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  1. @@calgarybride2015 Oh wow that is a great price! what do you mean when you say includes everything?? That sounds great, I don't need much fluff I completely agree I do not want to get married in a dive hotel! No way.. Is the water really pretty outside your resort? that is one of my biggest concerns! Yes please if you could send me more info on the Grand Sirenes that would be awesome! Thanks so much! Shayna
  2. Thanks so much for the feedback! @@saskbride When we were originally planning to do it at home we narrowed it down to about 80 guests without children(I have a large family) I am guessing only about 40 people max will go to a destination wedding. However I have heard some people do surprise you and go. So we will see. As far as the resort, I really would like an all inclusive.. I am thinking that would help cut down costs for us and our guests. Oh that is a good idea, so just get married legally in AZ and then have a symbolic ceremony in Mexico.. great idea I will look into that. Yes, I was really wanting May of next year. Reading through the comments it looks like that is an off season in Mexico. Thanks for the help! @@jsparrow10 Thank you for the information is the water still really pretty there? I will have to look into Playa del Carmen thank you, I too would like it to be under 1500 for our guests as well. I will look into the lberoster Tucan. Thank you I really would like to keep the wedding under 5,000 but of course the lower the better.. I just want it to be fun and elegant for everyone! Thanks you too! @@shelikespink thanks you too! Both! I would like the wedding to stay under 5,000 and our guests under 1000-1500. Yea I am trying to avoid all of those extra pp costs but it sounds like they are un-avoidable. Where are you getting married? PS. I like pink too =D @@jsparrow10 where did you decide on for your location? What are your feelings on a TA? Also, what are you guys doing about a honeymoon? Do you go somewhere different after? I feel rude to say this, but I don't really want to spend my honeymoon with my friends and family.. I mean I wouldn't mind it but its not ideal. lol
  3. Hey guys! I am a newbie in need of HELP! I just recently got engaged the end of May and still feel like I am dreaming:))So.. my fiance and I had finally found a location in our home town of Tucson, AZ. Right when I sit down with my parents to finalize everything they decide to tell me they are no longer able to help me with the wedding like the had planned on doing. Long story short.... We have decided to just plan a destination wedding/weddingmoon instead. Primarily to cut the costs and also just have a stress free "Vaca" wedding instead =D. So that being the case... I am trying to find the cheapest way to go about it... I of course still want it to be beautiful and special though. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. I have decided on the location as Cancun, flights are not to expensive and it is very beautiful. If you could share with me your wedding details and pricing and any advice that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!
  4. @@moethomas8 Thank you so much for all of the amazing information!! I am a May 2015 bride too @@stephbono I have yet to decide on a location so I am trying to do so ASAP. Have you decided on your location? @@moethomas8 Can you please send me your pictures as well. I too am new to this site and do not have 150 posts yet.. I am sure I will soon though=D. shaynaraey@@gmail.com. Also, is there anything you would change or do differently??? Thanks again for all your help! Soooo happy I found this site!
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