It felt like he had done this quite a few times and everything appeared sterile and clean. Steph did end up with a huge bruise afterwards though, but I came out of it pretty clear. Afterwards the day was ours. We chose to have Steph use the room to prepare for the wedding in the other room provided. Thank god that I didn't do hair, or much make up because at 2:30 (Wedding at 4:00) the bloody room service cleaning was just finishing up the room next to mine and mine wasn't done yet!!! So note to you, on that day (especially if you are doing getting ready photos) ensure that room cleaning will do your room early. I waited out on the balcony and had to start my shower with my door partially propped open because my girlies were coming at 3pm (The maid just left at 3pm) so they could come in (they had to be down on the pier at 3:45). The day was BEAUTIFUL! Warm ocean breezes and sunshine on the pier where we were having the ceremony. Jessica came by and dropped off the bouquet at about 3:20 and went off to deliver the boutonniere for Steph. The flowers were beautiful and nicely wrapped with a white satin ribbon with pearly tipped pins to secure it. They smelled beautiful. My girlies headed for the pier at about 3:45 and all pretty and bejewelled, I waited until around 4:05 for Jessica to come. Wedding was scheduled for 4pm. She took me on a little walk about to get lined up for the pier without immediate visibility (I had bare feet and it wasn't a problem) she brought my dad to walk me down to the pier. We let her choose her music and she picked well. On a side note when we were shopping in cancun we saw these cute little boxes made from sand, I bought one for a dollar and put some padding inside and had my MoH carry the rings in it. The judge was a woman and while waiting Stephane got to talk with her a bit and was pleased with her as it seemed she really liked what she was doing and took the time to make sure she would pronounce our names correctly. The wedding documents, signed in triplicate were very pretty as well. You also had to thumb print all 3! Being on the pier it was as nice as we could have asked, it was distant enough from the beach that you truly felt that you were alone, the breeze was pretty strong but I love that sort of thing, lots of wind blown hair photos but I wouldn't change a thing. The only thing is that the judge spoke in a microphone and with the speaker being on the other pier sometimes due to the wind it was hard to hear her. Since it was such a small wedding everyone was close enough though. So yes the pier felt very private and very beautiful. Because we didn't have a reception as part of the package, Jessica booked us a place at lobster house which was BEAUTIFUL for that occasion and the staff was amazing for us that night! It has a nice view to the beach and is sheltered enough that you don't get your food chilled before it hits the table. The cake was a simple heart shaped white cake (which they had to find for us lol but they managed) It had strawberries in the center and everyone agreed that it was excellent. When we got back to the room, there was a banner across the door (Just Married) and rose petals strewn around the hot tub as well as a set of love bird swan towels with roses in amongst the plumage. We didn't do the romantic dinner (which to my opinion would be one on the beach, not just a reservation in a ala carte restaurant) but if you want the dinner on the beach it will cost you 200.00 usd. We also passed on the breakfast in bed as part of the honeymoon celebration because we were going on an excursion the next day. I asked Jessica to just add another bottle to the toast on the beach which occurred after the ceremony, but the bottle didn't happen. I thought the bubbly on the pier was very nice and special. As was the whole wedding experience. Some interesting things to note was that I think for Mexicans that the signing of the documents are almost equal to our exchanging of vows in importance because she kept telling us to pose and look up for photos when we were doing it, which was no problem but everyone had to sign them in triplicate (again very nice looking documents) AFTER the forms were signed, we started the ring exchange and vows. Which seemed a bit backwards to me haha since I would think that you would say the vows FIRST and then sign all the paperwork, but not there anyways, which was fine, it was all a great experience. It just had me wondering if they forgot the ring and vow part at first!
  2. I am in the same situation. My fiancee's parents won't be coming nor will any of his 3 brothers. His parents state that they can't afford it, and I can understand and respect that. His brothers... well they aren't really big about family other than their own. My mother and father will be coming as well as my brother, my best friend and a friend/coworker. I know we are likely very different people JennyZ, but I will share my outlook. Not sure if it will help but here goes: From the very beginning, Steph and I discussed that it was OUR wedding, meaning celebrating the joining of us. Whether we were there alone with rent-a-witnesses from the hotel or not we were going to do it and have a great time with each other. Everything else is icing on the cake so to speak. I did pay for my MoH because she is in a financial situation and life situation where she might as well try to grab the moon, so I am mostly paying for her to have a vacation being pampered and spoiled. The wedding again is icing on the cake. I think Stephane's father is afraid to go to Mexico to be honest. As far as the getting married by the JP not making the Mexico one valid, that is the main reason that Steph and I are doing the legal ceremony in Mexico. I wanted my first time to feel authentic all of the way. I guess if you look at it through a "male's" eyes it could seem not authentic and since you aren't his daughter (genetically) he may not be as inclined to bend for you as your bio dad would be. My fiancee is still getting used to my close and loving family when he comes from a very distant and cold one. They love him alot, he is slowly warming to them. It's just the way it is. Mind you who can truly tell what a man is thinking. Perhaps there is something else that his parents don't want to say and saying that they can't afford it is their (his Mom) only defence. However, if they love their son, they will be thrilled you are becoming his wife regardless. DO NOT go thinking that they don't want to welcome you to the family. You already know that they would happily attend if it was in Canada. So don't go there. It is just likely that they don't want to spend the money or perhaps it is the country they are afraid to go to. There are many factors. The one thing you have to focus on is that is is the celebration of your wedding and the two most important people who should be there are you and your fiancee! Those that can afford the trip and who love you the most will be there. I tend to overanalyze things myself and you will find that it will only make you miserable. We are setting up a modest reception afterwards and if his parents and family and my othe friend who couldn't afford to go want to come and congradulate us, they can come. The sooner you put a positive mental spin on this, the sooner you will find that your mind and heart will be lighter. Work on this together with your fiancee. Best of luck. Shani
  3. I think that for me, this is the first time in my life that I will be using control top panty.....sigh. I really need to get off my arse and go to the gym more in the future, it's too late now since its 7 days til the wedding, but at least the undies will help!!!
  4. FWIW, I think you are being more than generous in your helping of guests and reducing costs. Do not set yourself up to be too deep into the red after this wedding, it is not a good way to start a marriage. Enjoy your dream! It's coming up soon! Mine is next week! Mind you I kept my costs down massively compared to yours. My wedding will be very small and I told my MoH to wear whatever she wants as long as it's not the same colour as my dress haha! Same with my mom and friend, I told them to wear what they want. Definately cuts down on dress cost haha! No one can make you feel less guilt, I wish I could. If you can try to let the negative emotion go as soon as you feel it and try to replace it with a positive image (being on a warm beach with those you love around you) do that. As soon as you feel the bad, replace it with a positive image. There is no constructive quality to feeling bad about this. Channel your energy to positive and it will keep you healthy and happy. Have a great wedding! Shani
  5. I feel the need to chime in here. We are getting married next week in Cancun Mexico. Selfish? Not wanting to stress out and pull your hair out planning a wedding? Selfish to not want to be married in the cold? Selfish to want to be totally catered to without having any pressure for wedding planning put on the family? I AM SELFISH!!! or WE are SELFISH!!! It is OUR wedding, which celebrates the union of US. Yes he will become a part of the family but he technically isn't marrying them. We figured that it would be wonderful if my parents could come, but we decided to do it regardless of whether or not it was just him and I on that beach with two borrowed witnesses. (oh and I am footing my MOH ticket fyi) and no we aren't rich. What would be selfish in a bad way imo though is not giving friends and family enough advance notice to start putting some savings aside for the trip. We warned people a year in advance and sent out the invites in 8 months before the reserved date. We are also holding a casual reception at our home for his family who didn't want to/couldn't go with cheese , crackers, and a bottle or two of bubbly for a toast. If my friend was getting married in someplace like Maldives (I would love to go but cannot afford to) I would wish her the best and most happiness she could have as well as the most romantic and stress free wedding ever!!! Selfish my a**!!! I am blessed and fortunate that my family will be attending with my MOH who is a dear friend who I am excited as hell to have! Oh and a co-worker/friend is also coming.
  6. Yes you read correct LOL!! I always knew I wanted to get married and after coming close once, I realized that if I had to plan a wedding I would likely have an anxiety attack. So I came to the conclusion that this should be a fun time, a celebration of US, not me (and yes I did buy a dress), so I went out one spring/summer and bought a light tan sun dress with lace over top of it and decided that would be it! I have an amazing LARGE flat freshwater pearl and hammered silver necklace (which cost aprx 550.00) which will compliment the simplicity. I am not wearing any make up other than nice rosy lip gloss (I should have a bit of a glow from tan and heat), nor am I doing my hair, preferring clean, shiny hair that tousels in the wind. When I walk down that aisle, I want him to see ME, not the made up me, but who I truly am. The blessing is that he loves me regardless of most anything and prefers a simple ceremony. Which is the Bronze Wedding Plan at the Excellence Riviera Cancun.. It will be nice to start off our marriage in the black! Good luck to the rest of the ladies and much happiness to you!
  7. @Saramathews Really great pics, thanks for sharing! Our wedding is on the 11th Feb. I am getting pretty excited (especially just to get out of the cold!!!)!
  8. @@JenniferH114 Yeah I think we have it squared away, it seems she had me booked for 2 days in the planner (I would hope the ceremony wouldn't span two days hahah!) I am not generally prone to wedding jitters but when you are dealing with a small language barrier and a different country and you want everything to be official it can get a bit nerve wracking! Once we get the divorce papers (translated, notary republic, stamped by DFAIT and then Apostilled) I think I will include a step by step process for the Canadian ladies who may need to go through this since there is no instruction manual on how to proceed.
  9. Holy shit am I starting to freak out! I sent Jessica our flight booking confirmation number in July of last year and I get an email from her asking me if I still want my wedding date to be on the 11th as someone is asking for it! I told her hell no that it's our date!!! So she gets back to me and tells me that she will hold it for another month (Damn wedding date is on the 11th Feb 15) and if I can send her my confirmation number!!! I think she has scrambled her wits because she goes on to say that if I need more than a month to book to let her know!! WTH is going on???? Has anyone here had anything like this happen?
  10. Just as an interesting FYI for the ladies getting married in the Feb/march timeline. I spoke to Jessica Moreno who is my WC and she said that they have a new Judge for the resort who does the ceremonies so that the time you book with them may be subject to change (time of day) as they arrange the time of day with the judge about 2-3 days in advance for when he can come. She also moved me from 5:30 to 4pm as she said it is already darkish at around 5pm so that is fine with me.
  11. I might as well chime in here as well gals! We are getting married in ERC on 11 Feb 15. I have started the process with Jessica and other than the pain in the ass to get my fiancee's divorce translated, notarized and then have the translation apostilled. I think things should go smoothly. We are just doing the basic inclusive package and no stress. Meaning, no photographers, I am sure that my friends/family can take some nice photos and I think I paid 20.00 for a lacy sundress I think me and my ladies will do a spa day just to enjoy the pampering, but no hair or make up. I will likely just put my regular lipstick on. I know we want to look beautiful for this day, but I gotta say I am happy that my guy loves me as I am and I want him to recognize who is walking down that pier towards him. We got our rings done, both custom jobs by PBR designs in Ottawa and he did an amazing job. Especially since my engagement ring is so dainty, it took a lot of work to get a band to compliment and not dominate it! I believe it will be 7 in total with me and the groom, so easy peasy pudding pie! (I hope!) Anyone else here have to get divorce papers done? Basically since it's my first and only wedding, I want it to be completely authentic! Talk to you soon! Keep up the good posts! Shani
  12. I agree with the awkward part. My circle of friends is VERY small, had to move around a lot, its not because I am a horrible person haha! (At least thats what I tell myself I will absolutely insist on no gifts from the friends and family that will be travelling to the wedding. After the wedding we plan on holding a reception for those that couldn't go. If they feel the desire to bring something, that is fine, but in no way shape or form am I going with a register etc. For me that just feels like I am telling people to buy what I want, rather than what they want to give. Not expecting anything, maybe a bottle of wine or bubbly to celebrate would be nice. Besides we already have almost everything we need to get along.
  13. Hmmm if I already booked the resort and reserved the date with the hotel's wedding planner do you think I could still employ the services of destinationweddings? Or would that be a bit backwards? Mostly to offer to coordinate with the other guests really. Are they doing all of the provisions for your wedding or do they not step on the toes of the resort coordinators?
  14. First Congrats! You must be getting pretty excited! FWIW, I don't think the pier would be a good idea for that many guests. I saw the pic of the venues and I have to say that if I was footing the cash to go to this, I wouldn't want to be relegated to back row and there would be a lot of narrow rows. I think your best bet will be the beach or the gazebo. If people are going to have to wear heels and dress shoes *shudder* *wink* then the gazebo seems your only choice. I am sure the age demographic will be varied and you don't want anyone getting hurt trying to walk over wobbly planks. I would, like the rest of the ladies, LOVE to see your photos when its all over! It would help those of us with longer waits by giving us something to drool over
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